Out of the Basement: A Look at Found Objects

In the summer of 2000, Bessemer Historical Society, Inc (now the Steelworks Center of the West) was formed to provide continuing education to the public through the preservation of the archives, artifacts and historic office complex of the former Colorado Fuel and Iron Company. Over the next two years, the non-profit organization purchased the former CF&I office complex, medical dispensary and tunnel building from the (then) owner of the Pueblo steelworks, Oregon Steel.

Following the purchase, volunteers, board and staff members discovered thousands of feet of archival material including employee records, motion picture films, maps and drawings, production and mining documentation, company records, and hundreds of 3-dimensional artifacts left behind in the building complex and in a few support structures. Hundreds more historical objects have since been donated by the Pueblo community to further preserve and interpret the company’s rich history.

This exhibit highlights several of these historic items, both found and donated, many of which have never been viewed publically or seen since their original use decades ago.

This exhibit runs from September 4, 2015 through August 31, 2016

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