Our interactive new Colorado Fuel and Iron Company mining history map is up and running! It includes the locations of every coal mine, iron mine, and quarry that CF&I ever owned or operated (with a few possible exceptions). Clicking on a mine’s icon will bring up historical photographs, and provide a link to a webpage that will give historical facts and statistical information about that particular mine. You can search for a specific mine by expanding the map (using the icon at the top right corner), and typing the name in the search box. This is an entertaining and useful new addition to our collection of online resources that will help students and researchers learn about Southern Colorado’s fascinating mining and industrial history. Please feel free to check it out and let us know what you think!

This map was made possible with the help of the Colorado State University-Pueblo History Department, Professor Jonathan Rees, Megan Hedberg, and several teams of dedicated and resourceful students. For more CSU-Pueblo digital history projects, check out the CSU-Pueblo page here on our website.