At the Steelworks Center of the West one of our primary goals is to educate students and the community about the cultural and historical significance of the steel and coal mining industries in the development of Colorado and the West.

The Steelworks Center has The Steel that Built the West outreach kit available for schools in Pueblo and the surrounding areas. Designed for 4th grade, the lessons can be adapted for more advanced grade levels. The kit includes teacher lesson plans, reproduced photos for classroom use, hands on activities, videos and DVD’s for classroom instruction. Checkout time for classroom use is 2 weeks. The Steel that Built the West outreach kit is sponsored by Pueblo Day Nursery Children’s Foundation and the Preserve America Foundation.

For more information contact Victoria Miller, Steelworks Museum Curator at 719-564-9086 x108.
Tours of the Steelworks Archives can be scheduled for teachers and classes.

Please call 719-564-9086 for information about archives tours.
In addition to our outreach kits and traveling exhibits, which we can bring to your classroom, we offer support materials to help integrate our collections into your classrooms or to prepare for field trips to the museum and help with transportation costs.

What is a Primary Source? 

Primary sources often reflect the individual viewpoint of a participant or observer.

Assets and Liabilities of Primary Sources

Top 20 questions asked at the Steelworks Museum

Evaluating Primary and Secondary Sources

As historians constantly discover when looking at primary sources, different people have different account of what happened in the past. 

Dear Educator Letter (for Teachers Grades K-12)

This introductory letter outlines expectations and rules for teachers and students participating in a Steelworks Museum field trip.

School Bus Scholarship Flyer (for Teachers Grades K-12)

This flyer details the application process for the Steelworks Museum school bus scholarship.

Benny Blast’s Guide to Rocks and Minerals (For Teachers Grades 3-6)

Designed for teachers who are implementing earth science lessons into their curriculum, this 25 page teacher resource guide includes seven hands-on lessons, a list of background information, a minerals and their products glossary, and list of suggested resources for further classroom exploration. It may be used alone or with the student version of “Benny Blast’s Guide to Rocks and Minerals.”

CF&I Timeline (Grades 4-12; Adult)

This timeline lists significant dates in the Pueblo steel mill’s history, from 1872-present.

Pre/Post Tour Activities (Grades K-12)

This guide gives teachers ideas to prepare their students for the Steelworks Museum field trip. It also includes classroom follow-up activities based on ideas and concepts learned from the museum tour.

Geo Inquiry

Rivers Watershed Analysis

USGS Streamer Map

Water Lab adhesion and capillary action

Water Lab cohesion

Water Lab surface tension


Water Is Life

Reading Steel Town 3rd grade social studies

CF&I general history for 3rd grade social studies

States of Matter for 3rd grade science

CF&I involvement in World War I and World War II high school social studies

Newton's Laws of Motion
for 3rd grade science

3rd grade architecture

3rd grade potential vs. kinetic energy

3rd grade lesson: CF&I Doctors and doctors office

3rd grade lesson: What is a scientist?