Artifact Spotlight-Scatter Tags

An interesting advertising item used by the coal industry throughout the United States from the 1920 through the 1950s was the scatter tag. These cheap cardboard or foil covered cardboard tags were quite literally scattered in loads of… Read More

Mine Safety

Historian Thomas Andrews writes in in his award winning book, Killing for Coal, that between 1884 and 1912, Colorado miners averaged 6.81 fatalities per thousand workers employed, more than twice the national average.  By the mid-1910s, the numbers… Read More

Our Latest Virtual Exhibit is Now Online!

Our most recent virtual exhibit, Primero: Colorado Fuel and Iron’s Model Town, is now online. It focuses on the mining town of Primero, a small company-owned mining community near the Purgatoire River in Las Animas County. Primero had… Read More

Artifact Spotlight – Thacher’s Calculating Slide Rule

Before the development of digital calculators, multiplication, division and other complicated mathematical operations were commonly accomplished with slide rules such as this Thacher’s Calculating Instrument. In 1881, “computing engineer” Edwin Thacher of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, received a patent for… Read More

The Colorado & Wyoming Railroad

Organized in 1899, the Colorado & Wyoming Railway Company served as a subsidiary company of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company. Its main function was to haul heavy loads of mineral wealth (and for a short time as… Read More