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Greetings Steelworks supporter,

First, by way of introductions . . . I am the Bin Man!

In homage, I represent all the hard working men and women who, at one time or another, spent their years at Colorado Fuel and Iron (CF&I). I currently reside along with artifacts from CF&I at the new Steelworks Park located in front of the Steelworks Museum west of I-25 across from the historic Pueblo steel mill. Let me tell you, after years of planning, it is great to be out of that wooden crate where the staff stored me until the Park could be completed. One such employee, Development Coordinator, Courtney Woodka, is helping me fill you in on all the exciting things that Steelworks Center of the West has accomplished in 2017.

You see, after many decades of pouring steel, it’s hard for me to type … where shall I begin? Ah, I know! I’ll begin with the museum and our educational programs. Curator, Victoria Miller tells me that during my time in the crate, many visitors came to watch the progress of the Park, and those visitors had an opportunity to learn about the history of the steel that built the west and the Pueblo mill. The museum also had children attend our yearly science camps and STEM activities. Now that the Park is complete, I can’t wait to see all those kids running around me when they come for field trips.

Archives Manager, Chris Schreck advised me that in 2017, the archives building saw researchers looking up information about my friends, past CF&I workers. I forgot that our archives go all the way back to 1872! You might have a great-great-great-relative that worked here! The archives also received a donation from the Pueblo County Assessor’s office of over 10,000 blueprints from across Pueblo County. Those prints are of hospitals, schools, government buildings, fast food restaurants and maybe even your own home. I can’t wait to see all of you making appointments to view these records! The staff and our volunteers work tirelessly to make sure to preserve these documents.

There have been a lot of other developments at Steelworks Center of the West this year. A yearly fundraiser, Saints & Sinners — a tour of churches and taverns in Pueblo — saw its largest crowd to date in 2017! And bigger and better events are in the works for 2018. I shouldn’t say, but a paranormal night, a paint and wine night and much more is planned!
Let’s not forget about the Park . . . I watch over the CF&I Mine Rescue Car No. 1. It is believed to be the only remaining wooden Mine Rescue Car in the United States. Between 1923 and 1941 this converted Pullman railroad car was a training vehicle for mine emergency procedures and first-aid triage techniques. The car is currently undergoing a facelift to restore it to its heyday. It is such an honor for the museum to have this piece of history to care for. I picture everyone who comes to the Park, sitting on the memorial benches and visualizing what CF&I was like back in my days. The Park has gardens maintained by staff, and I can’t forget the brick wall, on which many of you have memorialized your loved ones. It will be great when that wall is finished and the museum can start the next memorial project.
In order for the museum and archives to continue to do all these things I mentioned above, we need your support more than ever! Our greatest need is in general operations. This is the perfect time of year to write off that final 2017 donation on your taxes.

Please consider donating here this holiday season!

Also, if you are considering giving appreciated stocks or if over 70 and a half, a donation direct from your IRA, please contact Courtney Woodka.

See you in the park,
The Bin Man with help from Courtney Woodka, Development Coordinator

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