RG 5 
Mines and Quarries  1871-1993

Extent:  550 cubic feet

Mines and Quarries Scope and Content Note

This record group provides an invaluable insight into the operation of a major Western coal and iron mining empire. The records fully document the lifecycle of the mines from the company’s original exploration to the final reclamation and sale of the land. The management of company t owns under the direction of the manager of mines is fully detailed in correspondence between mine managers and corporate headquarters. Extensive geographic, geological and cultural surveys were undertaken to locate and secure the nature resources of the West. These reports detail the dramatic impact of industrialization on the Western landscape. Safety reports, bulletins and accident logs show the dangerous nature of the work and demonstrate the transformation in attitudes concerning mine safety.

The record group is divided into the following subgroups: Main Office, Geology and Exploration, Health and Safety, Mining Department Industrial Relations and Mining Operations.

The Main Office subgroup contains the following series: Correspondence, Financial, General Reports, and Legal Files. The Geology & Exploration subgroup contains the following series: Geology Reports, Exploration Projects, Exploratory Drilling, Drill Logs, Prospects and Commodities, and USGS Files. The Health & Safety subgroup contains the following series: Accidents, Safety Bulletins, Inspections, Safety Memorandums, Reports and Letters, Violations, Correspondence, Black Lung, and Federal Laws. The Mining Department Industrial Relations subgroup contains the following series: Labor Relations and Personnel. The Mining Operations subgroup contains the following series: Fuel Properties, Iron Properties, and Quarries.


Arrangement: Currently organized into five subgroups

SG 5.1, Main Office, 1892-1984.

SG 5.2, Geology and Exploration, 1892-1984.

SG 5.3, Health and Safety, 1892-1984.

SG 5.4, Industrial Relations, 1871-1983.

SG 5.5, Mining Operations, 1880s-1993.

SG 5.6, Undefined,

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RG 5 
Mines and Quarries  1871-1993