Steelworks Hall of Fame

In 2018, the FACES planning committee decided to change the format of the organization’s yearly fundraiser and honor the past workers of the Colorado Fuel & Iron Company (CF&I). Posthumous nominations are accepted.

 Criteria for Membership in the CF&I Hall of Fame: 

  • The nominee must have been employed by CF&I prior to 1993, when the company ended. 
  • Are considered on the basis of contributions in the following areas: steelwork, mining, hospital/medical, office, land and water, company store, maintenance and support, education or subsidiaries. 
  • Persons selected for the Hall of Fame will be honored at the FACES of CF&I 2024 Fundraiser and must be able to attend or designate someone to attend and accept the award on their behalf. The FACES of CF&I 2024 Fundraiser will be Saturday, January 27, 2024 at the Pueblo Convention Center at 5:30 p.m. 
  • Posthumous nominations are accepted. If selected, a living relative/friend must be able to attend the event in their honor. 
  • Selections are made without regard to gender, race, religion, orientation, or national origin.

 Inductees are selected by a non-partisan selection committee composed of Steelworks Center of the West board members, staff, Steelworks members and other community members.

Selected honorees are honored at the FACES of CF&I 2024 Fundraiser on Saturday, January 27, 2024.

Portraits and biographies of the selected honorees are displayed in a commemorative program as well as in the evening’s presentation.

Steelworks Center of the West honors former employees of CF&I, prior to 1993 when the company ceased. Community members, families and friends, colleagues and former workers nominate those they want to see recognized at the annual FACES of the CF&I event. 

2024 - Hall of Fame Inductees

Albert Godfrey

Albert Godfrey

William Heath

William Heath

Donnie Sedillo

Donnie Sedillo

Paul Sedillo

Paul Sedillo

Nick Styduhar

Nick Styduhar

Ray Trujillo

Ray Trujillo

2023 - Hall of Fame Inductees

Linda Tremblay

Award of Excellence

2022 - Hall of Fame Inductees

C Clay Crawford

Joseph A. Sandoval

Joseph A Sandoval

Joseph Harris, Sr.

Joseph Harris Sr

Lisle O. Pike

Lisle Pike

Margaret Hernandez-Peulen

Margaret Hernandez-Peulen


Thomas Patrick Roach - inductee and Pioneer Award

2021 - No inductees due to Covid

2020 - Hall of Fame Inductees

Albert V. Becco

Albert Becco

James G. Wark

James G Wark

Joan F. Vialpando

Joan F Vialpando

John C. Winkley

John C Winkley

Mercedes M. Granillo

Mercedes Granillo

2019 Inaugural Hall of Fame Inductees

Ted T. Lopez​


Gertrude C. Jordan​

Hermilo Roman​

Jack S. Chick​

Matt Peulen