Financial Scope and Content Note: This record group documents the financial operations of CF&I, and consists of seven subgroups: Controller’s Department, Cost Department, Payroll Department, Budgets, Tax Documentation, Investments, and Sales and Revenue. It includes authorities, payroll records, accounts receivable, fuel and iron ledgers, pay drafts, salary checks, World War II savings bond records, transfer ledgers; cost inventory, J-bills, purchase orders, and vouchers. Noteworthy among the documents in this series are authority files, dating from the early 1900s through the 1930s, which are written justifications of expenditures, and provide valuable insights into the building of early mining towns and the lives of their people. This is the largest record group in the archives, and much appraisal and processing remains to be done. Revised editions of this finding aid will expand greatly on this overview.

Arrangement: Information is arranged alphabetically, chronologically, or numerically.

Currently organized into nine subgroups

SG 4.1, Controller’s Department, 1892-1993.

SG 4.2, Cost Department, 1891-1993.

SG 4.3, Payroll Department, 1905-1990.

SG 4.4, Budgets, 1960-1991.

SG 4.5, Tax Documentation, 1918-1992.

SG 4.6, Investments, 1980-1990.

SG 4.7, Sales and Revenue, 1960-1993.

SG 4.8, Stock Certificates, unknown.

SG 4.9, Undefined,

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RG 4 
Financial  1892-1993