Faces 2019

Saturday,Feb. 23, 2019, 5:30 p.m. 

Held at Colorado State University-Pueblo, in the Occiato Ballroom,
2200 Bonforte Blvd, Pueblo, CO 81001


About this year’s event:

Steelworks Center of the West, in partnership with EVRAZ present:
FACES 2019, CF&I Hall of Fame

Steelworks Center of the West’s 13th annual FACES of CF&I dinner and fundraising event will begin a new tradition, honoring former employees of Colorado Fuel & Iron prior to 1993, when the company ceased. A selection committee will choose four former CF&I employees to begin the CF&I Hall of Fame from the submitted applications.



Nomination forms are being accepted until Dec. 31, 2018. Get the form here.



We are seeking sponsors for the event. Sponsor forms are available here.



We are also seeking silent auction items. If you would like to donate an item, please see form, available here.



There are multiple options for tickets. Steelworks Members are $90 and Non-Members are $100.
Meal options:
1. Chicken Piccata, capers, lemon white wine sauce over Pecorino Romano Orzo, and broccoli rabe.
2. Butter squash ravioli, sautéed spinach and white candied walnuts in a rich brown butter sauce.
Both meals  are served with bread and a salad.

Click the link below to purchase tickets:

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Especially at Bessemer Historical Society DBA Steelworks Center of the West! Did you know that if each of our members donated as little as $35, we would raise well over $10,000!? It’s simple, for the same amount you spend on certain items each week or month, you (yes you!), can help keep our doors open and the history of CF&I alive for generations to come. Here is a breakdown:

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Keeping our lights on, water running and staff paid every month.

Allowing 10 students the opportunity to tour the Steelworks Museum and making lifelong memories relating to CF&I’s importance in the industrial West.

Purchasing archival boxes to help staff catalog and preserve the vast collection of CF&I documents stored at our facility in perpetuity.

. . . and so much more!

Support a great place . . .

Bessemer Historical Society was formed in the summer of 2000 to provide permanent care for the archival collection, artifacts, and historic buildings of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company (CF&I). A concerned group of citizens realized the danger of losing the Minnequa Works Office Complex, and the CF&I archival collections, to irreparable damage from neglect and lack of adequate preservation measures, or to the potential for the collections to be donated to a distant repository. In June, 2000, these community members, in collaboration with representatives from the City of Pueblo, the County of Pueblo and the State of Colorado, created the Bessemer Historical Society (BHS), a 501(c)(3) organization, to preserve the buildings and documentary remains of CF&I. Nearly 100,000 photographs, over 30,000 maps and drawings, 1,200 rolls of microfilm, thousands of financial ledgers, and 228 historic 16mm films have been preserved and made accessible at basic levels since. The Steelworks Museum was opened in 2007 and serves as the interpretive center for CF&I history. Steelworks Center of the West was established in 2014 to integrate all of our museum, archives and education programs.

Ways YOU can contribute . . .

Volunteer/Monetary Donations
We are always looking for volunteers, but if you are really busy (who isn’t?) you can always send a monetary donation. The best part? Donations of $250 or more qualify for the Colorado Enterprise Zone tax credit. Please be sure to include your email address and the last 4 of your SSN or your FEIN number on the checks memo line. Mail checks to Steelworks Center of the West, 215 Canal St., Pueblo, CO 81004.

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Saints & Sinners 2018

It’s back… Save the Date for Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018!

Saints and Sinners is an annual event hosted by the Steelworks Center of the West. It is a self-guided tour of Pueblo’s historic churches (the Saints) and taverns (the Sinners).

For more information, click the events tab on the home screen, and select Saints and Sinners.


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Active Military/Student/Senior (60 and over) memberships: $20

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To join, you can either download this form and mail it in with your payment, fill out our online form, or come in to our museum.

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Adopt a Steelworks Park Bench!

The Steelworks Park is now under construction!

Parallel to I-25, just north of the Steelworks Museum, the Steelworks Park is being created with historic CF&I artifacts including a Davenport Engine from the Allen Mine, ore carts, 10 and 130 ton ladles, rollers, a Karymor merry go round, and a larger than life bronze sculpture of a steelworker. These artifacts will be surrounded by trees, bushes, signs, and with your help, benches.

Adopting a bench will be an opportunity to honor a loved one that worked at the steel mill, St. Mary Corwin Hospital, the Colorado Supply Company store, a family of CF&I workers, a labor union, or even an entire department. Tell your story at the Steelworks Park!

A full bench with your name can be purchased for $1,800, and half a bench can be purchased for $900. Click here to adopt a bench today! All donations to the Steelworks Center are tax deductible, please contact us here on our website to find out more.

The Colorado Supply Company Virtual Exhibit

The Colorado Supply Company virtual exhibit is now live! You can view this exhibit online by clicking on this link.

The Colorado Supply Company opened its first store in September 1888 at the mining camp of Rouse, and the chain grew and evolved over the next several decades. By 1904, there were 31 stores in operation in nearly every one of CF&I’s mining communities. By 1908 that number grew to 46, and they recorded almost $3 million in gross sales.

The supply store here in Pueblo, Colorado was originally located on the corner of Northern and Abriendo Avenues.  When the building opened March 10, 1902, an estimated 20,000 people attended. Some were attracted by the promise of commemorative souvenirs, and others were curious about what could be found in “Pueblo’s complete department store”  as it was advertised in local newspapers weeks prior to opening.  The store was a success, and heavy business in the spring of 1902 forced the store to move to a larger building on Baystate and Evans Avenues.

At its peak in the first decade of the 20th century, the Colorado Supply Company employed 135 people, and the Pueblo branch delivered goods all over town until it caught fire on January 15, 1953, and never reopened.

Learn more about the Colorado Supply Company here on our website, then come in to the museum and tour our physical exhibit that is going on now.

Lesson plans from for the film Forging the West, from HaveyPro Cinema and Historic Pueblo, Inc., can be found in the links below. If you have any questions about these plans or about the ways in which this film can be used as an educational tool, please contact us here on our website or give us a call at 719-564-9086 x108.

History Focus: Grades 2-7

Science Focus: Grades 2-7

History Focus: Grades 8-12

Science Focus: Grades 8-12

Forging the West DVDs Now Available

DVDs of the new documentary from Havey Pro Cinema and Historic Pueblo, Inc., Forging the West, are now available for pre-order!

The Colorado Fuel and Iron Company (CF&I) began production in 1872 and grew to become the largest steel mill in the Western United States and a firm of enormous importance to the industrialization of the American West. The first steel mill west of the Mississippi River, CF&I also played a pivotal role in the tumultuous history of American labor relations. By the turn of the 20th Century the company was the largest private landowner and the largest employer in Colorado. CF&I mines and mining towns operated throughout the West, while subsidiary companies stretched from Massachusetts to California. Its mills in Pueblo, Colorado provided iron and steel products for agriculture, transportation, mining and other industforgingthewestdvdries critical to western development. The company fueled immigration of ethnic groups to work in its mines and mills, playing an important cultural role in diversifying a burgeoning population.
Copies of the film are now on sale at the Steelworks Center of the West, 215 Canal St., Pueblo, CO 81004. The cost is $24.99+tax, and proceeds go to help us preserve the history of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Co., Pueblo, and the industrial west.  They make a great holiday gift!


You Can Still Give!

To our supporters:

During this holiday season I’m asking for your generous support for the Steelworks Center of the West. Your contributions go a long way toward making our work possible, and are tax deductible as a donation to a nonprofit organization.

I’m very excited about our programs and projects and even more optimistic for 2017. Here are some of the activities now underway or planned for the upcoming year.

  • Educational programming continues as a mainstay of our activities for students from kindergarten through college. Thousands of elementary students toured the museum to learn the history of CF&I and its connection to their heritage. Monthly Free Science Saturdays are a family learning experience serving hundreds of kids this year with hands-on experiments to learn about science, technology, engineering and math. And interns from CSU-Pueblo are creating exciting online projects using materials from our archives collections.
  • We’re excited to be working on a new major museum exhibit to tell the story of energy in the West. The centerpiece of the exhibit will feature artifacts and large machinery rescued from the Black Hills Energy 5&6 power plant, to illustrate the history of coal-fired electrical generation. The current exhibit in our Special Exhibits Hall interprets the history of the CF&I Company Stores. This exhibit was made possible through collaboration with the Pueblo County Historical Society.
  • I’m especially pleased to announce that we’ve signed a contract with Ancestry.com. They will digitize, index and make accessible online 460,000 employee records from the expansive Steelworks Archives’ CF&I Collection. The Ancestry.com contract provides us with ten free licenses to their subscription database, so we are building a family history research center to provide free access to Ancestry.com for Steelworks Center members.
  • Would you like to see Colorado’s 27th National Landmark in Pueblo? We’re working with the National Park Service to have the Steelworks Center property declared just that! This would be a great distinction for Pueblo. The designation will be based on the CF&I steel mill’s contribution to the industrialization of the West. We expect a decision from the Park Service in late 2017 or early 2018.
  • Have you been wondering what that orange fence around our north parking lot is all about? We’re really close to finally beginning construction of the Steelworks Park, a roadside promenade featuring large artifacts and machinery from the steel mill, as well as a larger than life bronze steelworker statue. We’re hoping this will attract many more travelers off I-25 and into Pueblo.

If you’d like your donation to be designated to support educational programming, the Steelworks Museum, or the Steelworks Archives, please note that in your Colorado Gives donation. If not, your donation is appreciated to help keep the lights on, maintain and insure our buildings and grounds, and to pay a very dedicated and hardworking staff. Thanks in advance for your support!

Most sincerely,

Tim Hawkins

Executive Director