Guide to the CF&I Archives – Undefined Series

 TitleCF&I Archives – Undefined Series
 Datesca. 1940-1990
 QuantityBoxes INR-0823, INR-0824, INR-0894, INR-0915 through INR-0919, INR-0921,INR-0923, INR-0924, INR-0925, INR-0929, INR-1110, INR-1236, INR-1249, INR-1314, and INR-1315
 RepositoryCF&I Archives, Steelworks Center of the West, 215 Canal Street, Pueblo, CO 81004, Phone: 719-564-9086

Undefined Series Scope and Content Note

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Certain materials are restricted due to privacy concerns. Please contact SCW staff for further information.

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Coal mines and mining.

Colorado Fuel and Iron Company.

Colorado Fuel and Iron Corporation.

Colorado Fuel and Iron Corporation. John A. Roebling’s Sons Corporation.

Iron mines and mining.

Steel industry and trade.




Labor Relations (Monthly Reports)  1981-1990

Box INR-0823 

Labor Relations  1975-1981

Box INR-0824 

Adjustment Assistance Investigation  1982-1983

Box INR-0894 

Industrial Relations Reports  1976-1980

Box INR-0915 

Industrial Relations Reports and Surveys  1966-1975

Box INR-0916 

Industrial Relations Reports and General; Corporation General; Personnel Correspondence  1977-1979

Box INR-0917 

Industrial Relations General Files  no date

Box INR-0918 

Industrial Relations Correspondence  1979-1980

Box INR-0919 

Industrial Relations General Files  1942-1973

Box INR-0921 

Industrial Relations General Files  1940-1969

Box INR-0923 

Industrial Relations General Files  1967-1977

Box INR-0924 

Industrial Relations General Files  1977-1980

Box INR-0925 

Industrial Relations General Files  1957-1976

Box INR-0929 

Weekly Population Reports; Labor Relations Cases  1980-1989

Box INR-1110 

General Labor Relations Files- some by department  1977-1981

Box INR-1236 

Meetings, Policies and Procedures, Correspondence  1960-1980

Box INR-1249 

Memorandum of Bituminous Coal Operators Association  1970-1979

Box INR-1314 

Bituminous Coal Operators Association – Reports and Reviews   1970-1979

Box INR-1315