The goal of the Scholar in Residence program is to support scholarly work related to the history of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company (CF&I), its predecessors, and subsidiary companies, and related activities leading to the industrialization of the entire Western United States, by providing access to resources available in the Steelworks Archives housed at the Steelworks Center of the West in Pueblo, Colorado. The Program awards the designation of Scholar in Residence to a qualified scholar who submits a research proposal that meets the approval of the Executive Director, Archives management and Board of Directors.

The designation is for one year, beginning by the end of the summer of the designated year and terminating one year from the start date, with the potential for a one-year extension. The appointment carries the title Scholar in Residence 20XX, where the year indicates the year of appointment.

To assist the Scholar, the Steelworks Center of the West and Steelworks Archives will provide access to archival materials, working space, access to telephone and electricity, a computer with an internet connection, limited copying service, and consultation with the archivists during her/his stay at the Archive. The Scholar will also, if not already a member of the Steelworks Center, receive a one-year, complimentary membership in the Center. The award does not include a stipend. The Scholar in Residence is responsible for securing funding to cover room and board costs, as well as other personal expenses, for the duration of her/his stay. Staff will be available to assist the Scholar in finding appropriate lodging.

The Scholar will spend a significant period of time during the year working in the Steelworks Archives. At least twice during the year the scholar will meet with the Steelworks Center Board, members, and community groups, to present information about her/his research.The scholar is expected to present, during the second half of the year, a written report of her/his work to the Steelworks Center Board and/or members. This may be in the form of a conference paper, a manuscript for publication, a book prospectus, or other appropriate scholarly product resulting from research in the Archives.

Recognizing that the scholarly process may not be concluded in a single year, a completed product is not required, but the outline of the product is expected. A copy of the product resulting from the Scholar in Residence Program will be donated to the Steelworks Center of the West upon completion.

Individuals interested in applying to the Steelworks Center of the West Scholar in Residence Program are asked to submit an application with the following information:
1.Letter of intent indicating a desire to visit the Steelworks Archives as a Scholar in Residence, and the expected dates of the visit.
2.Current curriculum vitae (resume).
3.Statement of specific research interests, including a proposed plan of work.
4.Description of any specific technology or information resources needed.
5.Names and contact information for three references.
Applications are accepted at any time. Please submit applications via email or US postal service to:
Victoria Miller, Museum Curator
Steelworks Center of the West
215 Canal Street, Pueblo, CO 81003
Applications will be reviewed by the Steelwork Center management. Selections are subject to approval by the Steelworks Center of the West Board of Directors. Notification to the selected Scholar in Residence will be completed in a timely manner after selection and approval.