Artifact Spotlight-Survey Compass

Throughout the late 19th and 20th century, CF&I dominated local and regional land ownership in the Western United States with land holdings and mining interests in six different states. To decide where to purchase land or where to mine, CF&I employed dozens of surveying teams to examine the land before a significant investment in time and money was made. Surveying is the process using measurement and mapping of the surrounding environment using mathematical calculations.


This mountain transit with partial vertical circle compass and Y-level were just two of many tools used by the dozens of employees who surveyed land for the company. After returning from the field, their calculations would then be given to the staff cartographers who would painstakingly draw maps detailing their findings. To learn more about the Steelworks Center map collection, contact the Steelworks Archives department at (719) 564-9086 ext. 107 or view some of the many maps from the collection on our website✓&amp%3Bsearch_criteria=map&amp%3BsearchButton

Donated to the Steelworks Center in 2006.

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