Forging the West: A CF&I Documentary

The new trailer for an upcoming documentary about CF&I, Forging the West, is now available! This documentary, set to premier in Pueblo this fall, is produced by HaveyPro Cinema and sponsored by Historic Pueblo, Inc. The Steelworks Center of the… Read More

CF&I Baseball Teams

Popular in Southern Colorado since the 1800s, the game of baseball widely became a favorite pastime of the Steelworks laborers. The Y Baseball leagues were integral in community building, as all laborers were welcome to join the leagues,… Read More

Lake Minnequa

Developed in 1872 by the Central Colorado Development Company (a forerunner to Colorado Fuel and Iron Company), Lake Minnequa, the artificial “Lake on the Mesa,” held water diverted from the St. Charles River and was used by the… Read More