RG 7 
Subsidiaries, Parents and Affiliates  1856-1993

Extent:  450 cubic feet

Subsidiaries, Parents and Affiliates Scope and Content Note

This record group provides information about companies related in some fashion to CF&I. Some of the companies in this record group preceded the formation of CF&I, such as the Colorado Fuel Company or Colorado Coal & Iron. Other companies, such as John A. Roebling’s Sons or Wickwire Spencer Steel, were merged under CF&I, while still other companies, such as the Crane Company, took over the CF&I Corporation. The record types in this group typically include administrative and financial records for each company and occasionally other record types, such as personnel information. If record groups were found by archival staff interfiled with CF&I’s records, such as commercial publications or industrial relations records, then typically those kinds of documents can be found within that specific record group.

Each company has its own subgroup. Company records typically represented in this group include articles of incorporation, minutes from executive and stockholders’ meetings, bylaws, and stock certificates. These records do not exist for every company represented in this collection, and some companies have other types of records represented as well (such as deeds and contracts or certificates of dissolution). Some of these companies existed before CF&I and provide information dating back to the mid- nineteenth century. Many other companies were created by and for CF&I in the mid-to-late twentieth century.


Arrangement: Currently organized into 59 subgroups

SG 7.1, Colorado Fuel Company, 1888-1892.

SG 7.2, Colorado Coal and Iron, 1882-1892.

SG 7.3, Colorado Supply Company, 1899-1964.

SG 7.4, Colorado and Wyoming Railroad, 1899-1990.

SG 7.5, John A. Roeblings Sons, 1870-1990.

SG 7.6, Wiickwire Spencer Steel, 1932-1980.

SG 7.7, California Wire Cloth, 1906-1980.

SG 7.8, Rocky Mountain Coal and Iron Company, 1892-1932.

SG 7.9, Rocky Mountain Timber Company, 1901-1919.

SG 7.10, Crystal River Railroad, 1898-1927.

SG 7.11, Evergreen Resources, no date

SG 7.12, C&W Exploration, 1975-1981.

SG 7.13, Morgan Springs Company, 1881-1919.

SG 7.14, Worth Steel Company, 1917-1951.

SG 7.15, Richard Ore Company, 1941-1953.

SG 7.16, Claymont Steel Corporation, 1951-1954.

SG 7.17, Porter Screen Manufacturing Company, 1895-1914.

SG 7.18, New Jersey Wire Cloth Company, 1878-1930.

SG 7.19, Salon Mining Company, 1920-1929.

SG 7.20, Potomac Land Company, 1912-1922.

SG 7.21, Pacific Steel and Wire Company, 1907-1925.

SG 7.22, C&M Land Company, 1978-1985.

SG 7.23, CF&I Energy Resources Company, 1977-1987.

SG 7.24, Colmet Land Company, 1983.

SG 7.25, Ferro Processing (Fe Pro) Corporation, 1955-1985.

SG 7.26, CF&I Foundation, 1981-1989.

SG 7.27, Anaconda Company, no date

SG 7.28, Pueblo Metals Company, 1973-1992.

SG 7.29, Kansas Metals Company, 1974-1992.

SG 7.30, Albuquerque Metals Company, 1974-1992.

SG 7.31, Denver Metals Company, 1974-1993.

SG 7.32, CF&I Fabricators of Colorado, Inc., 1983-1993.

SG 7.33, CF&I Fabricators of Utah, Inc.,1983-1994.

SG 7.34, Pueblo Railroad Service Company, 1985-1993.

SG 7.35, Colorado and Utah Land Company, 1982-1992.

SG 7.36, CF&I DISC Corporation, 1981-1984.

SG 7.37, J.A. Roebling, 1867-1989.

SG 7.38, The Colorado Industrial Company, 1903-1928.

SG 7.39, The Colorado Realty Holding Company, 1903-1936.

SG 7.40, American Wire Fabrics Corporation, 1922-1955.

SG 7.41, Colorado and Wyoming Telegraph Company, 1910-1928.

SG 7.42, Rocky Mountain Coal and Iron Company, 1893-1931.

SG 7.43, CF&I Engineers, 1969-1989.

SG 7.44, Durable Wire Rope Company, 1898-1939.

SG 7.45, High Country Water Corporation, 1983-1985.

SG 7.46, Fountain Sand and Gravel Company, 1972-1992.

SG 7.47, Douglas County Ready Mix Company, 1974-1981.

SG 7.48, Colorado and Wyoming Land Company, 1970-1989.

SG 7.49, Alcora Materials Company, 1972-1987.

SG 7.50, Benefit Control Center, Inc.,1982-1988.

SG 7.51, Crane Company, no date

SG 7.52, E. & G. Brooke Iron Company, 1874-1946.

SG 7.53, CF&I Warehouse Company, 1940-1952.

SG 7.54, CF&I Products Company, no date

SG 7.55, Pueblo Realty Trust Company, 1868-1931.

SG 7.56, Minnequa Industrial Park, no date

SG 7.57, Cameron Coal Company, no date

SG 7.58, Pacola Company, no date

SG 7.59, Undefinded,

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RG 7 
Subsidiaries, Parents and Affiliates  1856-1993