The Steelworks Archives contains a wealth of primary sources for student research papers. Here we highlight a few of these resources and make them available for online downloads.


Administrative Record Group

The administrative record group contains valuable information about the workings of the highest levels of the corporation. It consists of five subgroups: Board of Directors, corporate secretary, legal, investor relations and executive committee. Included in this group are Articles of Incorporation, Board of Directors minutes, Corporate secretary files, national defense files, and annual reports. 

Mines and Quarries Record Group

Safety in the CF&I coal mines was a constant concern and source of unrest among the coal miners.  These Fatalgram News Briefs detail the hazards of working in the mining industry in the 1940s. The cause of accidents that could occur in a mining environment varied in the 1920s. 

Industrial Relations Record Group

The Industrial Relations Record Group contains extensive documentation about labor relations issues from significant periods of labor unrest for CF&I employees and management. One example of research on this collection is Representation and Rebellion: The Rockefeller Plan at the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company, 1914-1942, by CSU-Pueblo History Professor Dr. Jonathan Rees. Below are a few files from the Industrial Relations Sub-series, Pre-Unionization Documentation, 1900-1938.  The files we selected contain “X-reports,” a series of reports filed by CF&I infiltrators into the union ranks of the CF&I coal mining towns during the 1927-1928 IWW strike.