The Steelworks Center of the West is actively recording and collecting the tales of CF&I from people like you! These oral histories capture the individual and collective memories of the steel mill, mining towns, and Bessemer neighborhood. Along with paper, photo, and film documentation of the CF&I, oral histories are an important part of preserving the history of the corporation for future generations. Stories about growing up in Bessemer, working in the mines, mills, or administrative building, and any other stories relating to CF&I, Bessemer, and Pueblo history in general are very welcome. Accounts passed through generations are also welcome!

We hope to have clips from our collection uploaded to our site soon.

If you have a story to share about your life or the life of a loved one just email us at info@steelworks.us, visit our contact page, or make an appointment by calling the Steelworks Archives at 719-564-9086.