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Steelworks Center of the West






Guide to the CF&I Archives – Audiovisual Record Group

 TitleCF&I Archives – Audiovisual Record Group
 Datesca. 1890-1980
 Extent:75 cubic feet

CF&I Archives, Steelworks Center of the West, 215 Canal Street, Pueblo, CO 81004, Phone: 719-564-9086

Audiovisual Scope and Content Note

The material in this record group consists of approximately 100,000 images, and 150 reels of motion picture film, as well as other formats including: lantern slides, slides, negatives, audiocassettes, CDs, DVDs and digitized audio and visual files. The vast majority of the photographs were taken by company photographers. Motion picture films include both raw footage of significant events in CF&I’s history, most likely shot in-house, but also includes commercial films shot by an outside production company. The images and motion picture films depict workers, workers’ housing, workers’ families, machinery, railways, mining structures, finished steel products, advertising, mill structures and numerous other topics. The earliest motion picture, from the 1920s, documents a walking tour of the steel mill, and contains some of the earliest footage extant of the interior of a working steel mill. Approximately 50 audiocassettes, and a similar number of digitized audio files consist largely of interviews with company executives and workers conducted by company historian H. Lee Scamehorn. Digitized audio files and some photographs are available for viewing at:


Arrangement: Audiovisual Record Group

Currently organized into five subgroups

SG 8.1, Positives, ca. 1870-1990

SG 8.2, Negatives, ca. 1870-1985

SG 8.3, Slides, ca. 1960-1990

SG 8.4, Video and Motion Picture Film, ca. 1920-1990

SG 8.5, Digital Images, 2005-2008

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Restrictions on access:

Certain materials are restricted due to privacy concerns. Please contact SCW staff for further information.

Restrictions on use:

Not all of the material in the collection is in the public domain. Researchers are responsible for addressing copyright issues. Please see the SCW copyright statement at


Index Terms

Subject Terms:

Coal mines and mining.

Colorado Fuel and Iron Corporation.

Colorado Fuel and Iron Company.

Colorado Fuel and Iron Corporation. John A. Roebling’s Sons Corporation.

Iron mines and mining.

Steel industry and trade.


SG 8.1 
Positives  ca. 1870-1990

Under construction

Positives Scope and Content Note

Under construction


Positives Arrangement

Currently organized into six series

Series 8.1.1, Pueblo Plant, no date

Series 8.1.2, Mines and Quarries, no date

Series 8.1.3, Commerical, no date

Series 8.1.4, Industrial Relations, no date

Series 8.1.5, Subsidiaries, Parents, and Affiliates, no date

Series 8.1.6, Administration, no date

Series 8.1.1 
Pueblo Plant  no date

Under construction

Pueblo Plant Scope and Content Note

Under construction


Pueblo Plant Arrangement

Under construction


Series 8.1.2 
Mines and Quarries  no date

Under construction

Mines and Quarries Scope and Content Note

Under construction


Mines and Quarries Arrangement

Under construction


Series 8.1.3 
Commercial  no date

Under construction

Commercial Scope and Content Note

Under construction


Commercial Arrangement

Currently organized into one subseries

Subseries, Boris Artzybasheff Prints, ca. 1940-1950


Boris Artzybasheff Prints  ca. 1940-1950

Under construction


Boris Artzybasheff Prints Scope and Content Note

Under construction



Boris Artzybasheff Prints Arrangement

Under construction


Series 8.1.4 
Industrial Relations  no date

Under construction

Industrial Relations Scope and Content Note

Under construction


Industrial Relations Arrangement

Under construction


Series 8.1.5 
Subsidiaries, Parents, and Affiliates  no date

Under construction

Subsidiaries, Parents, and Affiliates Scope and Content Note

Under construction


Subsidiaries, Parents, and Affiliates Arrangement

Under construction


Series 8.1.6 
Administration  no date

Under construction

Administration Scope and Content Note

Under construction


Administration Arrangement

Under construction


SG 8.2 
Negatives  ca. 1870-1985

Under construction

Negatives Scope and Content Note

Under construction


Negatives Arrangement

Under construction

Currently organized into nine series

Series 8.2.1, Pueblo Plant, ca. 1940-1985

Series 8.2.2, Mines and Quarries, ca. 1940-1985

Series 8.1.3, Commerical, ca. 1940-1985

Series 8.2.4, Industrial Relations, ca. 1940-1985

Series 8.2.5, Subsidiaries, Parents, and Affiliates, ca. 1940-1985

Series 8.2.6, Administration, ca. 1940-1985

Series 8.2.7, Financial, ca. 1940-1985

Series 8.2.8, Portraits, ca. 1940-1985

Series 8.2.9, Historical, ca. 1870-1985

Series 8.2.1 
Pueblo Plant  1945-1981

Under construction

Pueblo Plant Scope and Content Note

Under construction


Pueblo Plant Arrangement

Under construction

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Series 8.2.2 
Mines and Quarries  ca. 1940-1985

Under construction

Mines and Quarries Scope and Content Note

Under construction


Mines and Quarries Arrangement

Under construction


Negatives; Mining; MIN 0001-0385; Allen Coal Mine  1948-1979


Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0001

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0002

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0003

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0004

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0005

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0006

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0007

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0008

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0009

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0010

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0011

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0012

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0013

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0014

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0015

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0016

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0017

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0018

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0019

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0020

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0021

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0022

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0023

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0024

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0025

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0026

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0027

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0028

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0029

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0030

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0031

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0032

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0033

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0034

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0035

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0036

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0037

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0038

Allen Mine West Portal Cave-In Equipment Damage  7/10/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0039

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0040

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0041

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0042

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0043

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0044

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0045

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0046

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0047

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0048

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0049

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0050

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0051

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0052

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0053

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0054

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0055

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0056

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0057

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0058

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0059

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0060

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0061

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0062

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0063

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0064

Allen Mine New Roof Bolting Machine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0065

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0066

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0067

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0068

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0069

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0070

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0071

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0072

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0073

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0074

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0075

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0076

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0077

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0078

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0079

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0080

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0081

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0082

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0083

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0084

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0085

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0086

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0087

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0088

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0089

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0090

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0091

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0092

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0093

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0094

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0095

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0096

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0097

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0098

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0099

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0100

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0101

Allen Mine Silos  5/3/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0102

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0103

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0104

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0105

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0106

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0107

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0108

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0109

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0110

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0111

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0112

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0113

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0114

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0115

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0116

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0117

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0118

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0119

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0120

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0121

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0122

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0123

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0124

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0125

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0126

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0127

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0128

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0129

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0130

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0131

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0132

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0133

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0134

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0135

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0136

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0137

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0138

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0139

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0140

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0141

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0142

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0143

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0144

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0145

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0146

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0147

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0148

Unit Coal Train Being Loaded at Allen Mine Silos  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0149

Unit Coal Train and Silos at Allen Mine  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0150

Unit Coal Train and Silos at Allen Mine  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0151

Unit Coal Train and Silos at Allen Mine  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0152

Unit Coal Train and Silos at Allen Mine  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0153

Unit Coal Train and Silos at Allen Mine  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0154

Unit Coal Train and Silos at Allen Mine  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0155

Unit Coal Train and Silos at Allen Mine  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0156

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0157

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0158

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0159

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0160

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0161

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0162

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0163

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0164

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0165

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0166

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0167

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0168

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0169

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0170

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0171

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0172

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0173

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0174

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0175

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0176

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0177

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train and Silos  5/14/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0178

Allen Mine, New Continuous Miner Underground  9/4/1967

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0179

Allen Mine, New Continuous Miner Underground  9/4/1967

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0180

Allen Mine, New Continuous Miner Underground  9/4/1967

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0181

Allen Mine, New Continuous Miner Underground  9/4/1967

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0182

Allen Mine, New Continuous Miner Underground  9/4/1967

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0183

Allen Mine, New Continuous Miner Underground  9/4/1967

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0184

Allen Mine, New Continuous Miner Underground  9/4/1967

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0185

Allen Mine, New Continuous Miner Underground  9/4/1967

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0186

Allen Mine, New Continuous Miner Underground  9/4/1967

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0187

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  12/18/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0188

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  12/18/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0189

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  12/18/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0190

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  12/18/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0191

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  12/18/1972

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0192

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0193

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0194

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0195

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0196

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0197

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0198

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0199

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0200

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0201

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0202

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0203

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0204

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0205

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0206

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0207

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0208

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0209

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0210

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0211

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0212

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0213

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0214

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0215

Allen Mine, Damaged Longwall Equipment  10/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0216

Allen Mine, Silos  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0217

Allen Mine, Silos  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0218

Allen Mine, Silos  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0219

Allen Mine, Silos  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0220

Allen Mine, Silos  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0221

Allen Mine, Silos  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0222

Allen Mine, Silos  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0223

Allen Mine, Silos  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0224

Allen Mine, Silos  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0225

Allen Mine, Silos  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0226

Allen Mine, Silos  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0227

Allen Mine, Silos  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0228

Allen Mine, Silos  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0229

Allen Mine, Silos  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0230

Allen Mine, Silos  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0231

Allen Mine, Silos  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0232

Allen Mine, Silos  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0233

Allen Mine, Silos  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0234

Allen Mine, Silos  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0235

Allen Mine, Silos  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0236

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train Ribbon Cutting  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0237

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train Ribbon Cutting  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0238

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train Ribbon Cutting  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0239

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train Ribbon Cutting  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0240

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train Ribbon Cutting  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0241

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train Ribbon Cutting  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0242

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train Ribbon Cutting  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0243

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train Ribbon Cutting  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0244

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train Ribbon Cutting  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0245

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train Ribbon Cutting  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0246

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train Ribbon Cutting  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0247

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train Ribbon Cutting  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0248

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train Ribbon Cutting  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0249

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train Ribbon Cutting  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0250

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train Ribbon Cutting  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0251

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train Ribbon Cutting  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0252

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train Ribbon Cutting  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0253

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train Ribbon Cutting  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0254

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train Ribbon Cutting  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0255

Allen Mine, Unit Coal Train Ribbon Cutting  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0256

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0257

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0258

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0259

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0260

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0261

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0262

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0263

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0264

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0265

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0266

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0267

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0268

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0269

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0270

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0271

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0272

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0273

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0274

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0275

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0276

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0277

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0278

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0279

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0280

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0281

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0282

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0283

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0284

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0285

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  3/29/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0286

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  2/24/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0287

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  2/24/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0288

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  2/24/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0289

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  2/24/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0290

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  2/24/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0291

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  2/24/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0292

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  2/24/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0293

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  2/24/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0294

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  2/24/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0295

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  2/24/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0296

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  2/24/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0297

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  2/24/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0298

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  2/24/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0299

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  2/24/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0300

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  2/24/1971

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0301

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  11/4/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0302

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  11/4/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0303

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  11/4/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0304

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  11/4/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0305

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  11/4/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0306

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  11/4/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0307

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  11/4/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0308

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  11/4/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0309

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  11/4/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0310

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  11/4/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0311

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0312

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0313

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0314

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0315

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0316

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0317

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0318

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0319

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0320

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0321

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0322

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0323

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0324

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0325

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0326

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0327

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0328

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0329

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0330

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0331

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0332

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0333

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0334

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0335

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0336

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  12/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0337

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  9/9/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0338

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  9/9/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0339

Allen Mine, Silo Progress  9/9/1970

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0340

Allen Mine, New Spraying Equipment  1/24/1969

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0341

Allen Mine, Unloading New Joy Miner  7/1967

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0342

Allen Mine, Miners Posing with New Minero Machine  7/1967

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0343

Allen Mine, Exterior and Timber Piles  9/1966

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0344

Allen Mine, New Acme Truck in Mine Loaded with Material  5/21/1962

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0345

Allen Mine, New Acme Truck in Operation in Mine  5/8/1962

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0346

Allen Mine, New Coal Cars in Operation  5/8/1962

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0347

Allen Mine, Rock Bolting Roof of Mine  5/7/1962

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0348

Allen Mine, New Electrical Equipment  5/7/1962

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0349

Allen Mine, Storehouse at Allen Mine, Overall Interiors  4/3/1962

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0350

Allen Mine, Westinghouse Electrical Installation Surface  10/27/1961

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0351

Allen Mine, Westinghouse Electrical Installation Surface  10/27/1961

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0352

Allen Mine, Copy of Allen Mine Working Diagram  2/4/1960

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0353

Allen Mine, West Portal Surface, with trip of Coal coming out of First South Portal  9/18/1957

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0354

Allen Mine, Hoist House (Interiors and Exteriors)  1/4/1956

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0355

Allen Mine, Hoist House (Interiors and Exteriors)  1/4/1956

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0356

Allen Mine, Loading coal Cars at East Portal  1/4/1956

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0357

Allen Mine, East Portal Interior views for Coal Age Magazine  8/5/1954

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0358

Allen Mine, Rock Dusting Underground  1954

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0359

Allen Mine, Mine Rescue  7/23/1953

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0360

Allen Mine, Mine Machinery and Interior View  5/7/1953

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0361

Allen Mine, Exteriors of Mine  5/7/1953

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0362

Allen Mine, Shuttle Car loading at Face  1953

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0363

Allen Mine, East Portal Exteriors  11/1952

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0364

Allen Mine, Allen Mine Exteriors  8/2/1951

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0365

Allen Mine, Shuttle Car unloading onto Conveyor Belt  7/1952

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0366

Allen Mine, Overall View of Stonewall Valley from the West Portal of Allen Mine  8/18/1957

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0367

Allen Mine  1954

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0368

Allen Mine, Interior of Mine Showing Machines and Conveyor Belts  1953

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0369

Allen Mine, House built on Bridge near Allen Mine located on the North Fork of the Purgatory River’s Middle Fork, just west of Weston, Colorado  5/19/1954

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0370

Allen Mine, Workers leaving Man Trip Cars  3/7/1979

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0371

Allen Mine, East Portal Exterior  11/12/1957

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0372

Allen Mine, Exteriors  1960

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0373

Allen Mine, Exterior  1/4/1956

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0374

Allen Mine, Preparing road at Allen Mine  5/25/1951

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0375

Allen Mine, New Coal Miner machine in operation  5/8/1962

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0376

Allen Mine, Exterior of East and West Portal  7/1957

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0377

Allen Mine, Allen Mine Exteriors  1960 and 1964

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0378

Monarch Limestone Quarry; Narrow Gage Railroad  9/27/1955

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0379

Allen Mine -Timber operations and sawmill – Weston, Colorado  10/1948

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0380

Allen Mine; loading coal onto belt  1955

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0381

Allen Mine; Sunflowers near west portal  8/21/1957

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0382

Allen Mine; Mine Surveying Story Featuring L.E. ” Spud” Battiste and Tony Cambruzzi  no date

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0383

Allen Mine; Interior Photos of Mining Equipment  no date

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0384

Allen Mine; Interior Views of Fire Prevention Equipment  no date

Box AUD-0024Folder MIN-0385

Negatives; Mining; MIN 0386-0464; Allen, AZ, Bokoshe, Cameron, Canon, Dolomite, Coal Creek, Fredrick, Leadville, Lime, Monarch, Maxwell, Pueblo, Morley, and Nonac  1948-1981


Mining; Allen Mine; Interior Views of Fire Prevention Equipment  no date

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0386

Mining; Allen Mine; Mine Roof Bolts Installation Featuring Ernest Archuletta, Albeo Vigil and Ralph Niccoe  2/2/1960

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0387

Mining; Allen Mine; Westinghouse Installation  11/24/1961

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0388

Mining; Allen Mine; Westinghouse Installation  11/24/1961

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0389

Mining; Allen Mine; Weston, Colorado; New “Jeep” in Operation  5/8/1962

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0390

Mining; Allen Mine; Scenic Negatives of Monument Lake Valley Near the Allen Mine  1963

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0391

Mining; Allen Mine; Rebuilt C&W Locomotive After Flood  9/1966

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0392

Mining; Allen Mine; New Ambulance  9/1966

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0393

Mining; Allen Mine; New Continuous Miner Underground Used in BLAST of September 4, 1967  7/1967

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0394

Mining; Allen Mine; Interior Views of Continuous Miner Operations  11/1967

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0395

Mining; Allen Mine; New Longwall Equipment  2/24/1971

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0396

Mining; Allen Mine; Progress of Coal Silos  4/1972

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0397

Mining; Allen Mine; Unit coal Train and Silos  1973

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0398

Mining; Allen Mine; Silos and Unit Coal Train  1973

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0399

Mining; Allen Mine; Train and Coal silos  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0400

Mining; Allen Mine; Coal Train and Silos (Shadow on Silos)  no date

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0401

Mining; Allen Mine; C&W Locomotive at Allen Mine and Silos  12/1977

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0402

Mining; Allen Mine; Silos  no date

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0403

Mining; Allen Mine; C&W Railway and Coal Silos  no date

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0404

Mining; Arizona; Jeep Trip Into White River Indian Reservation to Iron Ore Deposits at Show Low, Arizona with bob Williams and Dave Carter  9/26/1960

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0405

Mining; Arizona; Exploration near Phoenix, Arizona for Iron Ore Featuring Jim Brooks, Geologist  1968

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0406

Mining; Arizona; Exploration Near Phoenix, Arizona For Iron Ore, Jim Brooks Geologist  1968

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0407

Mining; Bokoshe Mine; Bokoshe, Oklahoma; Photos  10/1981

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0408

Mining; Bokoshe Coal Mine, Oklahoma  11/1981

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0408A

Mining; Cameron Coal Mine; Pictures at Cameron  no date

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0409

Mining; Canon City Dolomite Quarry; Dolomite Quarry Operations  4/11/1958

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0410

Mining; Canon City Dolomite Quarry; Dolomite Quarry Near Canon City, Colorado  11/3/1964

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0411

Mining; Canon City Dolomite Quarry; January 1970 Blast Story  1/1970

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0412

Mining; Canon City Dolomite Quarry  7/1978

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0413

Mining; Canon City Dolomite Quarry  7/17/1978

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0414

Mining; Canon City Dolomite Quarry  7/1978

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0415

Mining; Coal Creek Mine, Fremont County Colorado; Shaft and Town of Coal Creek  no date

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0416

Mining; Frederick Mine, Valdez, Colorado; Mine Man Trip Cars  1950

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0417

Mining; Frederick Mine, Valdez, Colorado; Exteriors of Man Trip Cars and Mine Portal  1950

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0418

Mining; Frederick Mine, Valdez, Colorado; Interiors of Mine  4/17/1950

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0419

Mining; Frederick Mine, Valdez, Colorado; Railroad Car at Valdez 1936 V-8 Ford  11/1952

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0420

Mining; Frederick Mine, Valdez, Colorado; Interior of Caboose at Valdez  2/1953

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0421

Mining; Frederick Mine, Valdez, Colorado; Frederick Mine Exterior and Interior Views  5/2/1955

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0422

Mining; Frederick Mine, Valdez, Colorado; Exterior Views of YMCA, mine office, and tipple  2/26/1960

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0423

Mining; Frederick Mine, Valdez, Colorado; Weston and Valdez Areas  5/21/1971

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0424

Mining; Frederick Mine, Valdez, Colorado; Man Trip Cars at Portal of Frederick Mine  1950

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0425

Mining; Leadville; Gag Photo of Ore House at Leadville, Colorado  10/29/1957

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0426

Mining; Lime Plant, Lime, Colorado; Ammonium Sulfate Slurry Pond  6/23/1977

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0427

Mining; Monarch Limestone Quarry; Monarch Quarry Shovel in Operation  8/7/1948

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0428

Mining; Monarch Limestone Quarry; Exteriors of Quarry  7/26/1955

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0429

Monarch  no date

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0430

Mining; Monarch Limestone Quarry; 35mm Views of Monarch Quarry  7/1/1957

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0431

Mining; Monarch Limestone Quarry; Modernization Program and New Quarry Site  8/28/1957

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0432

Mining; Monarch Limestone Quarry; Blasting Limestone from Mountain  10/7/1957

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0433

Mining; Monarch Limestone Quarry; Modernization Program and New Quarry Site. Salon Exteriors of Monarch Quarry  8/28/1957

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0434

Mining; Monarch Limestone Quarry; Rio Grande Railroad Workers Changing Trackage from Narrow Gage to Broad Gage Near Monarch Quarry  7/8/1959

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0435

Mining; Monarch Limestone Quarry; Monarch Quarry Exteriors  1961

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0436

Mining; Monarch Limestone Quarry; New L-W Hualpak Truck in Operation  9/25/1962

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0437

Mining; Monarch Limestone Quarry  no date

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0438

Mining; Monarch Limestone Quarry; Monarch Quarry Exteriors  7/1978

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0439

Mining; Monarch Limestone Quarry  no date

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0440

Maxwell Coal Mine  no date

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0441

Maxwell Coal Mine Exteriors  1/1978

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0442

Maxwell Coal Mine  no date

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0443

Maxwell Coal Mine  no date

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0444

Maxwell Mine Above Ground Views  3/7/1979

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0445

Maxwell Mine Underground Views Operations  3/7/1979

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0446

Maxwell Mine Exteriors Transparencies and Negatives  10/1979

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0447

Maxwell Coal Mine Tipple  10/4/1979

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0448

Maxwell Coal Mine  no date

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0449

Morley Mine Mules; Exterior and Underground with Handler  no date

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0450

Morley Mine: Views of Town and Surrounding Countryside  no date

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0451

Morley Coal Mine  no date

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0452

Exteriors of Morley Camp; Interiors of Colorado Supply, YMCA, Mules (Historical)  4/20/1956

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0453

Exteriors of Morley Camp (Historical)  4/20/1956

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0454

Morley Coal Mine  no date

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0455

Morley Mine; Closing Morley Mine (Mules) Historical  5/2/1956

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0456

Mining; Morley Coal Mine; Morley Coal Mine Baseball Team  no date

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0456A

Mining; Nonac Mine; Mine Tipple at Nonac Mine  no date

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0457

Mining; Mining Department at Pueblo Plant; Copy of Geologist Maps of the United States  3/29/1951

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0458

Mining; Mining Department at Pueblo; Copy of Old Mining Office Force  12/23/1953

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0459

Mining; Mining Department at Pueblo; Limestone Storage in Mill  4/14/1954

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0460

Mining; Mining Department at Pueblo; House Coal Research Sub-Committee Meeting at Pueblo City Hall  3/11/1957

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0461

Mining; Mining Department at Pueblo; CF&I Mining Exploration Plane  1967

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0462

Mining; Mining Department at Pueblo; Geology, Mining Engineering, and CF&I Airplane  1/1967

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0463

Mining; Mining Department at Pueblo; Mine Rescue Car One; Trinidad Area Coal Mines  no date

Box AUD-0025Folder MIN-0464

Negatives; Mining; MIN 0465-0509; Rockvale, Segundo, Sopris, Sunrise and Chicago Pit, Tercio, Trinidad area, Utah, Wagon Wheel Gap, and Weston  1910-1978


Mining; Rockvale Coal Mine; Canon City, Colorado; loading Tracks  no date

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0465

Segundo  no date

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0466

Sopris  no date

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0467

Pioneers Oregon Trail Near Sunrise Mine, Wyoming  1945

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0468

Oregon Trail Autograph Cliff Sunrise, Wyoming  1945

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0469

Overall of Mining Camp; Includes School and Sunrise Camp Catholic and Episcopal Churches in Hartville, Sunrise, Wyoming  9/1950

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0470

Sunrise Iron Ore Mine  no date

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0471

Oldest Incorporated City in Wyoming; Near Sunrise Iron Ore Mine Hartville, Wyoming  4/1954

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0472

Interiors and Exteriors, Sunrise, Wyoming  7/1955

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0473

Interior of Drilling Team; Sunrise Iron Ore Mine, Sunrise, Wyoming  8/20/1955

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0474

CF&I Club Assistant Manager with Old Pony Express Stone Marker Near Guernsey, Wyoming  1/21/1959

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0475

Views Taken in Sunrise Iron Ore Mine, Underground Shots, Sunrise, Wyoming  11/17/1959

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0476

Progress Photos of New Construction, Beneficiation Plant, Sunrise, Wyoming  2/11/1964

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0477

Progress of New Ore Plant, Sunrise, Wyoming  7/14/1964

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0478

Mining Engineering Drawings, Beneficiation Plant, Pueblo, Colorado  7/30/1964

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0479

Dedication of New Beneficiation Plant at Sunrise, Wyoming  12/5/1964

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0480

Sunrise Iron Ore Mine  no date

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0481

Interior View of Sunrise Beneficiation Plant Equipment, Sunrise, Wyoming  3/1965

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0482

Color Copy Positives of New Plant at Sunrise, Wyoming  8/10/1965

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0483

Sunrise Iron Ore Mine  no date

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0484

Mining; Sunrise Iron Ore Mine; Beneficiation Plant Interiors  10/1/1965

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0485

Mining; Sunrise Iron Ore Mine; Mine Exteriors  6/21/1969

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0486

Mining; Sunrise Iron Ore Mine; Beneficiation Plant  6/21/1969

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0487

Mining; Sunrise Iron Ore Mine; #3 Engine House (Hoist) and Explosives Magazine  6/21/1969

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0488

Mining; Sunrise Iron Ore Mine; Underground Operations  6/21/1969

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0489

Mining; Sunrise Iron Ore Mine; Mine Office Employees  7/1969

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0490

Mining; Sunrise Iron Ore Mine; Mine Rescue Team at Sunrise  10/1975

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0491

Mining; Sunrise Iron Ore Mine; Beneficiation Plant Blueprint  2/12/1976

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0492

Mining; Sunrise Iron Ore Mine; Mine Exterior and Beneficiation Plant  8/3/1978

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0493

Mining; Sunrise Iron Ore Mine; Chicago Pit Quarry  8/3/1978

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0494

Mining; Sunrise Iron Ore Mine; Mine Exterior and Beneficiation Plant  8/1978

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0495

Mining; Sunrise Iron Ore Mine; Chicao Pit  8/1978

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0496

Mining; Sunrise Iron Ore Mine; Sunrise Mine Exteriors  7/1969

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0497

Mining; Sunrise Iron Ore Mine; Boiler and #1 Head Frame  1910

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0498

Mining; Tercio Coal Mine Depot; Weston Coal Mine Depot; Depot at Guernsey, Wyoming Which Serves the Sunrise Iron Ore Mine  no date

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0499

Mining; Tercio Coal Mine; Colorado supply store  5/1949

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0500

Mining; Trinidad Area; Coal Mine Baseball Team  no date

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0501

Mining; Trinidad Area; Purgatory River Flood Scenes  5/1955

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0502

Mining; Trinidad Area; Stocking Purgatory River with Fish  10/1974

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0503

Mining; Trinidad Area; Mining Property  3/1955

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0504

Mining; Utah Operations; Topographical Map of Open Pit  10/1953

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0505

Mining; Utah Operations  8/1967

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0506

Mining; Wagon Wheel Gap Fluorspar Mine  1945

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0507

Mining; Weston, Colorado; Colorado Supply Store Exterior  10/14/1958

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0508

Mining; Old Coal Mine Tipple  Early 1900’s

Box AUD-0026Folder MIN-0509

Series 8.2.3 
Commercial  ca. 1940-1985

Under construction

Commercial Scope and Content Note

Under construction


Commercial Arrangement

Under construction


Negatives; Commercial; COM 0001-0137; End Products  1954-1964


Plant Pueblo, Department Advertising, Picture for as Steel Wire Gage  no date

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0001

Laying welded wire reinforcing under asphalt highway near Monument, CO; Pueblo Plant  6/1954

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0002

Laying asphalt and welded wire fabric reinforcing near Monument; Pueblo Plant  6/15/1964

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0003

Pueblo Regional Sales Building Progress (Old Brown Const. Bldg.) ; Pueblo Plant  2/14/1956

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0004

Wire Rope at Southern Colorado Power Company. New Sub-station; Pueblo Plant  3/1956

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0005

Use of scrap rails in water dam; El Morro Plant  6/14/1956

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0006

Wire Rope Slings in action, lifting concrete slabs from roof. Prestressed concrete strand; Colorado Springs Plant  8/20/1956

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0007

Silverton and Narrow Gage Railroad; Durango Plant  6/20/1957

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0008

Using Wickwire rope on oil rig; Florence Plant  7/9/1957

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0009

New bridge across Bessemer ditch; Pueblo Plant  2/12/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0010

Barbed Wire – Lane Nyers. Co. ; Protection, KS  3/18/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0011

Swift Creek Dam. Use of realock fabric for highway construction; Portland, Ore  4/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0012

Grinding balls being loaded aboard ship for shipment to Philippine Islands: Pueblo  4/25/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0013

Wire Rope Slings in Action. (Lifting scrap baling press); Pueblo  4/25/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0014

Behlen Mfg Co. Use of rod; Columbus Nebraska  5/5/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0015

CF&I products used in new Air Academy; Colorado Springs, CO  5/16/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0016

Use of strand wire, by Telephone Company workmen; Pueblo  6/2/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0017

American Marietta Co. Concrete stressing operations; Pueblo  6/30/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0018

Air Force Academy overall view; Colorado Springs, CO  7/1/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0019

Pre-stressed concrete bridge at La Junta, CO; Pueblo  7/22/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0020

Realock fence around CF&I; Pueblo  8/8/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0021

Pre-stressed concrete operations at American Marietta CO; Pueblo  8/11/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0022

Bullen Concrete Products Co. Use of welded wire fabric in concrete pipe; Pueblo  8/13/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0023

Behlan Mfg. Co.; Columbus Nebraska  9/23/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0024

Experimental Mine – Colorado School of Mines, use of rock bolts and chain link fence; Golden, CO  10/1/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0025

Atlantic Concrete Products Inc. Wire fabric customer; Puerto Rico  10/1/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0026

Welded wire fabric used in unique T.V. antenna horn; Trinidad, CO  10/14/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0027

Mine rock bolts use Glen Canon Dam in Utah and Arizona; Glen Canon Dam  10/20/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0028

Prestressed Concrete Inc. use of CF&I cable; Anchorage, Alaska  11/3/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0029

20 million gallon reservoir use of welded wire fabric and realock fence; Phoenix, Arizona  12/16/1958

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0030

Cooley Sand and Gravel Co. use of Wickwire Rope; Denver, CO  3/3/1959

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0031

Rail welding on Santa Fe railroad; Pueblo  4/3/1959

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0032

Dresden Nuclear Power Station; Chicago, Illinois  4/9/1959

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0033

Realock Fence installation at New South High School; Pueblo  4/27/1959

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0034

Homestake Gold Mine feature story; Lead, South Dakota  6/11/1959

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0035

Oil well casing use at oil well rig; Farmington, NM  7/29/1959

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0036

Use of CF&I Products at Homestake mine operations, Lead, South Dakota; Lead, South Dakota  10/2/1959

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0037

CF&I wire used by Federal Pipe and Tank Co. (Seattle, Wash) to wrap pipe used at Climax Molybdenum Mine; Climax, CO  1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0038

Oil well rig with seamless tubing; Kansas  1/6/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0039

Papoose Dredge using Wire Rope to dig Sacramento Canal (Hydraulic Dredging Co) Sacramento CA Nick Carlson, Guy Walgraeve, R.J. Clasby  2/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0040

Pacific Dredging Co. using Wire Rope to dig Sacramento Canal; Sacramento, CA -Ralph Vea, R.J. Clasby  2/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0041

Titan Launching site, Lowry Air Force Base (Reinforcing Rod); Denver, CO  2/3/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0042

Pacific Dredging Co. using Wire Rope to dig canal; Sacramento, CA  2/15/1960>

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0043

Papoose Dredge using Wire Rope on Sacramento Canal Hydraulic Dredging Co.; Sacramento, CA  2/16/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0044

Gilmore Skoubye Contractors using Cal-Tie Wire on reinforcing rods for San Francisco Freeway; San Francisco, CA  2/17/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0045

Use of CF&I Products at Homestake Gold Mine. Grinding Balls. E.C. Leoffler, Claude Schmidt; Lead South Dakota–Leoffler Sales representative – Billings, MT  3/2/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0046

Use of grader blades in Douglas County Washington, by County; Wenatchee, Wash- used in Blast 2.60  3/3/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0047

Pre-stressed concrete roof beams made at Bullen Concrete Products plant, using CF&I wire fabric and wire-Joe Bullen Jr., Boe Bullen, Fred Bullen  3/28/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0048

National Cylinder Gas Division of Chemetron Corp. Formal visitation. (Rail Welding); Pueblo  5/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0049

Welded Rails; Pueblo  5/11/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0050

Hopkins Construction using Wickwire rope on road construction near Lyon, CO — Duane Rundle, Joe Garmon; Lyons, CO  6/7/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0051

North American Defense command access road. Grader Blades and Wickwire Rope; Colorado Springs, CO  6/8/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0052

Manning Drilling Co. using Wickwire Rope near Dove Creek, CO — R.D. Andreen; Dove Creek, CO  7/7/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0053

Realock Fence and Pre-stressed Concrete Strand used in new miniature speedway; Lagoon Amusement Park, Utah  7/15/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0054

Colorado Construction, Inc. building North Catamount Dam – Joe Garmon, Bob Plummer; Colorado Springs, CO  8/5/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0055

Angle and Channel Iron used in Construction of reservoir North of Belmont; Pueblo  8/23/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0056

Silver Engineering Co.- Customer using CF&I products; Denver, CO  8/26/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0057

Pueblo Savings, and Trust new Bank Building. Use of re-enforcing steel, angle iron and H Beams.; Pueblo  10/3/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0058

Redi-pak baler wire used on Automatic Balers; Pueblo  11/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0059

CF&I fence used as slide detector on Denver and Rio Grande Lines; Pueblo  11/9/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0060

Herrick Iron Works Co., use of High Carbon Wire, Welded Wire Fabric, Cal-Tie wire in erection of water storage tanks in San Francisco’s East Bay Area; Hayward, CA  12/1960

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0061

CF&I rails being used to build new railroad line in Mexico; Pueblo  1/16/1961

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0062

CF&I re-bars used in construction of the new Mountain States Tel. and Tel. Co. Office Building; Santa Fe, NM  2/22/1961

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0063

Welded wire fabric mfg. at south San Francisco, CA, being used in California by The Pride of Petaluma Brooder Stove Co.; Petaluma, CA — Milton Neirsbach, Don Kofahl  3/20/1961

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0064

Welded wire fabric used in reinforcing runways and taxiways at the Marine Auxiliary Air Station, near Yuma, Arizona; Yuma, Arizona  3/20/1961

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0065

CF&I-Wickwire’s swing sling used at Susquehanna River crossing at Renova, Penn. By Pentzien, Inc. of Omaha, Neb; Renova, PA  3/20/1961

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0066

Woven Wire belt conveyor being used by Jackson Ready-Mix Concrete Co. in Jackson, Mississippi; Jackson, MS  3/20/1961

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0067

Use of mine rock bolts and reinforcing rod in highway tunnels near Idaho Springs, CO (Tunnels being built by Colorado Constructers, Inc. for the Colorado State Highway Dept); Idaho Springs, CO  3/23/1961

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0068

Installing Wickwire Rope on new ski lift area; Manchester, Vermont  4/10/1961

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0069

Realock fence drapes being used on highway construction near Idaho Springs, CO; Idaho Springs, CO  5/9/1961

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0070

Welded Wire Fabric; Denver, CO  8/3/1961

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0071

Littleton Water Storage tank made of pre-stressed concrete (Wire Rope). Taken for Bernard L. Bradley; Denver, CO  8/22/1961

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0072

Stressing Wire Rope on New Stapleton Airfield Runway Construction–Ivan Nolan, Joe Kuzov, Ernie Martinez; Denver, CO  8/22/1961

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0073

K C Construction Supply Co. Using Wire Rope in Prestressed Concrete; Denver  8/22/1961

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0074

Construction of Highway and Railroad Tunnel for New Runway at Stapleton Airfield (Wire Rope and Reinforcing Rods)  8/22/1961

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0075

Using “Swing Sling” at Norton Co. in Worcester, Mass; Worcester, Mass  10/12/1961

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0076

Realock fence installation at Fantasy Island Amusement Park, Grand Island New York; Grand Island, NY  10/17/1961

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0077

Miniature Train, Little Beaver Town Albuquerque, New Mexico (Railroad Spikes): Albuquerque, NM  10/24/1961

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0078

Rail being laid at Texas Gulf Sulphur near Moab, Utah. (Rio Grande Rails); Moab, Utah  1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0079

Seattle Worlds Fair parking center use of CF&I pre-stressed concrete strand; Seattle, Wash  2/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0080

Homestake Mining. Grinding Rod and Balls, – E.H. Loeffler Salesman in Photo  2/5/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0081

Use of Chain Link as a barrier, by the State of California: California  2/13/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0082

Pre-stressed strand used in parking lot of Seattle Worlds Fair; Seattle Washington  3/14/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0083

Stapleton Airfield realock fence and Observation tower progress photos; Denver, CO  3/16/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0084

Use of Realock Fabric in new sky restaurant at Seattle, Washington Worlds Fair; Seattle, Wash  4/6/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0085

V-Mesh fence used as a riprap on section of Highway in Utah (24); Utah  5/24/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0086

Wire Rope mfg. by Roebling for hydro electric project near Santiago, Chile ; Roebling, N.J.  6/25/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0087

NORAD installation under Cheyenne Mountain, showing use of Realock Fabric and Mine Rock Bolts; Colorado Springs, CO  7/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0088

NORAD installation under Cheyenne Mountain, showing use of Realock Fabric and Mine Rock Bolts; Colorado Springs, CO  7/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0089

NORAD installation under Cheyenne Mountain, showing use of Realock Fabric and Mine Rock Bolts; Colorado Springs, CO  7/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0090

CF&I wire rod used by Behlen Mfg. Co. Columbus, Nebraska, to hold million silver dollars display at Seattle World’s Fair – Ann Marbury; Seattle, Washington  7/24/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0091

Stapleton airfields use of welded wire fabric for runways; Denver, CO  8/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0092

Use of pre-stressed concrete cable in parking garage; Denver, CO  8/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0093

Use of pre-stressed concrete cable in apartment building; Denver, CO  8/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0094

Use of pre-stressed strand and reinforcing rod in new high school building; Denver, CO  8/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0095

Use of pre-stressed strand in water works buildings; Arvada, CO  8/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0096

Northland Shopping Center, use of Prestressed concrete; Denver, CO  8/2/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0097

Safeway office building, use of pre-stressed concrete; Denver, CO  8/2/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0098

Use of welded wire fabric in concrete runways of Stapleton Air Field; Denver, CO  8/2/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0099

Use of pre-stressed concrete in motel roof; Denver, CO  8/2/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0100

Western Farm Bureau Building and Parking garage, use of pre stressed strand; Denver, CO  8/2/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0101

Motel-Colfax and Vrain, use of pre-stressed concrete  8/7/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0102

Arvada, Colorado Water Tank, use of wire  8/7/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0103

TwinTee Bridge – 62nd and Lowell, use of pre-stressed concrete  8/7/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0104

Arvada, Colo. High School, use of pre-stressed concrete and reinforcing rods  8/7/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0104A

Arvada Water pumping station pre-stressed concrete buildings  8/7/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0105

State College Museum display of barb wire R. T. Wright  8/8/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0106

Norad installation under Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs, CO  8/9/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0107

Western farm bureau life bldg. construction, Denver, CO  8/28/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0108

Use of pre-stressed strand in Colfax Ave. motel, Denver, CO  8/28/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0109

Use of wire in water storage tank. Arvada, CO  8/28/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0110

Use of pre-stressed strand in Safeway office building, Denver, CO  8/28/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0111

Use of pre-stressed strand in shopping center, Thornton, CO  8/28/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0112

Chairs mfg. by Roebling for New Hampshire ski lift. Wire rope also supplied  9/4/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0113

Blue Mesa dam bridge and dam construction use of wire rope, Gunnison CO  9/26/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0114

Use of Realock Fabric in ore mine (Taken for Denver Advertising)  11/26/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0115

Use of Seamless casing on drill rig in Ireland  12/10/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0116

Santa Fe Railroad bridge, using pre-stressed concrete strand. Atlas Structural Concrete Co. of El Paso, Texas, La Junta, CO  12/17/1962

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0117

CF&I Roebling supplies cables for San Pedro, CA suspension bridge  1/21/1963

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0118

Wissco belts detail views, Palmer, Mass  1/21/1963

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0119

CF&I Roebling supplies steel cables for new circular restaurant at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport  1/22/1963

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0120

First shipment of wide flange beams to Silver Steel, Denver, CO  2/191/1963

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0121

Wide Flange Beam delivery to Triangle Steel Co. Los Angeles, CA  3/7/1963

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0122

CF&I wire rope and CF&I rails used for crane erecting at Phoenix Executive Towers, AZ  4/3/1963

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0123

Use of structural steel in office buildings. Taken for Quality Control – Bill Anderson  5/3/1963

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0124

Use of structural steel in office buildings, Pueblo, CO  5/3/1963

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0125

Wire rope slings – Welded wire fabric-Re-bars – Prestressed concrete strand all used in Stadium for new High School, Garden City, KS  8/23/1963

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0126

John A. Roebling model ship displayed at Chicago Yacht Club  9/1963

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0127

Rock Bolts, chain link fabric and steel strand used in construction of Glen Canyon Dam near Glenwood Springs, CO  10/3/1963

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0128

Aerial tramway built by CF&I Roebling in Nicholasville, KY  10/28/1963

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0129

Realock ‘drapes’ at Dillon Dam at Dillon, CO  12/16/1963

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0130

Cables Mfg. by Roebling for worlds largest suspended roof at the New York World’s Fair, New York State Pavilion  1/2/1964

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0131

Mass. Turnpike building of bridges. Using CF&I products  2/9/1964

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0132

Roebling Pendants. Built for Bucyrus-Erie, 20 story high, power shovel. Roebling Wire Rope. Trenton, NJ  5/13/164

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0133

Roebling wire rope and cables used at World’s Fair buildings New York. July 7, 1964 issue of blast  7/23/1964

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0134

Alaska Railroad receiving first shipment of tar-rubber blend  9/1964

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0135

Laying rubber-tar material on airport in Colorado Springs, CO  9/16/1964

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0136

New terminal at Stapleton Field, using wide flange beams in construction, Denver, CO  10/14/1964

Box AUD-0037Folder COM-0137

Negatives; Commercial; COM 0138-0262; End Products; Sales  1955-1981


Re-Bars used in Denver Apartment building – Park Plaza Apartment House  10/26/1964

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0138

Re-Bars used in building at Fort Carson, Colorado Springs, CO  10/26/1964

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0139

Re-Bar use in Denver building. Botanical Gardens, Denver, CO  10/26/1964

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0140

Re-Bars used in construction at Canon City Penitentiary  11/2/1964

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0141

Loopro Rod cleaning line, Palmer, Mass, Used in Blast 11/16/64  11/3/1964

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0142

San Francisco, CA cable cars using Wire Roe from Roebling  11/4/1964

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0143

Train-Ship “Alaska” carrying shipment of CF&I tar-rubber blend from British Columbia to Alaska  12/17/1964

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0144

Verrazano Narrows Bridge in New York City, CF&I steel wire mfg. at Roebling Plant used in longest suspended bridge in world  1/22/1965

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0145

SCSC use of CF&I Steel in new construction. CF&I pre-stressed concrete strand, re-bars, and Cal-Tie wire. Story in Blast 9/7/64 and 2/22/65  2/2/1965

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0146

CF&I Roebling boom pendants for largest mobile crane power shovel in world. Shovel by: Bucyrus-Erie Co. for Peabody Coal. Roebling, NJ  2/10/1965

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0147

Rocky Mountain Bridge Co. replacing guy wires in Royal Gorge Bridge at Canon City, CO  2/22/1965

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0148

Bay Area Rapid Transit District, rails used in Diablo Test Track. San Francisco, CA  5/4/1965

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0149

New A and P Store, Horseheads, NY using strand made at Roebling, NJ Plant  5/7/1965

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0150

Use of CF&I wire at Fountain Sand and Gravel Co., in making concrete forms  5/20/1965

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0151

Catholic High School for Boys Roncalli High School; Brother Fred Gelhard, William Ruoff, Architect, Pueblo, CO  6/25/1965

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0152

Building new addition to Parkview Episcopal Hospital, Pueblo, CO  6/25/1965

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0153

“Surtar” tar-rubber compound used surfacing streets near CF&I main office. Coke Plant — End Products – Publicity  9/1965

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0154

Use of wire rope. “Double Grey – X” Cody, Wyoming  9/9/1965

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0155

Mesa Tower Steel structure at 260 Lamar Street., Pueblo, CO  10/3/1965

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0156

CF&I Roebling wire rope used in construction of Dirty Devil and Colorado River bridges in Utah  10/6/1965

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0157

Use of reinforcing rod in new car washing building 1400 Evans, Ave., Pueblo, CO  10/12/1965

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0158

Walnut Lane Bridge using CF&I pre-stressed strand. First strand used in pre-stressed bridge in U.S. -Philadelphia, PA  11/1/1965

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0159

New Jersey Tercentenary Pavilion New York’s World Fair, use of CF&I – Roebling Cables  12/1965

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0160

CF&I cables used in roof of Oakland’s Coliseum Arena. (Cables made at Trenton, N.J. Oakland, CA  1/1966

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0161

Norad installation near Colorado Springs, CO. End products Realock fabric  4/1966

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0162

CF&I steel strand being used in constructing backyard antenna in Pennsylvania  6/1966

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0163

Laying rubber-tar material on East Highway 50, Pueblo, CO  6/1966

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0164

Rubber-tar material used to surface area around A and W Drive-In, Pueblo, CO  6/1966

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0165

Laying of welded rails in New Mexico by Santa Fe Railway  6/1966

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0166

CF&I Grader Blades for Bolivia  7/1966

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0167

Busch Memorial Stadium, St. Louis, Mo. Use of CF&I Roebling, Prestressed Concrete Strand.  7/7/1966

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0168

Giant boring machine being used to drill irrigation tunnel in New Mexico, Aztec, New Mexico  8/1966

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0169

Radar installation at Alamogordo, NM made with CF&I wire mesh, Structural steel and Pre-stressed guy strand. (Used in Blast)  12/1966

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0170

Welded wire fabric used in annual report. Denver, CO  1/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0171

Western Elec. Cable plant using CF&I welded wire fabric and wide flange beams, Phoenix, AZ  3/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0172

Allison-Zion drilling Co. Oil drilling rig using Wickwire rope., at Fort Morgan, CO  3/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0173

Petaluma Brooder Stove Co., using welded wire fabric, Petaluma, CA  4/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0174

Pacific Dredging Co, San Diego, CA  4/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0175

Brooks Towers, Denver, CO use of reinforcing bars and Welded Wire Fabric  4/4/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0176

Yuma, AZ Air Base using welded wire fabric  5/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0177

CF&I cables used in approach system at Minneapolis – St. Paul Airport  5/25/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0178

CF&I Rails used in new 78-mile Southern Pacific Railroad Line between Palmdale and Colton CA (Used in 6/12/67 Blast)  6/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0179

Prestressed concrete strand used in construction of Klickitat River Bridge, Portland, OR  6/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0180

Steel used in “Gibson” discount Store, Prairie Ave, Pueblo, CO  7/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0181

Rock bolts used on Morrow Point Dam on Gunnison River (Used in Blast July 10,1967) near Montrose, CO  7/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0182

Gibson discount store construction on Prairie Ave. Wide flange beams, re-enforcing rods and angles. Pueblo, CO  7/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0183

Train load of rails. Welded rails, from Southern Pacific RR Magazine, Oregon  7/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0184

New international bridges between El Paso and Juarez Mexico. CF&I products used: Welded wire fabric, reinforcing bars, Pre-stressed strand. Used in Blast December 1967  10/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0185

Pre stressed concrete strand used in bridge at SCSC exchange at Pueblo  11/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0186

Prestressed concrete bridge beams and reinforcing bars in new SCSC highway bridge  11/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0187

New convention center building (Wide flange beams) (reinforcing rod) (structural). Used in Blast May 68  12/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0188

New bridges on SCSC New highway (pre-stressed strand)  12/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0189

Denver convention center of Angles, wide flange beams, and structural  12/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0190

Paterson parking authorities garage, using reinforcing rod Paterson, NJ  1/18/1968

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0191

5 inch wire rope on huge dragline machine, used in strip coal mining. Bucyrus-Erie Trenton, NJ  2/1968

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0192

Wire Rope used in bridges built by Roebling. Tacoma Narrows–Peace River Bridge-Golden Gate-George Washington-San Marcos  3/1968

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0193

Reinforcing rod used in Key savings and loan bldg. Englewood, CO  6/1968

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0194

CF&I rails used in track relocation at John Day Dam, Walla Walla, Wash. Corps of Engineers photo  8/1968

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0195

Construction progress of L520-W Bucyrus-Erie dragline crane, that will use CF&I’S 5-inch wire rope  9/1968

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0196

Rails used in relocation of Union Pacific RR Walla Walla, Washington  9/1968

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0197

CF&I rails used in relocation of UP and SP and Seattle RR’s at the John Day Dam Walla Walla,, Washington  9/1968

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0198

George Washington bridge, with Roebling wire rope and cable , New York  11/1968

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0199

Pre Stressed Concrete Bridge  1969

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0200

Prestressed Concrete Bridge  1969

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0201

New rail joint being installed Denver, CO  1/1969

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0202

CF&I Fabricators, Inc. Reinforcing Bars used in Colo. Fort St Vrain Nuclear power Station, Platteville, CO  3/1969

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0203

Double coin Upsetting Mill designed and manufactured for the Denver Mint by CF&I Engineers, Dean Holben and Richard Lord CF&I Engineers  3/11/1969

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0204

Five-inch rope during installation on “Big Muskie” dragline. Bucyrus-Erie Co. Zanesville, Ohio  4/1969

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0205

Royal Gorge new tramway. Pulling rope across with Helicopter Canon City, CO  4/1969

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0206

Five-inch rope being used in giant crane. “Big Muskie” Trenton, NJ  5/1969

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0207

New insulated rail joint Denver, CO  6/1969

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0208

Rapid Transit System 75-mile two track system continuous welded rail 1518′ lengths San Francisco, CA  6/1969

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0209

Five inch rope used in giant crane “Big Muskie Drag Line” Trenton, NJ  7/1969

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0210

650-ton Silver RT Diffuser. Built by CF&I Engineers for Consolidated foods of Bettaravia, CA  8/1969

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0211

Wyoming highway construction project  8/1969

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0212

CF&I elevator rope in new bank of America Building, San Francisco, CA  9/1969

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0213

Ski tow seave for chair lift being produced by CF&I Engineers. (William McIntyre) Denver, CO Used in Blast  10/1969

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0214

Welded Wire and Fabric being used as concrete reinforcing. Denver, CO  12/1969

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0215

Fish-Eye views of CF&I products  12/1969

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0216

Grader Blades. (Grader pushing earth)  12/25/1969

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0217

Realock Fence dividing Denver Highway  10/27/1970

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0218

DOT Test Track – Progress  11/1970

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0219

Plumbing installations at Divide and Dillon, Colorado  11/1970

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0220

Cor-Ten Steel – Bridge Construction Pueblo Boulevard  8/4/1972

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0221

Wire Products in Pick-up truck  1977

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0222

Structural Steel Installation  1977

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0223

Shipping Rails on Flat Car  1977

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0224

Railroad Trains in Mountains  1981

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0225

Grinding Balls  no date

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0226

Royal Gorge Tramway, Canon City, CO  no date

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0227

Washington Bridge, Roebling, NJ  no date

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0228

Oil Well Rig in Gulf of Mexico  no date

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0229

Welded wire fabric installation  no date

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0230

Grader blades in Action  no date

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0231

Raw ore samples  1/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0232

Three way display sign  1/1967

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0233

Small businessman of the year 1966 (J W Hendrick, Boyd Davies) Wichita, KS  12/1966

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0234

Co-op visitors. Wire customers  4/1966

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0235

Seamless tube sales me visiting seamless mill  2/10/1966

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0236

Oil country casing and tubing catalogue cover copy  12/15/1965

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0237

CF&I Parlor car display at trade show  4/5/1965

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0238

Copy of old advertisement  11/12/1964

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0239

Steel supply Co. Warehouse, Oklahoma City, OK  9/24/1964

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0240

Customers with Joe A Bole  2/4/1964

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0241

CF&I Roebling supplies technical help for Forth Road Bridge in Scotland  12/18/1962

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0242

New pallet for nail packages taken for Wire Product Sales, Denver  11/9/1962

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0243

Kaspar Wire Works, Shiner, Texas, Customer  10/30/1962

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0244

Roebling Bridge Division supplies technical assistance to Firth of Forth Bridge, Scotland  10/30/1962

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0245

Product views for poster photo  10/26/1962

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0246

Welded wire fabric Machine. Taken for: Advertising, Denver  9/21/1962

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0247

“Reel-Less” pack pre-stressed strand, Taken for: Advertising, Denver  9/21/1962

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0248

Scraper-Flex wire rope sales contest (Jack Driggs, George Jennings) Palmer, Mass  7/11/1962

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0249

Los Angeles District sales office personnel  3/23/1962

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0250

Sales contest on Double Gray-X wire rope. Driggs pushing peanut with nose( W G Hartman, Jack Driggs) Denver  12/18/1961

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0251

First copy of Farm News Digest, Denver CO  11/28/1961

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0252

Aluminum wire fabricated by CF&I to cover monkey cages (Alcoa) University of Oregon  10/26/1961

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0253

Hawaii Planning Mills, Ltd. (owner Bob Fujimoto), Hilo, Hawaii destroyed by tidal wave on May 23, 1960. Photos showing damage to building: CF&I products; Bob Fujimoto in group portrait; also building before tidal wave, immediately after, and three months after  11/7/1960

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0254

Welded rails used by Santa Fe RR 44-miles of track between Williams and Crookton, Arizona  10/26/1960

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0255

Aluminum Co. of America use of CF&I wire in aluminum cable for reinforcing, Vancouver, Wash  10/15/1960

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0256

Looking at new nail package. Taken when he was in Pueblo (Harold Eyer Phoenix, AZ)  9/27/1960

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0257

Artist painting CF&I’s new image (Wodi Ishmael)  1/13/1959

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0258

Charts of Mining Sales (Rock Bolt diagrams)  11/25/1958

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0259

New warehouse exterior view, Spokane, Washington  3/26/1958

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0260

Wire rope warehouse aerial view, Wichita, Kansas  3/26/1958

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0261

Wickwire Catalog  3/1955

Box AUD-0038Folder COM-0262

Negatives; Commercial; COM 0263-PUB 0038; Sales; Aerial Photos  1950-1982


pre stressed roof beam used in annual report, Denver  1/1967

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0263

Grinding ball view used in annual report  1/1967

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0264

CF&I bronze plaque  2/1967

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0265

Sales trainees tour of mill Pueblo (Used in Blast June 26, 1967)  3/1967

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0266

Sales training group tour of mill. Taken in Wire Mill office (used in Blast June 26, 1967)  3/1967

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0267

Sales trainee group tour of mill. Taken in Bolt and Spike Mill  4/1967

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0268

Seamless Tube Mill Visitors  4/1967

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0269

Salesmen tour of mill  7/1967

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0270

50th anniversary of Watkins, Inc. customer, ( Les Haines) Wichita, Kansas  7/1967

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0271

50th Anniversary of Watkins, Inc. Wichita, Kansas ( J W Kendrick, G E Troutman)  7/1967

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0272

Union Pacific bolt holes. Rail web joint Bar V Holes surface showing unacceptable surface. Taken for Warren Marshall  7/1967

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0273

Sales trainees touring Pueblo plant. Taken in Met. and Insp Lab  8/1967

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0274

Rolls of barbed wire and field fence. Taken for Advertising Department  8/1967

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0275

Group of Sales trainees at CF&I Pueblo  10/9/1967

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0276

Sales training group tour of Mill  12/1/1967

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0277

CF&I Ad layout  1968

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0278

Railway convention exhibits combining (REMSA) Railway engineering Maintenance Supply Assoc. and (AREA) American Railway Engineering Association  1968

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0279

Shipment of welded wire fabric on truck, showing banding. Taken for Stan Nachazel  1/1968

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0280

Denver district sales office and warehouse and CF&I name plate  2/1968

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0281

Sales trainee group  3/1968

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0282

Press conference to announce CF&I expansion program and new Bar Mill  11/1968

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0283

New Bar Mill groundbreaking ceremonies, explosion, and party at Pueblo Country Club  11/25/1968

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0284

Detail of mail boxes printing. Taken for Advertising  4/1969

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0285

Wire rope customer complaint. Taken for: Bob Donner wire rope sales  4/1969

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0286

Broken wire rope slings at Weicker Plant , Colorado Springs, CO Taken for Wayne Herr  9/8/1969

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0287

Commonwealth Spring Co., Inc. uses CF&I wire. Company founded by CF&I retirees, Worchester, Mass Used in Blast Nov. 1969  11/1969

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0288

Railroad sales presentation of toy train (Floyd Johnson)  12/1969

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0289

Display in Sales Office Reception Room  3/1970

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0290

Trainees for Sales Dept. (CR Mitchell, Tom Mall, Jim Powell)  3/1970

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0291

Salesmen at Ramada Inn Pueblo  7/27/1970

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0292

Location of new sales building  8/1970

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0293

New Sales Building Drawings  9/1970

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0294

Tubular Sales customers touring plant  9/1970

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0295

Groundbreaking for new sales office and headquarters in Pueblo (CE Newcomb, JW Gagliano)  9/10/1970

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0296

Progress on new Sales Office Bldg  9/18/1970

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0297

Mining Research Lab. Progress  9/25/1970

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0298

Progress on New Sales Office Bldg  10/1970

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0299

Construction of New Sales Building  10/15/1970

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0300

New sales and headquarters building progress  11/1970

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0301

New Sales Bldg Progress  11/11/1970

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0302

Mining Research Lab. Progress  11/5/1970

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0303

Mining Research Lab. Progress  12/18/1970

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0304

Progress on new Sales Office Building  1/11/1971

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0305

New Sales Office Building in Pueblo  2/1971

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0306

Icicles forming on new sales building  2/22/1971

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0307

New Grinding Research Lab Construction (Howard Schmuck, D. Siljestrom, R L Scott)  3/15/1971

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0308

Crane Co. and CF&I officials in Sales and Headquarters Building Pueblo (EF Lord, CC Crawford, Fabiani, Dreher )  3/25/1971

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0309

Tubular Sales Visitors  7/1/1971

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0310

Salesmen touring plant  8/1971

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0311

Teletype Machines for Sales Office  9/23/1971

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0312

Customers touring plant Tubular Sales  10/28/1971

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0313

Pictured with plant visitors (NH Norby, CL Bole)  12/1971

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0314

Visitors  12/6/1971

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0315

Baler wire packaging for advertising  1972

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0316

Rolled Products Sales Visitors  1972

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0317

Western National Stock Show Denver Catching calf CF&I donates (Leo Vader)  1/18/1972

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0318

Appointment of Harry Stracy to Assist. To Vice Pres. -Warren Lewis- Manager . Rolled Products Sales (Harry Stracy, Warren Lewis)  2/1972

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0319

Visitors touring Grinding Research Lab. (John Decker, LS Helms, R L Scott)  2/9/1972

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0320

Customer tour Wire Products Sales (EA Gerogine, Jim Pagano)  2/23/1972

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0321

Visitors Tubular Sales  3/6/1972

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0322

Visitors  4/17/1972

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0323

Visitors to B.O.F. Railroad Sales Visitors  5/2/1972

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0324

Touring Plant – NH Nordby Sales  7/7/1972

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0325

Mining Research Laboratory Building  8/1972

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0326

Sales Office Building Pueblo  8/1972

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0327

Sales Visitors  8/8/1972

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0328

Rail Fractures, Railroad Sales For Floyd Johnson  9/1972

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0329

Sales Visitors  10/22/1972

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0330

Rail Customer Visitors  10/27/1972

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0331

Cutting Blade Displays (Judy Montera)  1973

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0332

National Western Stock Show Denver, Calf Catcher Contest which is contributed by CF&I Wire Products Sales (Del Culver, Jim Pagano)  1/16/1973

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0333

Customer Tour  1/24/1973

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0334

Cor-Ten Steel Structurals Taken for Walt McCullough Rolled Products Sales  2/2/1973

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0335

Sales Visitors  2/23/1973

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0336

Railroad Sales Customers  3/13/1973

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0337

Railroad Sales Visitors  3/23/1973

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0338

Tubular Sales Office Group  5/1/1973

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0339

Rolled Products Sales Visitors at Rail Car  6/1973

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0340

Baler Wire special shipment to Pauls Valley, Oklahoma  8/8/1973

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0341

Export Sales visitors touring plant  10/30/1973

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0342

Rolled Products Sales Visitors  10/31/1973

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0343

Western Region Sales Customers Tour  11/6/1973

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0344

J S Beyer’s damaged company car falling tree in plant  12/12/1973

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0345

Baler Wire contributed to the Channel 8 TV Auction Taken for Arkansas valley Journal (EF Lord)  4/24/1974

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0346

Sales customers visiting Pueblo Plant Near Club Car Rolled Product Sales  4/18/1975

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0347

Customer tour of Pueblo Plant Rolled Products Sales  6/1975

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0348

Squares, Rounds, Reinforcing Rod Bundles Rolled Products Sales  11/24/1975

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0349

Customer Tour of Plant Rolled Products Sales  11/26/1975

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0350

Hard Hat and Globe and Map  1975

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0351

Gag Hard Hat Presented to Jerry Marshall  1/5/1976

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0352

F Johnson’s gag Monkey Railroad Sales  3/16/1976

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0353

Rail Inspectors in Rail Mill  5/26/1976

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0354

Sales chart template of Rail End Section Railroad Sales  5/27/1976

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0355

Slides for Bob Slater (Slide Talk) Pie Charts  8/1978

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0356

Pie Charts For Advertising Department  2/15/1979

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0357

Customer Service Employees at Desks (Candid Views)  1/17/1980

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0358

Public Relations: Historical Display Old Montgomery Ward Store 3rd and Main Pueblo (Joan Viapando)  4/1980

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0359

Wire Products customer service stenographer (Thelma Guerrero)  4/1980

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0360

#3 Ball Machine in Action Ad Photo  1981

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0361

Forging Western Forge used in Ad  1981

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0362

Bailer wire on stacks of straw for Ad  1981

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0363

Off Shore Drill Rig for Ad  1981

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0364

Locomotive coming through tunnel for Ad  1981

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0365

Structural Steel for Ad  1981

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0366

Quality inspecting and fluxing steel bars taken for advertising  8/1/1981

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0367

Coke Plant – bad views- for Ads  8/4/1981

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0368

Copy of Oil Rig with Rainbow for Ad  3/1/1982

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0369

Advertisement  no date

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0370

Romance of Western Rails Ad  no date

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0371

Billboards on CF&I Products (Advertising)  no date

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0372

Regional Area – advertising  no date

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0373

Sales (CB Cooper)  no date

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0374

Railroad Sales (Locomotive) Floyd Johnson  no date

Box AUD-0039Folder COM-0375

Water Department; Aerial Views of reservoirs 1,2, 3  11/1965

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0001

Water Department; Aerial Views of Reservoirs 1, 2, 3  11/1965

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0002

Land and Water; Aerial Views of Reservoirs 2 and 3  1972

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0003

Aerial Views; Aerial Shots of Lake Minnequa and Reservoirs 2 and 3  no date

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0004

Land and Water; Aerial Views of Pueblo and Lake Minnequa and Pueblo Plant  5/1969

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0005

Land Department; Aerial Photos; Colorado Springs Batch Plant  6/17/1976

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0006

Land Department; Aerial Views of Land Near Corwin Junior High School  7/11/1975

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0007

Land and Water; Aerial Photos Around Canon City Area  1/1969

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0008

Mining; Aerial Views Showing Arizona White River Indian Reservation  10/26/1960

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0009

Land and Water; Aerial Photos of Crested Butte, Colorado  4/1973

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0010

Mining; Aerial Photos Taken Over Glenwood Springs, Colorado  9/4/1956

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0011

Mining; Dotsero Aerial Photos; Proposed Limestone Quarry; Glenwood Springs, Colorado  6/28/1979

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0012

Land Department; Aerial Photos of Trinidad Area  3/1975

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0013

Aerial Views; Trinidad, Colorado  5/20/1971

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0014

Mining; Aerial Photos of Colorado’s Western Slope  7/28/1965

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0015

Mining; Iron Ore Quarry Aerial Photo; Blowout Mine; Utah  2/1956

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0016

Mining; Blowout Iron Ore Mine; Aerial Photo  1950

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0017

Fabricators of Utah; Aerial Views  9/1980

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0018

Aerial Views of Pueblo Plant Before Oxygen Plant  1950

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0019

Aerial View of CF&I Before Freeway Built  1955

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0020

Drawing of Overall View of Pueblo Plant  3/12/1962

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0021

Aerial View of Pueblo Plant  1964

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0022

Aerial Photos of CF&I Pueblo Plant  7/1964

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0023

Aerial Views of Pueblo Plant  11/1/1965

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0024

Drawing of CF&I Aerial View with New Bar Mill  11/1968

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0025

CF&I Pueblo Plant; Aerial Views  4/9/1970

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0026

Pueblo Plant; Aerial Views  4/9/1970

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0027

CF&I Mill Stacks and Shipping Area; Aerial Photos  5/8/1970

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0028

CF&I Plant; Aerial Drawings; Used for Plant Map  6/1/1971

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0029

CF&I Pueblo Plant; Aerial Views  7/18/1972

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0030

Pueblo Plant; Aerial Views  7/18/1972

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0031

CF&I Pueblo Plant; Aerial Views  10/16/1972

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0032

Highline View; Pueblo Plant; Looking North from Blast Furnace Highline  7/17/1975

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0033

Pueblo Plant; Aerial Photos  1/1976

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0034

Aerial Photos; Sintering Plant and Lime Calcining  2/10/1976

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0035

Aerial Views; Pueblo Plant; Copy of Intersection Inside Indiana Gate  4/13/1978

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0036

Aerial Photo; CF&I Plant  2/9/1982

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0037

Aerial Photos; CF&I Pueblo Plant  no date

Box AUD-0039Folder PUB-0038

Negatives; Commercial; PUB 0039-0180; Aerial Photos; Annual Report; Blast Negatives  1950-1981


Aerial Views; Coke Plant; Showing Smoke  9/8/1971

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0039

Aerial Views of Coke Plant Smoke; Wind Blowing from West  9/9/1971

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0040

Distance Aerial Views of Coke Plant Smoke  9/15/1971

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0041

Aerial Views of New Reservoir South Mills and Coke Plant Settling Ponds  7/19/1972

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0042

no picture  no date

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0043

Aerial Views of Coke Plant Clarifier  7/19/1972

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0044

Coke Plant Aerial View  2/1980

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0045

Shipping West  2/9/1970

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0046

Minnequa Buiness District; Aerial Views  2/6/1970

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0047

Minnequa Business District; Aerial Views  3/6/1973

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0048

Aerial Views; Pueblo Including Walking Winds Farm  2/9/1970

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0049

Aerial Views; Oakland, CA Plant Buildings  1950

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0050

Aerial Views of Oakland, California Plant  1953

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0051

Aerial Views of South San Francisco Plant  8/20/1965

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0052

Aerial Photos of South San Francisco Plant  8/1966

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0053

Aerial Views of C&W Railroad and Comanche Power Plant  10/15/1971

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0054

C&W Railway; Simony Spur; Aerial View  12/10/1971

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0055

C&W Railway; Aerial Photos of South Junction  4/24/1972

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0056

C&W Railway; Aerial Views of South Spur and Comanche Power Plant  7/7/1972

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0057

C&W Land Company; Aerial Views of Minnequa Industrial Park  no date

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0058

C&W Land Company; Minnequa Industrial Park; Aerial Views of Burning Bar Building  11/1974

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0059

C&W Railway; Ponderosa Spur; Aerial Photos of Construction of Rail Welding Equipment  11/4/1977

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0060

Brooke Iron Plant; Birdsboro, Pennsylvania; Blast Furnaces; Aerial Views  9/1953

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0061

Clinton, Massachusetts Plant; Aerial View  1950

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0062

Morgan Plant; Aerial View  1950

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0063

Palmer, Massachusetts Plant; Aerial View  1960

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0064

Publicity; Aerial View of Pueblo Main Office, Medical Dispensary; Colorado Supply Store  1940s

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0064A

Palmer, Massachusetts Plant; Pictures of Machinery; Annual Report  1950

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0065

Advertising; Copy Negatives of Front Covers of CF&I Annual Reports; 1943 through 1957  7/15/1958

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0066

Publicity; Oil Well Exterior taken for 1966 Annual Report  1966

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0067

Publicity; Men Going to and From Work Near Blast Furnace Gate; 1966 Annual Report  1/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0068

Annual Report: Denver Warehouse  1/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0069

Annual Report; Wire Rope on Machine  1/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0070

Annual Report Photos; Ladle of Steel  no date

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0071

Industrial Engineering; Ross Straddle Carrier Lifting Tube Billets; Materials Handling Story for Blast; John Simpson  4/25/1956

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0072

Publicity; Layout of Blast; Fran Genty; Algird Pocius  4/18/1960

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0072A

Blast Feature: Russian Steelworker  4/6/1964

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0072B

Palmer, Massachusetts Plant; New Swing Sling; John Nelson and George Jennings  11/15/1965

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0073

Palmer, Massachusetts Plant; Swing Sling Photos and Awards; J.R. Nelson, Superintendent, Palmer Rope Mill; C. Robert Yeager, President of the Association of Masssachusetts Industries  12/8/1965

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0074

Public Relations; St. Louis Gateway Arch; St. Louis, Missouri  12/23/1965

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0075

Quality Control; Damaged Products Story for Blast  1/1966

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0076

“Showcase for Steel” Exhibit; Chicago, Illinois; L.J. Renner, F.H. Uckermann, H.G. Mohline, W.L. Whiting  1/24/1966

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0076A

Blast Story; U.S. Savings Bonds Interviews  2/17/1966

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0077

Blast Story; Fifth Grade Teachers Using CF&I Color Slides for Class Study  8/7/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0078

Publicity; National Secretary Association Presentation  5/30/1966

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0079

Publicity; Blast Feature Story Publicizing Blast Mailing List; Joyce Spritzer  9/1966

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0080

Publicity; Safety Story for Blast;; Overloading Electrical Outlets; Frank Sluder  10/1966

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0081

Publicity; Rail Mill Soaking Pits Repair and Maintenannce; Harold Edwards and Clyde Marrinan  10/1966

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0082

Industrial Relations; Blast Fire Prevention Story  no date

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0082A

Blast Story; All American City; Trenton, New Jersey  6/13/1966

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0083

Publicity; New Van-Air Dryers in Mill  2/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0084

Rolling and Finishing; Broken Crane Hook in Rail Mill – Rigger Helper; Gary Adams  2/20/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0085

Materials Handling; CF&I Truck Drivers Safety Story; John Scavarda, Angus Herlyck, Frank Pavolasky, Sidney Crain  6/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0086

Industrial Relations; Plant Physicians Receiving Safety Hats After Becoming Associated with CF&I; Trenton and Roebling Plant; Dr. Harold E Morris, Dr. Charles W. Burroughs, W. H. Spencer, E.P. Boyer  6/12/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0087

Visitors; Sales Trainees Group Tour of Mill; Production, Planning and Shipping Offices  6/26/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0088

Sales; Trainees Tour of Plant Wire Mill Nail Room  6/26/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0089

Sales Department; Trainees Tour of Plant Grader Blade Section  6/26/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0090

Sales; Sales Trainees Tour of Mill; Photo of Group Taken in Publicity Office  6/26/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0091

Palmer, Masssachusetts Plant; Polypropylene Operations  7/10/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0092

Controller’s; Teletype Operator Gail Morganti; Key Punch Tabulator Operator Shirley Lineberry; South San Francisco Plant  7/10/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0093

Trenton, New Jersey Plant; Visitors; American Iron and Steel Institute’s Committee on Manufacturing  7/24/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0094

Safety; Safety Supervisor Conducting Accident Prevention Class at Southern Colorado State College – Pueblo  8/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0095

Visitors; School Teachers Workshop Tour of CF&I  8/7/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0096

Visitors; Foreign Air Intelligence Tour of CF&I  8/7/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0097

Lifesaving Story; William Appleton, Brad Appleton, Gene Trainor  8/21/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0098

Publicity; Single Fund Agencies  9/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0099

Safety; Fire Prevention Photos  10/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0100

Safety; Fire Prevention Photos  10/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0101

Rolling and Finishing; Rail Mill Guide Setter; Matt Hambalek  11/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0102

Rail Mill; CF&I Rails for Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Welded Rail Program  11/1967

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0103

Industrial Relations; Outstanding Apprentice Presentation at Annual Dinner; Presentation by Jerry Lindberg to Arthur V. Mueller; Mrs. Mueller Looking On  3/1968

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0104

Bolt and Spike Mill; Tapper Operator Broken Goggles; Wadaw Zayac  3/1968

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0105

Visitors; School Kids Tour of Mill  5/1968

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0106

Publicity; Raymond Pechek and Daughter with 7 Pound Trout  6/1968>

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0107

Sales; Newly Appointed Product Manager for Wire Rope Sales and Wire Products  8/1968

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0108

Rolling and Finishing; Candid Shots of New Appointments Rolling Mills North and South  9/1968

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0109

Publicity; Youngest Participant in Rocky Mountain News Hole-In-One Contest; Held in Denver  9/1968

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0110

Employee Activities; David Carter  2/1969

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0111

Seamless Tube Mill; Two Million Ton Production Record Celebration  6/3/1969

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0112

Employee Activities; Wood Inlay Story in January 1970 Blast; James Abel  1/1970

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0113

Employee Activities; April 1970 Blast Story; Clock and Doll Collection; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Nance  4/1970

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0114

Employee Activities; Fast Draw Story; Blast May 1970; Larry and Bev Virant  5/1970

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0115

Graduate Apprentices; Blast June 1970; Al Bradfield, Donald Ladd, Joe Zupancic, J.L. Lindberg  6/1970

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0116

Safety; Wire Mill Bale Tie; Broken Goggles; Blast June 1970; Richard Robinson  6/1970

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0117

Spark Plug Club; Pueblo; Presenting Electric Chair to Mrs. Annie Potter; Blast July 1970  7/1970

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0118

Employee Activities; Paintings; Blast July 1970  7/1970

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0119

Employee Activities; Judo Class; YMCA; Blast July 1970  7/1970

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0120

Employee Activities; Handicap Post Winner of Savings Bond; Blast July 1970  7/1970

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0121

Employee Activities; Blast Story; July 1970; Mitchell Adamic  7/1970

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0122

Employee Activities; First Prize Pie Baking; Colorado State Fair; Blast September 1970; Mrs. Charles McAlister  9/1970

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0123

Employee Activities; Blast September 1970 Golf Champ; Jim Brooks  9/8/1970

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0124

Employee Activities; Converting Bus Into Camper; December 1970 Blast; Robert Turner  10/1970

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0125

Employee Activities; Lamp Making Hobby; December 1970 Blast; Hilbert Anaya  12/1970

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0126

Employee Activities; Retirement Story; December 1970 Blast; Camillo Palmero  12/1970

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0127

Employee Activities; Life Saving Award; Blast Story December 1970; Nathaniel Whitney  12/1970

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0128

Employee Activities; Perfect Vacation Sweepstakes Winner; Blast Jan/Feb 1971; Dale Little Family  1/1971

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0129

Industrial Relations; Outstanding Apprentice of the Year Award; March 1971 Blast; Dan Vasquez  3/1971

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0130

Wire Mill; Welded Wire Fabric Machine Operator; Blast Story March 1971; Glenn Carlson  3/1971

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0131

Employee Activities; Pioneer Bowmen Story in April 1971 Blast  4/1971

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0132

Employee Activities; Weaving Hobby; Blast April 1971; Gilbert Fernandez and Mrs. Fernandez  4/1971

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0133

Employee Activities; Stamp Collection; Blast April 1971; Elsie Crawford  4/16/1971

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0134

Employee Activities; Hobbies of Guns Collecting and Cut Glass; June 1971 Blast Story; Bill Calhoun and Mrs. Calhoun  6/9/1971

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0135

Graduate Apprentices; Blast July 1971; Simmie Vaught, Ramon Medina, Al Bradfield, Dave Appel  6/3/1971

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0136

Employee Activities; Blast Story July 1971; Volunteer for Small Animal Placement in Homes; Mrs. Sharon Bandy  7/3/1971

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0137

Employee Activities; Race Horses; Blast August 1971; Jim O’Toole; Jockey Mrs. Laura Bierman  8/3/1971

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0138

Employee Activities; Carving Hobby; August 1971 Blast Story; C.R. Rodriquez  8/10/1971

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0139

Land and Water Employee; Plate Collection; December 1971 Blast Story; Dorothy Fraker  11/6/1971

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0140

Employee Activities; Ironworking Hobby; Blast March/April 1972; Harold Cline and Wife  2/16/1972

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0141

Retiree; Lunch Bucket Carried for 45 Years Taken for Blast; Ralph Rael and Wife  2/16/1972

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0142

Employee Activities; Blast Story Third Quarter 1972; Ted Elliott  5/1/1972

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0143

Rail Mill Employee; Blast 1973; Mrs. Gertrude Jordan  2/13/1973

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0144

Employee Activities; Mental Health Association; Blast 1973; Celia Solano, Dr. Crosson, Sue Long  4/1973

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0145

Shops; Boiler Shop; Layout Man – Blast May Issue1974; Back Page Photo; Richard Wheeler  4/23/1974

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0146

Coke Plant; Door Repair Man; Blast Back Page  9/1974

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0147

Blast Story; Pueblo Service League Members Making up for Haunted House for Halloween  9/18/1974

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0148

Coke Plant; Christmas Lights on Silos at Indiana Gate  12/1974

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0149

Public Relations; Retiree Restored Automobile; Floyd Cape  1/28/1975

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0150

Public Relations; Retiree Pictures for Blast; Movie Projectionist; Shows Films for Retired People  1/31/1975

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0151

Plant Protection; Plant Protection Employee; Roberta Johnson  2/4/1975

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0152

Electrical and Mechanical Services; Lead Lineman Lloyd Loechner; Blast Back Page  9/19/1975

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0153

Public Relations; Blast Story; Ray Ehrlinger  11/1975

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0154

Public Relations; Blast Story; Willis Smelser  11/1975

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0155

Rail Mill; Rolling Mills North; Blast Cover; August Burin  11/20/1975

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0156

Blast; Wire Mill Nail Room; Savino Cancino  2/6/1976

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0157

Blast; Back Page; Jim Sautter  5/21/1976

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0158

Rail Mill; Richard Lewis Motor Inspector  4/13/1978

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0159

Blast; Don Luster; Clean Water  5/1978

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0160

Blast Furnace; Labor Foreman; Shelly Riddock  6/22/1978

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0161

Rail Mill; Craneman Rail Loading Dock; Claude Mitchell  8/31/1978

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0162

Coke Plant; Robert Urbina  11/12/1978

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0163

Caster; Ish Franko; Caster Lead Man  1/18/1979

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0164

Craneman Trainees  2/2/1979

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0165

Allen Mine; Joe Pompia; Tipple Man  3/7/1979

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0166

C&W Railroad; Paul Eckart, Engineer  5/28/1979

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0167

Wire Mill; Wire Drawer; Octavio Salas  6/1979

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0168

Oklaetza Hungarian Music; Nova Kola; Mandrich  6/19/1979

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0169

Materials Handling; Truck Driver; George Johnson; Blast Publication  9/28/1979

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0170

Blast Publication; Doll Hobby; Gladys Markus  10/1/1979

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0171

Junior Miss Contest; Cindy Slater Daughter of CF&I President Bob Slater  11/1979

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0172

Ice Skaters; Shela Holland and Keith Poor  11/13/1979

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0173

Blast; Junior Miss Winner; Tonya Cvar and Frank Cvar  11/28/1979

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0174

Coke Plant; Trash Cleaning Story; Patrick Espinoza  12/1979

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0175

25″ Mill; Photo for Back Page of the Blast  1980

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0176

Public Relations; Farley Twins; Winners of Miss Teen Contest  6/1980

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0177

Ore Prep Plant; Secondary Crusher Operator; John Abeyta  11/10/1980

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0178

Blast Front Cover; Blast Furnaces at Night  11/20/1980

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0179

RAMCE; Millwright; Louis Stinchcomb; Blast Back Page  1/30/1981

Box AUD-0040Folder PUB-0180

Negatives; Commercial; PUB 0181-0271; Blast Negatives; Donations; Employee Activities  1947-1982


Blood Donor Story for Blast; St. Mary-Corwin Hospital; Howard Mangin CF&I Guard; Elizabeth Mangin  2/18/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0181

Main Office; Harold Lovelady; Miniature Furniture Story for Blast  2/20/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0182

Background Coke Oven Gas Pipes; Dave Ognowski; Bob Waters  2/20/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0183

Wire Mill; Wire Drawer; Russell Brown  3/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0184

Volunteer at St. Mary-Corwin Hospital; Anna Jo McAvoy  3/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0185

Thatcher School 5th Grade Tour of Mill; Blast Feature Story; Ron Payne  3/18/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0186

Blast; Jake Kochevar Grader Blade Foreman; Old Clothes from Crested Butte  9/3/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0187

Blast; Square Dancers and Callers; Red Barn; Bill Reach, Dick Henry, John McKinley, Jim Jorstad  9/11/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0188

Steel Production; Moses Gallegos First Furnaceman  9/18/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0189

Blast; Computer Utilization  11/17/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0190

Steel Production; Jack Teel; Blast Back Page  11/20/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0191

Blast; Plant Protection Guard; Marion Stewart  12/9/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0192

Blast; Wire Mill; Gene Golob Family — Boy Tom Confined to Wheelchair  3/8/1982

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0193

Blast Furnace; Life Saving Blast Furnace General Foreman  no date

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0194

Blast; CRT Tubes  no date

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0195

Blast; Oneida Materials; Pueblo Plant Operations; David Powless, President  no date

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0196

Blast; 25″ Mill Roll Shop; Don Hansen, Employee  no date

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0197

Publicity; Roebling, New Jersey; Donation of set of Colliers Encyclopedia by CF&I to Florence Township Library  6/1969

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0198

Check Presentation to Goodwill Industries; J.L.Lindberg  12/8/1971

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0199

Check Presentation to Pueblo Diversified Industries; Up With People; J.L. Lindberg  11/1/1972

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0200

Contribution of Piano to Sangre de Cristo Arts Center; J.L. Lindberg  1/17/1973

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0201

Public Relations; Presentation of Check for $20,000 to Parkview Hospital; KarI Uffelman, CF&I; Owen McKinney, Parkview Board; Lee Schlabach Parkview  2/4/1975

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0202

Channel 8 Auction; CF&I Donation of Tools; Mrs. Jim Colzani and John Beyer  4/24/1978

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0203

Sparkies Gift to St. Mary Corwin Hospital  11/6/1978

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0204

Steel Sculpture; Sangre de Cristo Art Center  2/22/1979

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0205

CF&I Old Fire Truck Presentation to Stonewall Fire Department  3/7/1979

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0206

Channel 8 Auction  12/1979

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0207

CF&I Donation; Bell Block – Trinidad, Colorado; Heater in Place  1/15/1980

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0208

Piece of Rail Donated to Pueblo Chamber of Commerce; Dave Cardinal, Minnequa Bank; Frank Yaklich, CF&I  7/6/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0209

Pueblo; Superintendents Picnic at Beulah Mountain Park  9/1947

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0210

CF&I 75th Anniversary Party at Pueblo Golf and Country Club  11/1947

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0211

Supervisors Activities; Superintendents Bear Meat Party at Pueblo Golf and Country Club  4/1948

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0212

Rudy Smith; Superintendents Picnic at Beulah Mountain Park  9/1949

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0213

Supervisor Activities; Superintendents Picnic at Beulah Mountain Park  9/1949

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0214

Supervisor Activities; Superintendents Party and Golf Game at Pueblo Country Club  1/1950

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0215

Al Franz Pheasant Party at Pueblo Country Club  2/1952

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0216

George Grosvenor, Harold Gumma, John Zadra, Jay J. Martin; Superintendents Party at Minnequa Club  11/1952

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0217

Fireplace at Foreman’s Club, Pueblo  1/6/1954

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0218

Mrs. Harold Gumma, Mrs. Rudy Smith, Mrs. Frank Argust, Mrs. Argust, Sr.; Superintendents Wives Having Luncheon at Minnequa Club  2/1955

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0219

Rudy Smith, John Zadra; Production Planning and Shipping; Transportation Club Dinner at Minnequa Club  5/1955

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0220

Production Planning and Shipping; Transportation Club Dinner at Minnequa Club  5/1955

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0221

Christmas Party for Supervisors at Pueblo Country Club; Gag Train Presentation to Bill White  12/23/1959

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0222

Admiral Arlie Burke, Rudy Smith; Publicity; Dinner Meeting at Continental Hotel; Presentation of Awards and CF&I Rail Book Ends  3/19/1960

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0223

Buffalo, New York; Parties at Buffalo Plant and Pheasant Dinner; A. Franz  7/23/1965

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0224

Publicity; Transportation Club Meeting at Minnequa Club  5/1967

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0225

Melvin Harmon; Public Relations; Birthday Party  2/12/1979

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0225A

Employee Activities; Pueblo; Electrician Party at Foreman’s Club  2/23/1973

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0226

First Annual Supervisor Picnic; Greenhorn Meadows  7/22/1979

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0227

First Annual Supervisor Picnic; Greenhorn Meadows  7/22/1979

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0228

Supervisor Picnic; Greenhorn Meadows  8/4/1949

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0229

CF&I Management Picnic; Colorado City, Colorado  8/9/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0230

Public Relations; Company Picnic; Colorado City  7/12/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0231

Public Relations; Company Picnic; Colorado City  7/12/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0232

Public Relations; Company Picnic; Colorado City  7/12/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0233

Publicity; Employee Activities; Company Parties  no date

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0234

Rod Woodburn; Employee Activities; Chemist Researcher; Hobby of Rockhound and Lapidary Work  12/1967

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0235

John Koles; Electrician 25″ Mill; Metal Detector Hobby  1970

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0236

Mickey Kochevar; Old 1922 Dodge  6/24/1970

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0237

Frank Whetzal; Pottery Hobby  7/12/1970

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0238

Edward Elich; Posing With Sun Dial He Made  8/1970

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0239

Walter Harris (Sons); Barbed Wire and Nail Hobby  1/1971

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0240

Mike Seibert; Author and Musician  1/1971

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0241

Gilbert Sluder; Dune Buggy  4/1971

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0242

John Newton; Family Tree Tracing  2/23/1972

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0243

Harold Kasic; Furniture Building Hobby  2/23/1972

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0244

Dorothy Mismash; Antique Car Hobby  6/1972

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0245

Charles E. Haling; Retirement Hobby; Arrowheads  5/25/1976

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0246

Jim Turner; Retirement Hobby  5/28/1976

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0247

Paul Vaclav; Retiree Hobby; In-Lay Wood Table Tops  5/29/1976

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0248

Jack Alber; Hobby  6/21/1979

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0249

Jack Medonich; Bottle Collecting Hobby  6/22/1979

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0250

Harold Gailbraith; Cotton Hobby  11/28/1979

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0251

Old Restored Cars on Display; Ron Shugart and Mr. Farmer  6/29/1980

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0252

Grader Blade Foreman; Jake Kochevar; Hobby – Steel Sculpture  1/31/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0253

Employee Activity; Hobby; Joe Griego; Motorized Kite Flying  3/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0254

Public Relations; Man Makes Ring From 25 and 40 Year Service Pins  4/29/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0255

Birthday Party; Electrical Maintenance  10/1976

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0256

Employee Activity; Ernie Verjillo; Birthday Cake  1/26/1978

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0257

Employee Activities; Birthday Parties  no date

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0258

Employee Activity; Bill Brill and Lil Novak; Public Relations; Wage and Salary; Birthday Party  10/1980

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0259

Public Relations; Rich Yates; Birthday Party  12/1980

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0260

Employee Activity; Birthday Party; Bill Fertel, Electric Shop  4/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0261

Public Relations; Carl Thomas; D and RGW Red Cap Birthday Party  7/14/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0262

Employee Activities; Dave Garcia; Industrial Relations; Birthday Party  11/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0263

Terry Hindmarch; Birthday Party  12/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0264

Employee Activities; Frank Sluder and Mel Harmon; Public Relations; Birthday Party  2/8/1982

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0265

Fin and Feather Club; Stocking Reservoirs #2 and #3  5/4/1970

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0266

Stocking White Bass in CF&I Reservoir #3  3/26/1976

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0267

Fin and Feather Club; 60th Anniversary Party  6/4/1978

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0268

Fin and Feather Club; Stocking Cat Fish  4/6/1979

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0269

Fin and Feather Club  3/9/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0270

Fin and Feather Club; Loretta Mobley, Yard Department; First Lady on Fin and Feather Board  9/16/1981

Box AUD-0041Folder PUB-0271

Negatives; Commercial; PUB 0272-0391; Employee activities  1940-1982


Employee Activities; U.E. McLain; James McLain; Shooting Trophies  6/8/1960

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0272

Employee Activities; Art Lister; Posing With Big Trout He Caught  8/1970

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0273

Employee Activities; Frank Bregar; Golf Champion  9/12/1971

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0274

Employee Activities; Frank Bregar, Don Bregar, Wayne Cunningham; CF&I Golf League Trophy Winners  10/9/1974

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0275

Employee Activities; Industrial Engineering; Steel City Football Almanac Composed by Dave Mihalick  9/14/1970

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0276

Employee Activities; John Secora and Sons; Skeet Shooting Champions  6/21/1978

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0277

Main Office; Buck Deer Caught at CF&I Main Office  12/4/1978

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0278

Employee Activity; Tube Mill and Union Soft Ball Game  6/23/1979

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0279

Public Relations; CF&I Womens Golf League Committee; First Year City Park Golf Club  2/28/1982

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0280

Public Relations; Man on Bike  no date

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0281

Employee Activities; O. Doug Jones; Going Away Party  6/28/1973

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0282

Frank Joseph Keilback, Roll Shops; 58 Year Veteran of CF&I; 80 Years of Age at Retirement; Mrs. Cecilia Keilback;  8/1974

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0283

Ed Smith; James Jessup; Frank Hill; Charles Swope; Vic Patton; Frank Dovgan; Power Department; Retirements  5/18/1976

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0284

Public Relations; Retiree; James Kendall; Pet Paradise  5/25/1976

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0285

Public Relations; Retiree and Bank; Justo Ortega  5/26/1976

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0286

Public Relations; Carl Pantleo; Landscaping Business  5/28/1976

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0287

Public Relations; Emily Giordano; Industrial Relations; Going Away Party  1/30/1981

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0288

Employee Activities; Nancy Mitchell; Going Away Party  10/5/1980

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0289

Employee Activity; Sandra Mitchell; Public Relations; Going Away Party  1/30/1981

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0290

Employee Activity; Kenneth Webel; Main Office; Going Away Party  2/13/1981

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0291

Publicity; 50 Year Coke Plant Reunion; V. W. Gobin; A. Zeilinger; L.B. Wood; G. D. Brooks  8/1968

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0292

Employee Activities; Poster Contest Winner; Jim Rodacy, Roll Shop Draftsman and Daughter Cynthia  no date

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0293

A. F. Franz Production Trophy  1948

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0294

Publicity; Third Place Winner in the Name The Beaver Contest; Sam Edelstein, Ann Edelstein, Rudy Smith  4/5/1957

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0295

Employee Activities; Prize Hat Creation; Denver, Colorado; Ruth Guest  5/1/1961

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0296

Publicity; Prize winners at Photo Convention  5/10/1962

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0297

Publicity; Fireman’s Trophy at Farabee Jewelers  6/8/1965

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0298

Publicity; Firemans Trophy  5/1967

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0299

Publicity; Fireman’s Trophy at Farabee Jewelers Showing Engraving  6/1968

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0300

Publicity; Awards Won by Hankla Family Competing in Horse Show; Ivin Hankla; Judy Hankla  10/1/1968

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0301

Public Relations; 1971 Firemen’s Trophy  6/18/1971

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0302

Industrial Relations; Summer Intern; Robin Ketchum; Winner of CF&I Political Science Award; Parents Richard and Ruth Ketchum  6/22/1979

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0303

Employee Activity; Irene Sluder; State Fair Winner; Dolls and Fine Arts; Other Winners  8/24/1979

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0304

Winners CF&I Raquet Ball YMCA; Sal Munoz (White T-Shirt and Blue Shorts)  5/1/1980

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0305

Employee Activity; Beautiful Person Award; Ken Hobbs; MIS  11/1981

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0306

Presentation of Money Award; Engineering; Nancy Landreth, John Winkley, Bill Renck  no date

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0307

Dr. Young; Emergency Hospital; Dr. Young and Son Bob Planning International Boy Scout Jubilee  no date

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0308

C. K. Pearson; Carl Helfin; Employee Activities; Presenting Wood Badge award to Pearson at Boy Scout Appreciation Dinner  8/11/1977

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0309

Warren Monett; Maintenance; Machine Shop Employee; Master Scout  no date

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0310

John H. McKinley; C&W Railroad Clerk; Scout Master  6/9/1960

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0311

Don C. Turner; C&W Railroad Clerk; Master Scout  6/10/1960

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0312

Floyd Baker; Coke Plant Chemist; Scout Master  no date

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0313

John Thornburg; Maintenance Weld Shop; Scout Master  6/14/1960

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0314

Y. R. Valenzuela; Coke Plant Employee; Scout Master  6/14/1960

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0315

Randall Baker; Maintenance; Casting Foundry Employee; Scout Master  6/14/1960

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0316

Noman Gjerde; Controller’s Employee; Scout Master  6/14/1960

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0317

Ed Ranus; Maintenance Weld Shop; Scout Master  6/15/1960

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0318

Dan Lopez; Coke Plant; Scout Master  6/17/1960

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0319

Charles W. Terrill; Maintenance; Casting Foundry; Master Scout  6/17/1960

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0320

C. C. Crawford; Main Office; Presentation of Boy Scout Calendars  11/15/1961

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0321

Gene Siffring and Bob Siffring; Eagle Scout and Father  1/1966

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0322

Employee Activities; Lloyd Smart; Kenneth Blackburn; David Cooley; Eagle Scouts Awards to Employees  no date

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0323

Eagle Scout Awards; Charles Kern  4/1966

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0324

Boy Scouts; Eagle Scout Award; Danny Gill  12/1966

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0325

Boy Scouts; Eagle Scout Award; Ted Sillox  12/1966

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0326

Eagle Scout Award; William Bradburn  1/1967

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0327

Eagle Scout Award; John Hegstrom  1/1967

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0328

Employee Activities; Eagle Scout Award; Mike Corsi  5/1967

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0329

Employee Activities; Eagle Scout; Leland Boyer; Minor Boyer, Father; Data Processing  5/1967

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0330

Eagle Scout Awards; Frank Martinez; Father is Ore Prep Plant Employee  6/1967

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0331

Eagle Scout; Darrol Mehring; Father Works in Coke Plant  7/1967

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0332

Sons of CF&I Employees Reciving Eagle Scout Award; Anton Hegler; Lee Timmons; Donald Thurston; Paul Smart; Donald Mangin  10/1/1968

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0333

Boy Scout Recognition Dinner at Arts Center  3/17/1978

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0334

Eagle Scout Awards; Ronald Smith; Jeff James; Richard Perko; Ray Smith  10/1/1968

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0335

Annual Banquet and Awards; Ken Webel  4/22/1979

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0336

Kenneth Webel; V.P. Corporate Subs. and Services; Boy Scout Award  7/15/1980

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0337

Public Relations; Explorer Scout Meeting; CF&I Volunteers  2/10/1981

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0338

Explorer Scouts Meeting  4/1981

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0339

Publicity; Junior Achievement Awards; Ray Leisman; Rudy Smith CF&I; Shirley Garrison  12/3/1956

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0340

Employee Activities; Junior Achievement Award; Presentation by Rudy Smith  1/20/1958

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0341

Publicity; Exchange Club Freedom Shrine Presentation to East High School; William Heath and A.H. Zellenger  4/1/1960

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0342

Publicity; Presenting Governor of Colorado With Rail Book Ends; L.C. Rose; Governor John Love  10/14/1963

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0343

Andy Sabo; President of Metals Society  6/18/1964

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0344

Pueblo Flood Damage; Arkansas River; CF&I Helpers  6/20/1965

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0345

Pueblo Catholic High School Editors of Tattler; Daughters of CF&I Employees  10/3/1965

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0346

U.S. Soldier Recipient of Bronze Star Medal; Joe Peralta  2/1966

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0347

Maintenance; Candid Sayings of George Leonard; CF&I Boiler Shop  6/1966

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0348

Trenton New Jersey Plant; Camera Club Exhibit; Bill Blohm; Joe Hottinger; Jule Rimi  8/1967

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0349

Publicity; Employee Helping Orphans Build Soap Box Derby Cars; Nate Gypin  no date

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0350

Fred Fielder CF&I President Receiving Arizona Alumni Achievement Award from Richard A. Harvill  7/1968

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0351

Publicity; James McNeal, Nat Gypin, Bill Herran CF&I Employees; Seventh Annual Soap Box Derby  10/1/1968

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0352

Employee Activities; Pueblo Chorale Group  3/15/1970

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0353

Employee Activities; Copy of Letters Greg Lauer Wrote to CF&I Concerning Pollution  2/1971

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0354

Employee Activities; Fred DeLuca, Ann Frink, Jerry Boulse (father Tony); Dixieland Banjo Player Ragtime Jazz Band at Shakey’s Pizza Parlor  10/1971

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0355

Employee Activities; James McNeal, Leo Olson; District 8 American Legion Activities  2/1972

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0356

Employee Activities; Mrs. Merle Moore, Mrs. C.C. Tappero, Mrs. Harry Rossi; Tables Extraordinaire AAUW Table All Steel Including CF&I Products  2/23/1973

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0357

Employee Activities; Campfire Girls  3/19/1973

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0358

Employee Activities; Pride City Baton Corps  8/1973

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0359

Public Relations; Office Employees Orange Denver Bronco Shirts  1/1978

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0360

Negro American Legion; Mrs. McNeil  4/18/1978

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0361

Employee Activity; Rodriquez CF&I Magician  10/11/1978

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0362

Public Relations Meetings Entertainment; Nova-Kola Tamburitza Group Performing at Supervisors Meeting  6/27/1979

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0363

Public Relations; YMCA Racquet Ball Winners  5/15/1980

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0364

Main Office; Al Franz Production Trophy  12/1949

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0365

Employee Activities; John Jones, Harley Hartman; Presentation of Membership Plaque to John F. Jones, Superintendent of the Bolt and Spike Mill from the American Society for Metals  5/15/1954

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0366

Publicity; Copy Negative of Poem (The CF&I and I) by Angelo Gilbert Gigila; Buffalo, New York Plant  3/3/1961

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0367

Publicity; Presentation by Clay Crawford and John Stenmark CF&I to Captain Dennis Clappier, Marine Reserve Officer  6/12/1961

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0368

Rudy Smith, D.B. Cool, L.C. Rose of CF&I; Picture of Old Gag Photos Copied for Rudy Smith’s Scrap Book  2/5/1965

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0369

Publicity; Serving Tray for Mrs. Bill White; Betty Smotherton  4/1966

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0370

Publicity; Rudy Smith Receiving Thermometer Gift  11/1/1966

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0371

Dr. Orlo E. Childs of the Colorado School of Mines Presenting the Distinguished Achievement Medal to C.C. Crawford  10/1967

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0372

Fred Fielder, Rudy Smith of CF&I Receiving Award from National Manufacturing Association for 50 Years of Contribution  5/1968

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0373

Maj. General Gines Perex, Phil Vito, Fred Fielder; Alumni Achievement Award to Fred Fielder  6/1/1968

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0374

Frank Argust, B.J. Anderson, Myron E. Strate; Manager Facilities Planning Receiving Award for Engineering Excellence at Aspen, Colorado Meeting  6/15/1968

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0375

Publicity; Firemans Trophy After Engraving  9/1968

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0376

CF&I Award at Prestressed Concrete Institute Meeting; E.F. Lord  10/10/1968

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0377

Publicity; New Firemans Trophy with Engraving at Farabee Jewelers  6/1969

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0378

Public Relations; Art Award Presentation; Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center Sculpture Donation  7/21/1976

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0379

Steel Production Awards; Bill Buckles  2/1977

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0380

Production Awards; Roll Shop Jackets Presentation  6/23/1978

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0381

Employee Activity; Father and Son in Mill  9/7/1978

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0382

Employee Activity; Fred DeLuca; Christmas Card from President Carter  12/1978

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0383

Production Award; Seamless Tube Mill  3/15/1979

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0384

Employee Activities; Fred DeLuca, Purchasing; Secretary Day  1980

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0385

Production Award; Wire Mill; Lawrence Gomez; Richard Atencio; Emiterio Abeyta; John Hernandez  5/15/1980

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0386

Groups of Office Employees  1940

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0387

Group of Men Walking from Mill  1950

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0388

Employee Groups Walking with Mill in Background  1953

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0389

Publicity; Office Girls with Colorful Hard Hats  1966

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0390

Public Relations; Main Office Employees Leaving Buildings at Noon; Used for Ad in Program  6/25/1975

Box AUD-0042Folder PUB-0391

Series 8.2.4 
Industrial Relations  ca. 1945-1985

Under construction

Industrial Relations Scope and Content Note

Under construction


Industrial Relations Arrangement

Under construction


Negatives; Industrial Relations; INR 0001-0209; Accidents and Safety  1950-1979


Safety Poster (Burned Recovery) Benny Fernandez  1950

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0001

Open Hearth Employee Burned Face (Benny Fernandez)  1953

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0002

Glass Eyes  1953

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0003

CU of hands missing fingers (W Schoby)  1/1954

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0004
Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0005

Open Hearth burned face (Isidro Crespin)  8/24/1954

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0006

Safety Button Presentation, Rail Mill  11/8/1955

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0007

Safety trophy presentation (Bill White Trophy) Rolling Mills (Rudy Smith)  2/29/1956

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0008

Stills of Hard Hat, smashed in accident (Fidel Cordova)  3/25/1957

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0009

Broken Goggles (Andrew S Lopez, George Grosvenor) Open Hearth  5/10/1957

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0010

Safety sign (Cleanest Dept) presentation to wire mill (CC Tappero)  9/25/1957

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0011

Apprentice and Journeymen No Hard Hats  11/27/1957

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0012

General Safety committee  12/20/1957

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0013

Holmes Safety Award dinner at Trinidad Country Club (Mining)  7/29/1958

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0014

Safety record celebration. 100 accident free days for the Open Hearth Pit crew. (Charles Dase, George Grosvenor, Ruth Smith)  12/15/1958

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0015

Holmes Safety Award presentation (RR Williams, ML Sisson) Sunrise, Wyoming Mining  1960

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0016

Hard Hat Accident – Bolt and Spike Mill (Bill Pierce, Richard Denny, Henry Skoczen)  1/5/1960

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0017

Guard with safety equipment Plant Protection  1/20/1960

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0018

Presentation of William White safety trophy to Quality Control Dept. (John Shank, Dave Apple)  3/2/1960

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0019

New hard hats and goggles – Open Hearth (Samuel Thompson, John Yoxtheimer)  3/16/1960

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0020

Mason Dept. accident victim broken hard hat that saved his life (Alex Guzowsky, Nick J Denardo)  6/16/1960

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0021

Holmes 30 year accident-free Safety Award (John Lagios, RR Williams) Sunrise Wyoming Mining  6/22/1960

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0022

Holmes Safety Award – 41 and 51 safety buttons (Hugh B Lynch, RR Williams, Ralph Davis, Harry A Robb) Sunrise Wyoming Mining  6/22/1960

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0023

Saved by hard hat from nut falling from crane – Casting Foundry (A McDonald)  7/15/1960

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0024

New Safety guard on top of tank cars. (GATX 21123) Coke Plant  11/17/1960

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0025

Fire prevention booklet art work copies  12/16/1960

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0026

Plant protection story (Bob Jackson)  1/5/1961

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0027

Cleanest and Safest dept. winner – Wire Mill  3/1960

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0028

Rip track employees safety record 85,500 safe hours worked (Blast Furnace)  3/10/1961

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0029

Weld Fabric “I See Club Certificate” (WH Dubielzig) – Wire Mill  3/16/1961

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0030

“I See Certificate” presentation – Broken Goggles in Open Hearth bricklayers Mechanical (Manuel Casados, JL Lindberg, Alfonso Equipbel)  3/17/1961

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0031

Open Hearth Laborer “I See Certificate” Presentation (Enrique Alire, Tom Shue)  4/17/1961

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0032

Broken goggles (Jose Gonzales) Open Hearth  4/26/1961

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0033

Fire in blast office  4/26/1961

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0034

Locomotive crane operator broken goggles – Mechanical – (Clarence Sullivan, Don Anderson)  4/27/1961

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0035

Broken goggles in 14-inch mill (Bernard Perko, Frank McMurrey, Roy Randolph)  6/12/1961

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0036

Casting Foundry broken goggles (Aniceto Romero)  7/18/1961

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0037

Coating Machine operator being presented an “I See Certificate”. His face was splashed with a cleaning agent. (Dallas Bordeaux, Gene DeSalvo, Darrell Nelson) Seamless Tube Mill  7/21/1961

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0038

Broken Goggles “I See Club” Award (Alex Guzowsky, Robert Frazier, Gus Gersick) Yard Dept  8/17/1961

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0039

Broken Goggles (Jack Medil, Melter and GR Velasquez , Helper Open Hearth  9/12/1961

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0040

Broken Goggles (Cory Medina, Iver Ellingboe, Earl Fox, GR Velasquez) Open Hearth  9/15/1961

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0041

Receiving Safety Award (Bob Lamb, Bill O’Connor, George Simony) Colorado and Wyoming RR  9/26/1961

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0042

Broken goggles 7 “I See” certificate being presented to Micklich, (Donald Marshall, Bill Bradish, William Micklich) Wire Mill  10/21/1961

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0043

Open Hearth broken goggles (3rd Ladleman) (Frank Vigil, Charles Dase)  10/13/1961

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0044

Broken goggles and I see certificate presented to Mason foreman in Yard Dept. (Harold Steinbeck, Jerry Lindberg)  10/19/1961

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0045

Steel scrap dumped on refuse dump  10/25/1961

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0046

Broken goggles and “I see certificate presentation (George Swift, Joe Vital)  11/27/1961

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0047

William White safety award presentation at Superintendents Club and Power Department office (Clay Crawford, Lyle Wolf)  1/24/1962

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0048

Rip track crew safety, Four years without an injury, Blast Furnace  3/2/1962

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0049

Safety story of electrical work throughout plant  4/19/1962

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0050

Casting Foundry Broken Goggles (Claudio Gonzales)  5/9/1962

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0051

“I See Certificate” presentation for broken goggles in drawing room (Charles Lee Sr.) Wire mill  6/14/1962

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0052

Broken goggles on “E” furnace stove (Albert C Valdez) Blast Furnace  6/27/1962

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0053

National Safety Council Award to C&W Railroad for 1961 (Alex Guzowsky, William O’Connor, Edward Dixon)  7/18/1962

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0054

Yard dept broken goggles (Ralph Delliquardri, John Ortega, Fred Vigil, I Jiminez)  8/2/1962

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0055

Safety shoe accident in garage (Richard Baker) Materials Handling  8/2/1962

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0056

Safety rules of new machine being studied. (Edgar Gordon) Roll Shop  10/2/1962

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0057

Safety Award awarded to CF&I by the Industrial commission of Colorado (Ray McRae)  10/25/1962

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0058

Construction helper broken goggles (Steve Maldonado)  11/11/1962

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0059

Broken goggles – Mechanical Dept. (Eloy Pacheco)  1/29/1963

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0060

Bill White Safety award presentation at Supers meeting to Bolt and spike Mill (John F Jones, CC Crawford)  2/6/1963

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0061

Safety award presentation (Ray McRae, Clay Crawford)  5/14/1963

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0062

Safety shoe accident 25-inch mill (Louis Bononcini)  8/1963

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0063

Goggles broken while sanding truck fender at home (Anthony Mitchell)  10/1963

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0064

Hard hat accident, Bricklayer working in well wall B.F. stove (Felix Vigil)  10/1/1963

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0065

Safety Award (Ralph C Gonzales, Ray McRae)  11/12/1963

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0066

Bill White Safety Award presentation to Seamless Tube Mill (Ralph Gonzales, Dallas Bordeaux, Leo Hilt, CC Crawford )  1/30/1964

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0067

Auto accident on freeway – safety belts saved his life (William Johnson) Story in Blast  4/3/1964

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0068

Rolling and Finishing Broken Hard Hat  4/6/1964

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0069

Yard Dept. Broken Hard Hat (Lee Lopez) Maintenance  no date

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0070

Broken goggles in coupling shop (Loren Postlewait, Gene Pike) Tube Mill  2/1/1965

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0071

Seat belts safety Publicity  7/7/1965

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0072

Safety Poster Industrial Engineering  7/20/1965

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0073

Broken goggles (Richard Fiscus) Tube Mill  8/19/1965

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0074

Safety posters Loading, Wire Mill  10/12/1965

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0075

Safety posters. (When docks are covered with ice) Wire Mill  10/18/1965

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0076

Casting Foundry broken goggles (Jake Montoya) Maintenance  10/28/1965

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0077

Safety meeting. Drivers training instructors (Jerome Lindberg, Alex Guzowski)  11/1965

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0078

Safety posters concerning crane man signals (Wire Mill)  11/1/1965

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0079

Wrench designed by Bert Potestio. Blast Furnace for removal of Bridle Nut when changing blast furnace tuyeres  11/1/1965

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0080

Safety posters (Movement of railroad cars)  11/2/1965

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0081

Safety posters. Good housekeeping and fork lift trucks series, Wire Mill  11/4/1965

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0082

Safety meeting at Columbia savings. “Driving improvement safety meeting” National Safety Council 11/15/65 Issue P.3  11/4/1965

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0083

Safety Posters for driving fork lift trucks and for Good Housekeeping Wire Mill  11/15/1965

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0084

Safety Shoe Accident Seamless Tube Mill (Rex Cody, Max Archuletta)  11/26/1965

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0085

Safety Posters Wire Mill  12/1965

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0086

Safety poster “Blue Flags” Wire Mill  12/1/1965

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0087

Safety Poster Wire Mill  12/1965

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0088

Safety posters for Wire Mill  12/1965

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0089

Bad safety practice of pouring steel with out protective coat Roebling, NJ  1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0090

Safety Posters Wire Mill  1/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0091

Safety meeting on “driving safety”  2/9/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0092

“Bill White” safety award presentation  2/9/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0093

Safety Poster illustrating accidents caused by improper handling of fork lift steering wheel wire mill  2/11/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0094

Safety posters Wire Mill  3/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0095

25-inch mill mechanical safety shoe accident (Ed Kusmeroski) Rolling and Finishing  3/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0096

Safety chart  3/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0097

Safety poster wire mill  3/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0098

Safety poster wire mill  4/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0099

Truck and car accident in underpass near Coke Plant  4/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0100

Safety posters wire mill  4/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0101

Safety posters wire mill  4/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0102

Safety posters for Wire Mill  4/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0103

Man’s hand with fingers missing  4/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0104

Safety Posters Wire Mill  4/12/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0105

Scrap yard accident, exploding pressurized can. Steel Production  5/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0106

Safety Posters wire mill  5/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0107

Safety Posters wire mill  5/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0108

Safety Posters wire mill  6/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0109

Presentation of “I See” certificate Weld Shop Employee (Bill Livengood) Maintenance  6/29/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0110

Safety Posters Wire Mill  7/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0111

Safety photos of bad equipment. Ladder accident  7/7/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0112

Safety Posters Wire Mill  8/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0113

C&W engine and Auto accident in mill  10/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0114

Safety Posters Wire Mill  10/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0115

Cooper Shop fire detail views  10/9/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0116

Safety Posters Wire Mill  12/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0117

Wire Mill Safety Posters  12/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0118

Safety Posters wire mill  12/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0119

Safety Posters wire mill  12/1966

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0120

Exploded gasoline can (Alex Guzowsky)  1/1967

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0121

Safety Posters Wire Mill  1/1967

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0122

Safety Posters Wire Mill  2/1967

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0123

Presentation of “William White Memorial Award” to Production Planning and Shipping Dept. (Robert Cramer, Mahlon White, Jerry Lindberg)  2/1967

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0124

Safety accident scene, man fell off truck  2/1967

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0125

Presentation of safety award poster photo and art work Production Planning and Shipping  2/1967

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0126

Safety photo of exploded soup can  3/1967

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0127

Safety poster Wire mill  3/1967

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0128

Casting foundry broken goggles (Gene Velasquez, Joe Pullaro) Maintenance  3/1967

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0129

Safety Poster Wire Mill  4/1967

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0130

25-inch mill accident. Safety shoe arch – Build-up Helper (Jack Yaklich)  5/1967

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0131

Safety award (James Talbert, CF&I, James Whitney, Supt Monarch Quarry, John Doyle, CO State Mine Inspector)  6/1967

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0132

Accident scene of box car ladder and sign. Santa Fe 8942  7/1967

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0133

Chem lab broken goggles (Warren Lombard) Quality Control  8/1967

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0134

C&W car accident – Damaging Power structure  8/1967

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0135

Accident scene at rip track, CO and WY Railroad  10/1967

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0136

William White safety award presentation at Minnequa club (JL Lindberg, John Jones)  1/14/1968

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0137

Accident scene near 25-inch mill of foot injury Colorado and Wyoming RR  2/1968

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0138

Plant hygiene views Medical Taken for Howard Hilmes  2/1968

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0139

Accident scene near 25-inch mill of foot injury. Colorado and Wyoming Railroad  2/1968

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0140

Safety award Wire Mill  3/1968

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0141

“I See Certificate” presentation to charging machine operator at Open Hearth (Almore Sparks)  3/1968

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0142

Accident scene (M.K.T. 43831) Colorado and Wyoming Railroad  6/1968

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0143

Broken goggles in wire mill shipping (Juan D. Canchola, Joe Hernandez , Foreman)  6/1968

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0144

Yard Dept. Broken goggles (Andrew Quintana) Used in Blast 7-68  8/1968

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0145

Truck accident near Lime plant. Taken for Alex Guzowsky  8/6/1968

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0146

Exploded truck transmission. Taken for Alex Guzowski Safety Department  9/1968

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0147

Safety Dept damaged crane hook, taken for poster photo  10/1968

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0148

Blast Furnace Highline (Foot injury) C&W Railroad  10/1/1968

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0149

Joseph A. Holmes Safety award presentation ( Curtis Miller, Frank Smith, Frank Kimmick, Robert Williams) Canon City Quarry Used in Blast September 1968  10/1/1968

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0150

William White award presentation to Steel Production (George Grosvenor, Jerry Lindberg, Mahlon White )  1969

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0151

Safety posters from 1954 to 69 for Al Pocius  3/1969

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0152

Worn steps in Rail Mill Soaking Pits  3/14/1969

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0153

Accident scene showing gondola car employee. Lost foot in accident Colorado and Wyoming Railroad  4/1969

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0154

Accident scene near Coke Plant shacker, where employee tripped and fell along side tracks. Colorado and Wyoming Railroad  4/1969

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0155

Safety Dept. photo of steel banding with steel splinter that injured CF&I employee  5/9/1969

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0156

Accident at Northern Ave Railroad gate. Damaged gate and Linde Oxygen pipes. Colorado and Wyoming Railroad  5/13/1969

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0157

Accident scene where employee lost foot  5/21/1969

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0158

Visitor accident at Rod Mill. Steps where lady broke leg. Rolling and Finishing South  6/26/1969

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0159

Bar Mill accident scene. Floor of concrete falling – Rolling and Finishing South  12/10/1969

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0160

C&W dump car # 612 accident scene in Rip Track during re-build. Taken for Geo Simony  1/15/1970

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0161

William White Safety Award  2/11/1970

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0162

General Safety Committee inspecting plant  3/18/1970

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0163

Broken Goggles, Blast Furnace, (Torrence Neal)  8/1970

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0164

Safety Award Presentation – Canon and Monarch Quarries. (RR Williams) Used in Blast September 1970  8/20/1970

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0165

Safety Award – Monarch Quarry. Used in Blast September 1970  9/1970

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0166

C&W accident on 8/16/69. Engine #105 , 40″ Mill ,#1 Yard  9/23/1970

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0167

Certified Safety Profession Certificate (Alex Guzowsky)  1/1971

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0168

Broken Goggles (William Perkins) Weld Shop  1/1971

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0169

William White Memorial Safety Award Presentation , Wire Mill  2/10/1971

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0170

Broken Goggles (Gene Tappia) Yard Dept. Safety  6/14/1971

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0171

Derailed car and accident. C&W Railway Taken for G. Simony  7/1/1971

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0172

Hard Hat Accident (Maynard Burnham) Coke Plant  10/15/1971

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0173

Holmes Safety Awards Sunrise and Canon City  10/22/1971

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0174

Broken Goggles – Punch Mill  12/15/1971

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0175

William White Safety Award (JL Lindberg, RK Cramer, Gordon Edgar)  2/1972

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0176

Accident Scene C&W Railway  3/24/1972

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0177

Broken Goggles (Ervin Bewley) Coke Plant  8/1/1972

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0178

Fatality – Fork Lift Operator – Wire Mill  12/1972

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0179

Safety Award, Canon Quarry  12/1/1972

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0180

Safety Awards – Mines and Quarries  12/1/1972

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0181

William White Safety Award Presentation to Controller’s Dept.  2/1973

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0182

Safety Award, Materials Handling  2/9/1973

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0183

Truck Accident in Mill  3/1973

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0184

Grinding Wheels Damage  3/22/1973

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0185

Broken Goggles Yard Dept  4/1973

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0186

Broken Goggles, Machine Shop (Gil Moore)  8/10/1973

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0187

Safety Award at Boiler Shop  10/26/1973

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0188

Safety Award to Welded Fabric – Wire Mill. Taken for Steel News  12/1973

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0189

Photos taken in Federal Court Room of Sound Level Equipment for B.O.F. accident involving Koppers employees – trial. Taken for Alex Guzowsky  3/13/1974

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0190

William White Safety award 1973 given to Rolling Mills-South  4/2/1974

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0191

Wire Mill Safety Award – Drawing Room  7/18/1974

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0192

Welded Fabric Adjuster Broken Goggles Charles Tamburelli) Wire Mill  8/9/1974

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0193

Broken Goggles (Dave Romero) Yard Department  12/3/1974

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0194

1974 William White Safety Award to Rolling Mills South (R.J. Slater, V.S. Porter)  2/24/1975

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0195

Broken Goggles (Bernabe Maes) Rolling Mills North  7/4/1975

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0196

Broken Goggles (Mark Mikulas) Rolling mills South, 11″ Bar Mill  8/1/1975

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0197

Safety Award Presentation- Wire Mill  9/19/1975

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0198

Safety Award Presentation Rolling Mills South 11″Bar Mill  9/19/1975

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0199

41 Year Safety Award Presented to AE Pagnotta. Matheson, MacCannon, Hale, Pagnotta, Miller, Robertson, Crawford, Ellingwood, Wark, and Slater (Mines and Quarries, Allen Mine)  10/17/1975

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0200

Accident Scene at Indian Avenue Gate  11/13/1975

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0201

Accident Scene C&W  5/19/1976

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0202

Broken Goggles (Central Shops Yard Dept)  5/21/1976

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0203

Fatal accident C&W Railroad (James F Brummett)  8/10/1976

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0204

Detail photos of damaged crane (Fatal accident) James F. Brummett  9/30/1976

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0205

Bill White Safety Award  2/16/1977

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0206

C&W Mobile Crane Detail Views – Fatal Accident – James F. Brummett  4/7/1977

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0207

Rail Mill Finish 5 Year men – No lost time, Buckle Ones  5/10/1977

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0208

Broken Goggles (Larry Nestro) Seamless Mill  8/1979

Box AUD-0043Folder INR-0209

Negatives; Industrial Relations; INR 0210-0368; Accidents and Safety; Apprentice/Management Development  1955-1982


Safety Awards- Rolling Mills South  9/23/1977

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0210

Ward’s Transport Employee Splashed with Acid  12/15/1977

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0211

Safety Awards, Superintendents  1/26/1978

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0212

Lost Time accident. Coal Piles falling on front-end loader  2/1/1978

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0213

Bill White Safety Award dinner, Jim Turner speaker, Denver Broncos kicker  2/21/1978

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0214

Boiler Shop demonstration on Safety Belts  4/26/1978

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0215

Roll Shop Safety Award Presentation  5/2/1978

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0216

Broken Goggles, Power Department  5/2/1978

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0217

Damaged Mobile Crane  5/31/1978

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0218

Safety Certificates Presented to Guards  6/25/1978

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0219

Straddle Carrier Damage  7/20/1978

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0220

Shoe Accident, Casting Foundry  8/1978

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0221

Broken Goggles, Wire Mill Drawing Room  8/1978

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0222

11″ Bar mill, Broken Goggles  9/1978

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0223

Garage Safety Record, Group of Employees  9/1978

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0224

Pigeon Droppings, Blast Furnace for Safety Dept.  9/13/1978

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0225

Awards, Plant Protection  9/14/1978

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0226

Clean-Up Campaign  11/1978

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0227

Fire Truck, New CF&I  11/13/1978

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0228

Frank Villa Training Class at Trinidad, Ramada Hotel  12/21/1978

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0229

Damaged Shipment New Crane  12/1978

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0230

Safety Dept. Jacket Presentation to Elec. Maintenance employees  1/18/1979

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0231

Wire Mill Tractor Shop, Safety Award  1/18/1979

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0232

Safety Award to Dave Caple  2/12/1979

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0233

Bill White Safety Awards, Roll Shop Winner  2/21/1979

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0234

Black Board, Safety Department  3/1979

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0235

Garage Safety Presentation  3/9/1979

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0236

Safety Card Contest Winner, Steel Production  3/17/1979

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0237

C&W Accident Scenes  3/28/1979

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0238

Coke Plant, Foot Accident  5/1979

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0239

11″ Bar Mill Safety Shoe Accident  7/20/1979

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0240

Locomotive Crane Damage For Bill May  8/10/1979

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0241

Red Cross Safety School, Niki Lutes Instructor  8/16/1979

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0242

Nestro 11″ Bar awards. Safety Shoe Accident, Ray McRae, Jr. Rolling and Finishing Mill  9/26/1979

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0243

Heart attack victim. Life saved by CF&I Guards. (Sam Congirno)  11/1979

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0244

C&W Crossing near office accident scene (for F Villor)  11/28/1979

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0245

11″ Bar Mill Safety Record. 250,000 Man Hours  12/1979

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0246

Leg Burns, Emergency Hospital. Taken for Dr. Young  1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0247

Broken Goggles, John Taravella, 40″ Mill  1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0248

Hard Hat Accidents, Crane Millwright  1/23/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0249

Possible Accident. Blood in Coke Car, Coke Plant  1/26/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0250

Truck Wreck in Mill  1/31/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0251

Bill White Safety Award, Steel Products  2/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0252

Broken Goggles, Seamless Mill  2/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0253

500,000 Man Hours no lost time, Jacket Presentation, Transportation  2/20/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0254

Gen. Safety Committee Award presentation to Ramsey, Cleanest Department  2/20/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0255

Safety Record Presentation, Civil Engineering (Dave Warren)  3/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0256

Bill White Safety Award Presentation to Steel Prod. (Chelsey Pearson, Gilbert Trujillo, Ted Jenson) Ken Hatfield US Air Force Coach Speaker  3/4/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0257

Yard Dept. Broken Goggles, (Ray Torres)  4/22/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0258

Chin Scars, David Portlock  7/23/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0259

Damaged South Gate, Taken for Dick Blakeley, Safety Dept.  7/29/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0260

Facial Scars, Henry J Aragon. Taken for Dr. Young  7/29/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0261

Scar Photos (Rhonda Reynolds, Richard Acosta)  8/21/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0262

Scars – Neck and Hands (Tony Pagnatta) Taken for Dr. Young, Medical Dept. (Supt. Allen Mine)  9/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0263

Hand Scars (Gilbert R Sandoval) Taken for Dr. Young in Medical Department  9/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0264

Roll Shop, Safety Record. Party and Belt Buckles and Individual Awards  10/8/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0265

Roll Shop, Safety Record. Party and Belt Buckles and Individual Awards  10/15/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0266

Leg Scar (David Farnum, Allen Mine) Forehead and Thumb Scars (Daniel Suarez), Steel Production  11/17/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0267

Lip Scars (Ronald Book)  11/17/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0268

Knuckle Scar (John Hartzler)  12/10/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0269

Knuckle Scar (James Soto)  12/15/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0270

Nose Scar (Charles Sanchez)  12/15/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0271

Knee Scar (Joe M. Montoya)  12/22/1980

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0272

750,000 Man Hours . No Lost Time, Wire Mill  1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0273

Safety Record Award, Coke Plant, Jacket Presentation  1/8/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0274

Upper Arm Scar (David Farnum) Allen Mine Employee  1/22/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0275

Cleanest Dept. Award Presentation, Don Anderson, Howard Christensen, Wire Mill  1/30/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0276

Hand Scar (Dinisio Hernandez)  2/4/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0277

Lip Scar (Tom West)  2/4/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0278

Rail Mill Finishing Accident. Scene on Inspection Table. Taken for Dick Blakeley-Safety Dept.  2/5/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0279

Blast Furnace Robbery. (Tuyere) Damaged Gates and Evidence and Truck  2/12/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0280

Outside Contractor Employee Injury Electrical Shock (Nail Room)  2/16/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0281

Award of Merit Safety Award, coke Plant and Ore Prep  2/23/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0282

Hand Scar (Raymundo Torres)  2/27/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0283

Nose Scar (Myron Thomas)  2/27/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0284

Emergency Hospital, Forehead Scar, (Carlos Cisneros)  2/27/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0285

Leg Scar (Carlos Bustillos)  2/4/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0286

Leg Scar (Bruise) Joseph Rodriquez  2/28/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0287

Safety Award, New Jackets, John Winkley, Engineering Department  3/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0288

North Crane Damage, Crane Accident, Seamless Tube Mill  3/1/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0289

Bill White Safety Award, Banquet and Presentation to Wire Mill, Minnequa Club (Don Anderson, M. White, Bob Malanu, John Kambish)  3/18/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0290

Scalp Scar L. Herbert  3/18/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0291

Facial Scars, Slight Reddening of Cheeks and Jaw (E. Trujillo)  3/18/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0292

Finger Scar L. Carter  3/18/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0293

Shock Room, Chem Lab, Quality Control  4/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0294

Safety Plaque Award for Frank Saweikis, Coke Plant  4/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0295

Accident Site C&W Railroad  5/13/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0296

Accident at Ballpark # 2. Forklift truck and street sweeper head on collision. Taken for Bill May  6/8/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0297

Nose Scar, Allen Mine Foreman Paul Montoya  6/22/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0298

1-Million Man Hour Safety Record Presentation by Frank Yaklich, Wire Mill  6/23/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0299

Accident, Basic Oxygen Furnace  6/24/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0300

Ball Mill 500,000 Safety Award  7/8/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0301

Accident scene at Indiana Gate. Taken for Al Cooter, Legal Department  7/8/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0302

Shirrel Milner-Burn Scars-Both Legs. Seamless Tube Mill  7/10/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0303

Scar Photos Levi Lovato  7/15/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0304

Rail Mill 500,000 man hours without lost time injury. (H. Litchenberg, Al Godfrey)  8/6/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0305

Nose Scar, Mike Roque  8/12/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0306

Left Cheek and Left Thumb Scars, Joseph Martlaro  8/12/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0307

Pig Machine Accident Scene. Dick Blakeley Safety  8/13/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0308

Pocket Knife, High Millard ,Safety Award, Coke Plant  8/24/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0309

Scar Photos of Left Foot John Gonzales  9/15/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0310

Safety Award Presentations, Steel Production  9/17/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0311

Right Cheek and Right Forearm Scars Gary Lopez  10/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0312

Foot Scar Billie Blair, Steel Production  10/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0313

Chin Scar Martha Bewley Seamless Tube Mill  10/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0314

Face Scar J. Kaschke, Rail Rolling  10/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0315

Leg Laceration, Right Leg and Knee, Anthony Ramirez–9329 Payroll, Garage Mechanic  10/27/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0316

Accident, Seamless Mill  11/16/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0317

Neck Scar, Dennis Marez, Facial, Hip and Hand Scar, Patricia O’Rourke  11/18/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0318

Scars, Both Shinbones, Tony Salazar. Ankle and Toes, Leo Sabosky. Emergency Hospital  12/15/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0319

Right Ear Scar, James Sandoval  12/15/1981

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0320

Scars Facial Richard Thomas  1/18/1982

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0321

Auto Accident, Bill May, Floyd Johnson  1/25/1982

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0322

Slag Truck Accident  2/1/1982

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0323

Leg Scar Sam Degrado  2/3/1982

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0324

Facial and Abdomen Scars Paul Ponce  2/3/1982

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0325

Nose Scar Voyd Elich  2/3/1982

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0326

Right Hand Scar, Edge of Hand Tobias Sena  2/3/1982

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0327

Facial Scars Furrel Keys  2/9/1982

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0328

Thigh, Knee, Legs, Shoulder and Back Scars Manuel Romero  2/9/1982

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0329

Coke Plant OSHA Inspection Charts  2/10/1982

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0330

Chin Scar Jose Chavez  2/11/1982

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0331

Bill White Safety Award Banquet. Speaker, Deacon Jones. Minnequa Club  2/16/1982

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0332

William M. White 31st Annual Memorial Safety Award, Minnequa Club, Rail Mill Winners  2/16/1982

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0333

Hall of Fame Football Star Speaker Deacon Jones at Bill White Safety Meeting  2/16/1982

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0334

Left Forehead Scar Roger Lamaak  2/14/1982

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0335

Laceration Lip and Tooth, Charles Jacobs; Burn Left Ankle, Charles LeFebre; Nose Burn, Robert Shockey  2/24/1982

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0336

Left Eyelid Scar, David C. Sanchez; Burn Left Cheek, Frank C. Vigil  3/1982

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0337

Burn Top of Hand, Back of Hand , Jamnick; Under Left Eye, Both Hands, James D. Mutz  3/16/1982

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0338

Right Foot Scar Frank Martinez  3/30/1982

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0339

Scar Photos  no date

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0340

D. Blakeley, V. Musso, Bumper Sticker ” Steelworkers do it Better”  no date

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0341

Finger Scar, Ronald Parker; Lower Lip Scar, Raymond R. Sisneros  no date

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0342

First Degree Burn of Abdomen, Alvin Papish  no date

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0343

Cleaning testing spoon when a splash of hot metal hit the left lens of his goggles. Fred Maes, 1st Vesselman, 34 Years, BOF  no date

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0344

Scars Left Forearm and Left Thigh James Hildebrandt  no date

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0345

“Watch Our Smoke” poster  no date

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0346

Showing where reports of accidents are filed  no date

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0347

Red Cross Life Saving Crane Millwright  no date

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0348

Dusty Street  no date

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0349

Industrial relations – Everett Sawvell, Leonard Garner, Rudy Smith – graduating apprentice’s presentation  1/5/1955

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0350

Industrial Relations – Graduated apprentices at Supers meeting – Rudy Snith, M. Richard John, Bernard Hurd, Jr.  12/7/1955

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0351

Industrial Relations – Development Program – Flannel Board Charts  1/1956

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0352

Industrial Relations – management – development program – Posters  2/1956

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0353

Industrial Relations – Apprentice coordinating group – in main roll shop  2/1956

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0354

Industrial Relations – management development program posters  2/1956

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0355

Graduate apprentices – roll shop and boiler shop – Charles Morehart, Steve Mattivi, Gordon Edgar, Carl Gustafson  9/5/1956

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0356

Graduate apprentice presentation-Industrial Relations – John Schermerhorn, John Martinez, Rudy Smith  12/5/1956

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0357

Industrial relations – apprentice meeting at Shop office – Pueblo, Co – J.L. Lindberg  12/5/1956

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0358

Industrial Relations – apprentice committee  12/18/1956

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0359

Industrial relations – graduate apprentices – Rudy Smith, Joseph F. Predolich, Logan M. Sands  4/3/1957

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0360

Industrial relations – apprentice graduates and presentation  6/5/1957

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0361

Industrial relations – presentation of diplomas to graduating apprentices – portrait enclosed – Rudy Smith , Silverion Colalanica – pipe shop  11/8/1957

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0362

Industrial relations – new apprentices group at shops office  11/13/1957

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0363

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice – presentation portrait enclosed  2/5/1958

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0364

Industrial Relations – presentation to the outstanding apprentice – Rudy Smith, Elmer White, Robert Warren  2/12/1958

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0365

Industrial relations – apprentice group at shops office  4/16/1958

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0366

Industrial relations – graduating apprentices – Ralph Clemen, Waybe Anzick, Rudy Smith  5/4/1958

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0367

Industrial relations – presentation to graduate apprentices at Super’s meeting – Rudolph Smith, Lee T. Seiling, Robert Warren  5/7/1958

Box AUD-0044Folder INR-0368

Negatives; Industrial Relations; INR 0369-0546; Apprentice/Management Development; Engineers; General/Security; Suggestion Award Program  1956-1981


Industrial relations – graduate apprentice – machine shop – Portrait and presentation enclosed – Keith Hed, Rudy Smith  11/5/1958

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0369

Industrial relations – Graduate apprentices presentation and portraits – Alan C. Patch, Fay L. Thurlow, Rudy Smith –  2/4/1959

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0370

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice presentation – portraits enclosed – Robert Oreskovich, Clifford Wills, Rudy Smith  3/4/1959

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0371

Industrial relations – presenting diplomas to graduate apprentices – Earl Millard, Rudy Smith, Henry Miketa  5/13/1959

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0372

Industrial relations – presenting diplomas to graduate apprentices – Earl Millard, Rudy Smith, Henry Miketa  6/3/1959

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0373

Industrial relations-graduate apprentice presentation of diploma – portraits enclosed – Kenneth Sloan, Anthony Krasovic, Rudy Smith  12/2/1959

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0374

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice presentation – Jim Wilson, William Krall, Rudy Smith  1/6/1960

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0375

Industrial relations – roll shop and bricklayer graduate apprentices – John Petek, Robert Frazier, Rudy Smith  2/3/1960

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0376

Industrial relations – apprentice advisory board meeting – Pueblo  2/9/1960

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0377

Industrial relations – presentation apprentice diplomas at Supers meeting, Marion Bean, builder shop, Don Edmonds, machine shop, Jerrold Wilson, roll shop, Rudy Smith  3/2/1960

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0378

Industrial relations – presentation to graduate apprentices, at superintendents meeting- portraits enclosed – Rudy Trontell, roll shop, Rudy Smith, Bill Bustillos, weld shop  4/6/1960

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0379

Industrial relations – apprentice graduates presentations – portraits enclosed. – Mike Tafoya, machine shop, Drake Harlan, roll shop, Rudy Smith  6/1/1960

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0380

Industrial relations – graduate apprentices – portraits and presentation enclosed – Pete Delduco, blacksmith shop, Floyd Cape, boiler shop, Rudy Smith  7/6/1960

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0381

Industrial relations – graduate apprentices and father being congratulated by Rudy Smith – (two generations of CF&I employees – Rudy Smith, Charles Scribner, weld shop and Tom Church, Roll Shop  10/6/1960

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0382

Industrial relations – graduated apprentice presentation – Rudy Smith, Charles Scrivner, Thomas Church  11/5/1960

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0383

Industrial relations – presentation of apprentice graduates diploma – Hal Drummond, Rudy Smith, Eugene Vanlieu, Ronald Akin  12/7/1960

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0384

Industrial relations – graduating apprentices -Eloy Calderon, bricklayer; Rudy Smith, Harley A. Herrald; presentation of diplomas  5/1961

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0385

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice presentation – portrait enclosed – Louis Perez, Clay Crawford and Norman Butorac  5/3/1961

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0386

Industrial relations – apprentice committee and awards – Clay Crawfford, J.KL. Lindberg  5/16/1961

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0387

Industrial relations – presentations to graduate apprentice – portraits enclosed – C.C. Crawford, Danile Cooper, Conrad Lucero – Pueblo  6/7/1961

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0388

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice receiving certificates – portrait enclosed – Joe M Weathers, Verne A. Dennis, Rudy Smith  8/2/1961

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0389

Industrial relations – graduated apprentice, presentation – portrait enclosed – C.C. Crawford, Rudolph Smith, Anthony Todero  9/6/1961

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0390

Industrial relations – graduate apprentices receiving diplomas – portrait enclosed-Clay Crawford, Charles Boccaccio  11/1/1961

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0391

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice presentation = portraits enclosed – Garfield Garcia, Clay Crawford, Bloss Laydon  12/6/1961

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0392

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice presentations – portraits enclosed – C.C. Crawford – Sid Craddock and Ronald Thomas  1/3/1962

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0393

Industrial relations – apprentice certificate -Pueblo  8/7/1962

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0394

Industrial relations – apprentice plaque copy negative – Pueblo  8/22/1962

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0395

Industrial relations – apprentice – board group  10/11/1962

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0396

Industrial relations – annual apprentice party at Union Hall  2/16/1963

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0397

Apprentice award presentation – Colorado and Wyoming railroad – Pueblo  2/19/1963

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0398

Industrial relations – apprentice – electric – portrait enclosed  3/7/1963

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0399

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice from machine Shop receiving diploma – portrait – Steve J. Collette – C.C. Crawford  7/17/1963

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0400

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice prentice presentation – at Minnequa Club  12/4/1963

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0401

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice presentation – portraits enclosed – Clay Crawford, Richard Neelan and Filandro Gutierrez  2/12/1964

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0402

Industrial relations – graduate – outstanding apprentice presentation – mechanical- portrait enclosed Jerry Lindberg, Ronald Pearson, Frank McQuarrie  3/13/1964

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0403

Industrial relations – presentation of diplomas to graduating apprentices – Gilbert Moore, Clay Crawford, Donald Moore  4/18/1964

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0404

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice presentation at Minnequa club to Bill Stravia, Winston Moore, and Isaac Oldham – C.C. Crawford, J.L. Lindberg  12/2/1964

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0405

Industrial relations – graduating apprentice presentation – Al Bradfield, John Snyder, Jerry Lindberg, Gerald Denton  1/14/1965

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0406

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice presentation – Charles Fillmore, Jerry Lindberg Wayne Farley, Clay Crawford  3/3/1965

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0407

Industrial relations apprentice awards Paul Merrell-weld shop, John Raley-weld shop, Ray Avery-Boiler Shop, Rudy Smith  6/16/1965

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0408

Industrial relations – Graduating apprentices – Al Bradfield , Allen Brock, Phili Armijo, Jerry Lindberg-Pueblo  11/3/1965

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0409

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice – from weld Shop – Al Bradfield, Henry Hund, Jerry Lindberg  1/1966

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0410

Industrial relations – apprentice annual dinner at Union Hall  3/27/1966

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0411

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice presentation – Silas F. Turner, Jr. – Carroll Sutton, Jerry Lindberg, Al Bradfield  6/1966

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0412

Industrial relations – presentation to graduate apprentices – roll shop and maintenance depts. – portraits enclosed  12/1966

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0413

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice presentation – portraits enclosed  12/6/1966

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0414

Industrial relations – apprentice annual dinner dance – apprentice of year presentation  2/1967

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0415

Industrial relations – presentation of apprentice certificates at Supers meeting  2/1967

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0416

Industrial relations -presenting diplomas to graduating apprentices  5/1967

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0417

Industrial relations – presentation of diplomas to graduate apprentices  6/1967

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0418

Industrial relations – presentation of certificates to graduate apprentices  8/1967

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0419

Industrial relations – graduate apprentices – Robert Plutt, Wm. Perkins, Alvin Fetty, Jerry Emerson  11/1967

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0420

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice presentation- portraits enclosed  12/1967

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0421

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice presentation at Minnequa club  1/1968

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0422

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice presentation at Minnequa club  3/6/1968

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0423

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice presentation-portraits and presentation enclosed – John Devries, Robert Guerrero, Jerry Lindberg, Al Bradfield  4/10/1968

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0424

Industrial relations – graduate apprentices on job – Jimmy Allen, Robert Montoya, Ray Roseman  7/1969

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0425

Industrial relations – apprentice presentation  4/1970

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0426

Graduate apprentice – Paul Cochran – Tim East  11/11/1970

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0427

Grad apprentice – roll shop- Paul Cochran  1/1971

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0428

Industrial relations – apprentices awards – Michael Chappell  2/1971

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0429

Industrial relations – Graduate apprentices – A.J.. Bradfield, Richard Maestas, Dan Vasquez, D. R. Appel  8/23/1972

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0430

Industrial relations – Graduate Apprentices – James Saracino – Thomas Kouchnerkavich –  4/1973

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0431

Industrial relations – graduate apprentices  11/28/1973

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0432

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice  5/10/1974

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0433

Industrial relations – apprentice graduate – Karl Uffelman  3/5/1975

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0434

Industrial relations – apprentice awards – Pueblo  12/3/1975

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0435

Industrial relations – apprentices – 9 graduates – Claytons Restaurant  4/19/1977

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0436

Industrial relations – apprentice graduation – awards  12/21/1977

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0437

Industrial relations – Outstanding apprentice for 1977 – Douglas Sawvell  5/4/1978

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0438

Industrial relations – new computers  6/28/1978

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0439

Industrial Relations – apprentice grads  7/6/1978

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0440

Industrial relations – apprentice graduating party  12/13/1978

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0441

Industrial relations – apprentice graduating party – Minnequa Club-  6/19/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0442

Industrial relations – apprentice – Outstanding – Douglas, James (electrician)  6/21/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0443

Industrial relations – electric shop outstanding apprentice of the year  1980

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0444

Industrial relations – apprentice – personnel – Lunch – Minnequa Club  2/27/1980

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0445

Industrial relations – personnel -apprentice – of the year  4/12/1980

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0446

Industrial relations – apprentice graduation party – Minnequa club – individual presentations and group views  1/28/1981

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0447

Industrial relations – graduate apprentices group – Minnequa Club – awards Banquet  7/24/1981

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0448

Industrial relations – graduate apprentice dinner – Minnequa Club  7/24/1981

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0449

Industrial Engineers – grader blade display rack  4/1956

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0450

Industrial relations – engineers – Herman Alvord and group of friends having cocktails  9/12/1956

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0451

Industrial engineering – bolsters with material throughout mill – taken for Dan Driscoll (choice negatives)  10/7/1958

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0452

Industrial engineering – straddle carrier lifting ingots – Pueblo, Co  5/11/1960

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0453

Industrial engineering – detail views of Open Hearth model – taken for Jack Campbell – KCSJ -TV  12/7/1960

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0454

Industrial relations – engineering – New Hyster being used to load seamless – taken for Hyster Company  7/17/1961

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0455

Industrial engineering- interior views of railroad cars loaded with brick, showing new balloon packing system. Taken for William Allen-Acme Steel  12/21/1964

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0456

Industrial engineering – programming board – process and machinery  6/1/1965

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0457

Industrial engineering – programming board copy )Plan log)  11/8/1965

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0458

Industrial engineering – programming board (copy negatives)  1/1966

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0459

Industrial engineering – office buildings – inside mill for Frank Argust  9/1966

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0460

Industrial engineering – pictures of working conditions during rain at Rod Mill hot bed  5/1967

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0461

Industrial engineers – straddle carrier to be remodeled or dieselized  10/1968

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0462

Industrial engineering – time study in 20 inch mill – taken for Tom Felton for paper  5/23/1969

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0463

Industrial relations – engineering – steel bar bundle saw equipment  7/1969

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0464

Industrial relations – Pettibone Cary-lift machine (Bud Henry)  2/2/1976

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0465

Exterior view of old Main Gate buildings and guard headquarters  no date

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0466

Progress of New Freeway and Main Gate  2/22/1956

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0467

Progress of Freeway and Main Gate  3/5/1956

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0468

Progress of New Freeway and Main Gate  4/10/1956

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0469

Indiana Gate after completion of freeway  6/8/1956

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0470

Indiana Gate overall  3/28/1957

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0471

Plant Guards complete F.B.I. training, Paul Anderson, Bill Smith Lavern Plymell  6/4/1957

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0472

50 year Button Presentation, George Grosvenor, J Marrinan  7/10/1957

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0473

52 Year Button Presentation, George Grosvenor, E T Harr  7/10/1957

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0474

Raising new 49-star flag in front of main office, Neal Embry, Al Cox, Marion Stewart, George Hubbard  7/3/1959

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0475

Plant Protection story  12/14/1960

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0476

Indiana gate and cars  4/3/1964

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0477

O.H. Dinkey train and Hot metal train in same photo  2/4/1966

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0478

Plant protection/ Indiana gate action  1/1967

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0479

Interior views of equipment throughout mill, to be moved into new mill office. Taken for Ind. Engineering  4/1967

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0480

CF&I Parking lot, showing cars parked wrong  5/1968

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0481

Indiana gate progress of new parking lot, and new shipping area, West  12/26/1968

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0482

Shipping West progress, of new storage area and Indiana Gate remodeling  1/13/1969

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0483

Shipping West progress Storage area south of plant and Indiana gate remodeling  1/20/1969

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0484

Shipping West progress. Storage area South of plant and Indiana Gate remodeling  1/25/1969

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0485

Indiana gate progress of relocating guard shack  4/11/1969

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0486

Indiana gate display of products, before photos were added  5/1969

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0487

Indiana Gate remodeling, complete  5/8/1969

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0488

Firemen’s Trophy  5/15/1970

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0489

Indiana Gate Progress  7/17/1970

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0490

Brass Castings stolen from Plant  12/1970

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0491

CF&I map for Indiana Gate  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0492

New Ambulance  7/11/1972

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0493

Northern Avenue Parking Lot with new fencing  2/1/1973

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0494

Damage to Indiana Gate  6/15/1973

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0495

Fire sprinkling controls for Plant Guards  7/13/1973

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0496

New black top at Indiana Gate Parking Lot  11/1/1973

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0497

Taking Identification Photos of CF&I Employees  6/25/1974

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0498

U.S. Map for Bob Breen  5/10/1976

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0499

Overall views Indiana Gate, Main Gate, Northern Ave Gate  6/16/1976

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0500

Parking Lot Indiana Gate – Overall  11/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0501

Taken for Bob Breen, Coke Plant Sign  1980

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0502

Indiana Gate and Coal Silos at Night  12/1980

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0503

Industrial relations – John Zadra – CIO signing new contract  6/1953

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0504

Industrial relations – signing contract with Sunrise Wyoming Iron Ore Miners  8/23/1956

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0505

Industrial relations – mining – signing new labor agreement with U.M.W. of A. “coal miners”  10/13/1956

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0506

Industrial relations – negotiating committee for Colorado Builders contract – A.F.L.-C.I.O.  8/23/1957

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0507

Industrial relations – wildcat strikers at Indiana gate – local 3267 – clerical workers – Publicity/Pueblo  1/27/1960

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0508

Industrial relations – signing labor contract – David J. McDonald and Howard Jones  7/10/1963

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0509

Industrial relations – management meeting at Contention building – Denver, Colorado  6/27/1966

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0510

Industrial relations – Colorado and Wyoming Rail road – Pueblo – strike scenes at Indiana gate  6/1967

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0511

Industrial relations – Union management meeting at Denver – candid views  7/1967

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0512

Industrial relations – Local 3267 – clerk strike  12/9/1968

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0513

Industrial relations – CF&I Engineers, Inc. – signing agreement to purchase Amfax Inc., of Silver Engineering Works – Honolulu – C.E.S. Burns, Jr. and C. Jack Lano  1/2/1969

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0514

Industrial relations – C&W railroad – color negatives of wildcat strike of C&W employees  5/1969

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0515

Industrial relations – signing of labor contract in Denver, Colorado  8/2/1974

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0516

Industrial relations – farmers strike at CF&I Indiana Gate and Main Gate  12/14/1977

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0517

C&W Railroad Roundhouse – Machinist $100 award- John Romero-Union Rep, Larry Virant-Trainmaster: Picture Bob Cesario, Ralph Davis, John Romero, Larry Virant  no date

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0518

Charles Bell, Power Department  no date

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0519

Gene Giordano, Steel Production  no date

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0520

Cont. Caster, Steel Production Money Presentation to John Lavano  11/15/1970

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0521

$500 Suggestion Award, Herb Trimble  11/22/1978

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0522

Cash Award from Joseph Gagliano for suggestion (Ronney Higgs)  12/14/1978

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0523

Payroll Department, Mildred Hornbeck  1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0524

AWARD Presented by Tom McGrann to Dick Perko  1/31/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0525

Blast Furnace To Allen R. Shipley  2/25/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0526

PP and S Suggestion Award – Bill Mullis  2/25/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0527

Shops Suggestion Award – Gilbert Moore  2/25/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0528

Rail Mill Rolling Finishing Suggestion Award for Dave Houghton  3/15/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0529

Steel Production, Maintenance Award Suggestion  4/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0530

Blast Furnace – Money Presentation  5/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0531

Suggestion Award to Bob Fajt  5/14/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0532

Rosendo Jaime and Ted Jensen Suggestion Award Steel Production  5/24/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0533

Seamless Mill Gage Setter, Albert L. Smith  6/21/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0534

Cont. Caster Suggestion Award to Simon Aguero Jr.  8/15/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0535

Wire Mill, Adolph Lauriski  8/15/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0536

Steel Production, Mech. Dept. John O’Belmito Presenting Award to Leonard Flores Sr.  8/17/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0537

Steel Production Presentation of Money Award  8/29/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0538

Power Dept., Harley T. Johnson  9/18/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0539

Wire Mill Money Presentation Suggestion Award  10/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0540

Roll Shop, Rail Mill Presented by Gene Amermann, Supt. To Albert Montoya  11/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0541

Seamless Mill Presented by John Rupe, Foreman to Floyd Comfort  11/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0542

Steel Production  11/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0543

Employee Suggestion Award  11/5/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0544

1st Aux. Operator Presented by Tony Butkovich, Supt. To Ernest Mosley Power Department  11/27/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0545

Wire Mill – Money Presentation  12/1979

Box AUD-0045Folder INR-0546

Negatives: Industrial Relations; INR 0547-0584; Suggestion Award Program  1952-1982


Money Presentation To Vikki Todd, Payroll  1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0547

Steel Production Money Presentation  1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0548

Steel Production, Miller  2/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0549

Wire Mill Suggestion Awards  2/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0550

Scarfing Yard, To Daze  2/5/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0551

Steel Production  3/6/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0552

Blast Furnace Money Presentation to Lee R. Carrasco, Dennis Malwitz. Scale Car Operator (New Shield for Scale Car)  5/6/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0553

Money Presentation for Suggestion , Seamless Tube Mill to Jim Hottinger  5/11/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0554

Money Presentation – Steel Production  6/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0555

Seamless Tube Mill Robert Ackworth, Geo. Vunovich, Bob Pechek, Jim Hottinger  6/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0556

Money Presentation to Wire Mill Employee John Cambish  9/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0557

40″ Mill, Money Presentation for Alteration in 40″Mill Soaking Pits $400 to Alfred Miles, V.J. Brown  9/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0558

Money Presentation, Ramsey Dept. to Winston Moore  9/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0559

Money Presentation to Steel Production Employee Jim Simmons  9/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0560

Employee Suggestion Award to John O’Bellmito  9/3/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0561

Money Presentation, Combustion Dept. to Del Cordova, Hubert Stock, Art Lister  9/9/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0562

Award Presentation to Tony Butkovich  10/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0563

Suggestion award presentation, Steel Production to Leonard Davis and Pat Tensley  10/15/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0564

Steel Production Mechanical Money Presentation, Terry Rodger  11/15/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0565

$500 Suggestion Award, Senior Draftsman 31 Years Boiler Shop Foreman, Jack Cornealson (with Stan Vancil)  12/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0566

Roll Shop Apprentice, Peggy Marfitano  12/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0567

Continuous Caster Electrician Claude Naney  12/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0568

Steel Production, John Morgan, Ken Dolgan, Paul Romero, Ted Jensen  12/10/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0569

Tony Butkovich Presentation of Suggestion Award to Robert Mangin Power Department  12/20/1980

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0570

Purchasing Dept. Suggestion Award  1/8/1981

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0571

Money Suggestions. Looking over assembly chain drive invention. Alan Glascock, Jack McQuillian. 11″ Bar Mill Mechanical  2/8/1981

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0572

Wire Mill Yard Dept. Fork Lift Operator William A. Gonzales suggestion award. Ramon Gurule, Foreman  2/19/1981

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0573

Rail Mill Finishing – Quality Control. Examining Safety Suggestion Presented by Dave Hiatt to Carl MacAvoy  2/20/1981

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0574

40′ Mill Electrical – Money Winner – Wendell Leonard  3/1981

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0575

Rail Mill Electrical Money Winner, Reg. Sniff  3/1981

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0576

Rail Mill Skids Invention Mechanical Dept. John Garcia – Money Presentation  4/1981

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0577

Jim Simmons  4/1981

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0578

Machine Shop, Award, R. Chiaro  7/4/1981

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0579

Coke Plant – Manuel R. Cadena, Bob Cat Scraper for Cleaning Coke Track, A.E. Montoya  8/1981

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0580

Rail Mill Money Award for Brass Rule Suggestion  8/1981

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0581

Rail Mill – Andrew Gregorich  10/15/1981

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0582

Seamless Mill Electrician – Leonard G. Mino  1982

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0583

Wire Mill Award Presentation  3/1/1982

Box AUD-0046Folder INR-0584

Series 8.2.5 
Subsidiaries, Parents, and Affiliates  ca. 1940-1985

Under construction

Subsidiaries, Parents, and Affiliates Scope and Content Note

Under construction


Subsidiaries, Parents, and Affiliates Arrangement

Under construction


Negatives; Subsidiaries; SUB 0001-0134; California – Oakland, South San Francisco; Colorado – Fountain Sand/Gravel, Pueblo Metals, Silver Engineering, Burlington Northern, Colorado Builders, Denver Metals, Ferro Processing; Colorado and Wyoming Railroad  1946-1987


Office – exteriors of office – Oakland  4/18/1951

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0001

Office – exteriors of office – Oakland, California  4/20/1951

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0002

Paletizing fence fittings – Oakland, California  4/20/1951

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0003

Old photos (copies) for 100th year anniversary story  1/14/1958

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0004

Making and storage of Stem-Pak  2/1960

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0005

Wire Mill – Oakland , California – new welded wire fabric machine  3/6/1961

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0006

Space screen department – Oakland, California  6/1/1961

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0007

Pueblo City – Proclamation From California On CF&I Name Change – Oakland, California  8/1966

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0008

California wire cloth corp. before merging with CF&I Steel Corp. So, San Francisco  7/1946

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0009

Rod dock – So. San Francisco, California  4/18/1951

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0010

Galvanizing machine (spools) – So. San Francisco  4/18/1951

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0011

Exterior of plant – So San Francisco, California  4/19/1951

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0012

Supers group inspecting new boxing – So. San Francisco, California  4/21/1951

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0013

Interior stacks of wire – So San Francisco, California  1951

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0014

Stem pak taken for Denver Advertising  2/7/1960

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0015

Wire mill – new oil tempered, spring wire line  5/5/1961

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0016

Hardware cloth – hardware cloth machine – copy negative – So. San Francisco  6/2/1961

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0017

Spring wire on tempering machines, at So San Francisco, California (copy negatives)  10/17/1961

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0018

Old line drawings of :Los Angeles and San Francisco, California  2/12/1963

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0019

Publicity – State Rep. signing proclamation on CF&I name change  8/1966

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0020

Shipment of coat hanger – wire leaving plant – San Francisco, California  11/1966

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0021

Air quality control. Smog contro equipment for oil tempering unit – J. William De Poy Engineer  11/1966

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0022

Rod cleaning – San Francisco, California  11/1966

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0023

Wire Drawing – San Francisco, California  11/1966

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0024

Storage of rod A on rod dock  11/1966

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0025

San Francisco – atmospheric and water control – air quality control – new incinerator  11/1966

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0026

Wire annealing – San Francisco  11/1966

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0027

San Francisco – hardware cloth manufacturing  11/1966

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0028

Hardware cloth customer – Fraser Johnston – San Francisco, California  11/1966

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0029

San Francisco – California – – Atmospheric and water control – acid neutralizing tanks  11/1966

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0030

San Francisco, California – Aerial view -color- negative of So San Francisco  1967

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0031

So San Francisco, California – (color/cepe) trans. of rod dock operations  1/1967

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0032

San Francisco, California – roebling cable used in Golden Gate Bridge and Tacoma Narrows bridge – Copy negatives of scenic views of bridges  1967

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0033

San Francisco, California – (color) Trans of new payoff machine for coiling wire  1/1967

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0034

So San Francisco, California – color trans. Rod handling operations  no date

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0035

So San Francisco, California – color trans of copper coated wire weaving machine  1/1967

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0036

San Francisco, California – color trans of copper coated wire operations  1/1967

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0037

San Francisco California – Publicity – exterior views of San Francisco – down town (copy negative)  11/1967

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0038

Historical – golden gate bridge main cable – testing rod for metal fatigue  4/1978

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0039

Burlington Northern – welding plant – located on CF&I property  5/23/1978

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0040

Burlington Northern – Welding plant  9/1978

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0041

Colorado Builders and supply Company – Exterior view of building  11/16/1960

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0042

CF&I Fabricators – Denver – building fabrication  2/1974

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0043

Denver Metals – new location  1/6/1977

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0044

Denver Metals – exterior and equipment  8/11/1977

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0045

Ferro processing corp. – Ferro processing new scrap processors for open hearth slag  10/15/1958

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0046

Suppliers – Ferro processing new equipment  11/21/1958

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0047

Ferro processing – Fatality  8/15/1970

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0048

Ferro Processing machinery  4/20/1971

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0049

Ferro Processing – Ferro processing dumping pots  6/21/1971

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0050

Ferro processing – Taken for Richard Rymer  9/1971

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0051

Ferro processing – Harlem Dump Land and water  12/1971

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0052

Fountain Sand and Gravel – Asphalt plant  11/17/1972

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0053

Fountain Sand and Gravel – models  12/12/1972

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0054

Fountain Sand and Gravel at asphalt plant  12/22/1972

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0055

Fountain sand and gravel – concrete plant  12/22/1972

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0056

Fountain sand and gravel –Haystack Mountain – new construction  12/2/1974

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0057

Fountain Sand and gravel – asphalt plant  12/9/1974

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0058

Fountain and sand gravel  no date

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0059

Fountain Sand and Gravel operations – Asphalt light AFG Conceret  7/13/1977

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0060

Fountain sand and gravel – fire and R.A. derail  11/11/1977

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0061

Light weight aggregate plant – detail views and overall – Fountain Sand and Gravel  6/21/1978

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0062

Fountain Sand and Gravel – Shipment to Egypt – Freshman  11/27/1979

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0063

Building interior and exterior for P. Sweeney  4/8/1982

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0064

Pueblo metals – scrap steel at Pueblo Metals – taken for A.B. Borkowitz  9/6/1973

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0065

Pueblo Metals – Gus Borkowitz  1/10/1977

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0066

Photos taken by Mrs. Catherine Hopkins in El Progress, Honduran; CF& Engineers in 1967. CF&I sold the company in 1976  1/25/1982

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0067

C&W – Diesels (new) in mill  1/8/1952

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0068

C&W railway – rebuilt caboose at Valdez roundhouse  11/1952

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0069

C&W railway – number 1 caboose  1954

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0070

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – # 1 caboose  1/22/1954

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0071

C&W railway – Rio Grande steam engine to be scrapped No. 1185 – last locomotive on service  12/21/1956

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0072

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – diesel locomotives in mill  1/8/1987

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0073

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – diesel pulling string of cars  4/14/1958

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0074

Colorado Wyoming Railroad – diesel locomotives  1/9/1959

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0075

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – shops repairing diesels and exterior views of line of diesels  1/12/1959

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0076

Colorado/Wyoming railroad – copy negative of blue pringt of Denver Rio Grande Western railroad – Narrow Gauge caboose No. 0504 to 0574  4/28/1960

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0077

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – new scale test car – Pueblo  7/12/1960

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0078

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – New radio communications being used on C &W at Segundo, Colorado  8/31/1960

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0079

Colorado – Wyoming – Railroad – new south yard scales  4/1/1962

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0080

Old steam locomotive Number 2539  7/23/1962

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0081

Colorado Wyoming railroad – old locomotives (copy negatives) – Pueblo, Co  1/18/1963

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0082

Colorado/Wyoming railroad – tank car detail – CFIX – 103  6/10/1963

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0083

Colorado/Wyoming railroad – color negatives of safety plaque on diesel – Pueblo, Co  1965

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0084

Colorado/ Wyoming Railroad – new locomotive #1105 – Pueblo, Co  3/30/1965

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0085

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – Sperry Rail service testing of CF&I rails on southern Division of C&W Railroad – used in blast  4/9/1965

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0086

Train damage from flooding near Trinidad – Purgatory was the river that over flowed  6/28/1965

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0087

Damaged coupler on rip track  11/1965

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0088

Legal photos of roundhouse walkways  4/12/1966

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0089

Damaged Burlington coal car, and new painted C&W gondolas  12/1966

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0090

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – diesel #206 – after rebuild  12/1966

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0091

Colorado/Wyoming Railway – pictures of railroad tracks on blast furnace highline  12/6/1966

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0092

Colorado/ Wyoming railroad – engine taking hot metal ladles from B.O. F. plant  12/6/1966

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0093

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – restoration of C/W engine damaged in the flood  12/18/1966

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0094

Colorado and Wyoming Railroad – Legal photo of switch near coke plant  3/1967

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0095

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – new gondola cars on Rip track  3/1967>

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0095A

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – damaged Colorado/Wyoming coal car #14078  4/1967

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0096

Painting Colorado Wyoming cars with heat resistant paint  5/1967

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0097

Colorado and Wyoming Railroad – track switch near pig machine  5/1967

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0098

Colorado/Wymomg Railroad – cars before painting with heat resistant paint- showing rust and damge  5/1967

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0099

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – switch near gate 5 – taken for legal department  5/1967

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0100

Colorado/Wyoming – Railroad – damaged railroad cars and paint damage on heat resistant paint – taken for industrial engineering  6/1967

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0101

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – damaged shipment of paper for cleaners hangers company – taken for E.M. Miklich  9/1967

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0102

Colorado/ Wyoming Railroad – damaged shipment NYC 51075  11/1967

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0103

Colorado Railroad – damaged shipment of casting foundry equipment – car number 499841  1/1968

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0104

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – progress views of land fill between seamless mill and freeway  2/26/1968

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0105

Colorado/Wyoming Railway – damaged gondola car of coal  3/1968

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0106

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – land fill progress south of plant  3/8/1968

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0107

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – progress views old and new trackage- near warehouses  3/25/1968

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0108

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – derailed coke car damaged Colorado/Wyoming – 11010  4/1968

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0109

Colorado Wyoming Railroad – color negatives of first train over new trackage to new warehouse area – R.G. X-0  4/1/1968

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0110

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – progress views of new trackage near south freeway  4/5/1968

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0111

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – progress views of new trackage near south freeway  4/19/1968

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0112

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – progress views of land fill and new trackage near Ferro processing and freeway  5/27/1968

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0113

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – new dump car – Colorado Wyoming 610  7/1968

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0114

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – Track change for coke plant coal storage bins  7/19/1968

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0115

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – new colored cards for Railroad car identification  8/1968

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0116

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – new diesel – salon views  8/1968

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0117

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad- train crew group at roundhouse  10/1968

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0118

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – damaged Colorado/ Wyoming gondola car #1506  10/7/1968

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0119

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – damaged shipment in CB and Q 197297 Burlington  12/17/1968

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0120

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – damaged Colorado/ Wyoming gondola car  1/15/1969

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0121

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – damaged railroad car (1108)  3/28/1969

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0122

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – damaged shipment of brick – Colorado/Wyoming box car 26567- Taken for Pat Loger  12/1969

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0123

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – wreck at roundhouse and locomotive 109  12/24/1969

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0124

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – new decking in Colorado/Wyoming billet car  10/30/1970

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0125

Colorado/Wyoming Railway – locomotives  3/17/1971

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0126

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad -new coal cars for unit train  4/16/1971

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0127

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – unloading unit coal train at Pueblo  5/6/1971

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0128

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – unit coal train at Walsenburg  5/7/1971

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0129

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – damaged gondola – overload  6/1971

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0130

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – gondola scrap car hanging load  6/2/1971

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0131

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – overloaded Colorado Wyoming Railroad – gondola scrap car  6/25/1971

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0132

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – damaged roundhouse building  8/16/1971

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0133

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – new railroad track Comanche Plant  9/21/1971

Box AUD-0027Folder SUB-0134

Negatives; Subsidiaries; SUB 0135-0246; Colorado and Wyoming Railroad; Massachusetts – Clinton, Palmer, Worchester  1950-1982


Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – Colorado/Wyoming trackage and south Junction from ground – for R.J. Slater  4/28/1972

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0135

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – locomotives for sale – G. Simony  5/1973

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0136

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – railroad gondolas loaded at Santa Fe haystack  6/6/1973

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0137

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – first rain over Simony spur and Comanche Power Planr track  6/13/1976

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0138

Steel production – dirty gondola – Colorado/Wyoming tracks  10/1973

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0139

Colorado/Wyoming – Centennial-Bicentennial Celebration – locomotive #200 – The Patriot – decorated in Red, White and Colorado Blue and Star Spangled Blue – designed by Bruce Henderson – Chief clerk – Colorado/Wyoming Railroad  4/28/1975

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0140

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – The Patriot Centennial-Bicentennial locomotive painted and decorated by Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – can be seen on high line adjacent to I-25  5/1975

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0141

Colorado/Wyoming railroad – positive transparencies – Colorado/Wyoming locomotive The Patriot – Centennial Bicentennial celebration  5/2/1975

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0142

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – locomotive at the Allen Mine  5/13/1975

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0143

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad-Public relations-C&W Railway Centennial-Bicentennial locomotive and covered wagon from Beulah- at CF&I Indiana Avenue Gate  7/23/1975

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0144

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – track men laying track at K-Mart North -for visitor’s center  10/10/1975

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0145

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – switches and blue flag – Frank Villa  8/20/1976

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0146

Colorado/Wyoming – roundhouse Allen Mine  3/1977

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0147

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – lifting Rail Railroad – Ties – Frank Villa  5/16/1977

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0148

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – derail of – flatbed and gondola – for safety department  11/7/1977

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0149

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – new gondola cars for long rails  11/1977

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0150

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – new gondola railroad cars – for long rails  12/1977

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0151

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – switch diesels – coal piles – Bob Slater – Ponderosa Area  3/20/1978

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0152

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – new safety buckles – Heraldo Archuleta  8/1978

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0153

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – derail and damage  10/1978

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0154

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – new Scales  2/23/1979

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0155

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad -yards overall  4/1979

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0156

Colorado Switching at B.N. welding and Comanche  5/24/1979

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0157

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – simulator and Joe  6/21/1979

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0158

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad -training – brake mock-up  8/29/1979

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0159

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – switch at grade blade department  11/14/1978

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0160

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – locomotive trainer – Frank Villa  1980

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0161

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – damaged motor  2/1980

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0162

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – new UP 25000 series flat cars for new log rails  2/1980

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0163

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – pick- up truck  5/7/1980

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0164

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – locomotive #102 views of steps and hand rails and trackage  5/16/1980

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0165

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – new paint for all locomotives  2/20/1981

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0166

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad -new paint on #200 diesel and #211 switch engine  2/20/1981

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0167

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – round house employees with newly painted #200 locomotive  2/20/1981

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0168

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – no description  4/21/1981

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0169

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – coal dumping hoppers – Pueblo Plant  5/8/1981

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0170

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – ore thaw shed detail views of ore cars striking roof  8/7/1981

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0171

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – flood damage to C&W tracks from Allen Mine to Trinidad – Purgatory River  8/13/1981

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0172

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – Flood Damage repair Purgatory River-Frank Villa  8/20/1981

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0173

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – coal train near Maxwell Coal Mine – choicxe views  11/11/1981

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0174

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – iron ore pellets and coal chunks – Jerry Martin  2/26/1982

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0175

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – V.P. Long rail car at CF&I – Frank Villa  2/5/1982

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0176

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – 80th Anniversary views  no date

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0177

Colorado/wyoming Railroad – Bicentennial celebration  no date

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0178

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – no description  no date

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0179

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – coal car #166 – color of top  no date

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0180

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad/ copy negative of several depots – Segundo, Sunrise, Primero  no date

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0181

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – old locomotive CF&I 901  no date

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0182

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – Rio Grande and Southern Narrow Gage – train wreck  no date

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0183

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad- (in thin paper folder in box no description)  no date

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0184

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – no description  no date

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0185

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad- no description  no date

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0186

Colorado/Wyoming Railroad – no description  no date

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0187

Scenic view of reservoir and water around Clinton, Mass.  5/17/1950

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0188

One medium large mash machine – Clinton, Mass.  5/18/1950

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0189

Card clothing machines and personnel at Clinton, Mass. Plant  5/20/1950

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0190

Exteriors of Clinton, Mass. Plant  5/20/1950

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0191

Copy negative of old etching of Clinton Wire Cloth Company  8/1956

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0192

Exterior views of Palmer Plant, Massachusetts – men leaving work  5/19/1950

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0193

Flood photos – Palmer, Mass.  8/25/1955

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0194

General overall views of Palmer Plant exterior – Palmer, Mass.  3/1956

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0195

Wire rope and wire spools – Palmer, Mass.  3/1956

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0196

Views of plant exterior and interior – Palmer, Mass  3/1957

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0197

Spring division – largest spring ever manufactured at Palmer, Mass (copy negatives)  8/15/1957

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0198

New machines in wire mill of the Palmer Mass. Plant of CF&I  6/1961

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0199

New rod unloading facilities at the Plamer Plant, Palmer, Mass. (copy negatives) – Rod Mill  3/6/1961

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0200

Wire rope department – (copy negatives) Palmer, Massachusetts  6/1/1961

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0201

Morgan Plant – Spring coiling department (copy negatives) – Palmer, Mass  6/1/1961

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0202

New wire mill galvanizing line (copy negative) – Palmer, Mass  6/2/1961

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0203

Wire rope – special wire rope manufactured by Palmer Plant for tensioning of high voltage power lines – Palmer, Mass  7/3/1962

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0204

Plant photos of machines and safety and processes and end products – Palmer, Mass  2/19/1964

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0205

Plant photos of action, machines and safety – Palmer, Mass  2/19/1964

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0206

Various types of shipping boxes – Palmer, Mass  2/19/1964

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0207

Wickwire rope for tension stringing of power lines – Palmer, Mass  2/4/1965

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0208

Palmer Plant open house – Palmer, Mass  3/1965

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0209

Wire rope – polypropylene products – manufacturer of rope core at Palmer Plant of CF&I – Palmer, Mass.  3/1965

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0210

Radio controlled crane in annealing – Matthew Misiaszek – Palmer, Mass  4/1965

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0211

Wire rope testing machine – R.E. Molleur – Palmer, Mass.  4/1965

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0212

Polypropylene equipment – Plamer Plant – Palmer, Mass  2/7/1966

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0213

Palmer plant CF&I Sign with employees – Palmer, Mass  6/1966

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0214

Publicity-official signing of name change proclamation – Al Ziegler and Gov. John A. Volpe-Palmer, Mass  7/1966

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0215

Crimping, cutting lengths of wire for processing belts – Kenneth Scheatle – Palmer, Mass  1/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0216

Wire strand macnine – for stone sawing strand – Larry Zelazo – Palmer, Mass.  1/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0217

Women working in plant at Palmer – Veronica Wallace, strander operator – Rose Cascella, spooler operator Palmer, Mass  1/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0218

Welding wire screens at Palmer – James O’Malley – John Joyce – Palmer, Mass  1/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0219

Welding wire screens at Palmer – James O’Malley – John Joyce – Palmer, Mass  1/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0220

Plastic coated wire rolls – Palmer, Mass  1/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0221

Various screens made at Palmer – Palmer, Mass  1/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0222

Color trans. Of plastic coated wire operations – finished product – Palmer, Mass  1/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0223

Color Trans – of telephone operator – Alice LaPointe – Palmer, Mass  1/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0224

Color Trans. Of wire screen samples – Palmer, Mass  1/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0225

Color Trans. – of polypropylene operations at Palmer – Palmer, Mass  1/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0226

Color trans. – of welding steel screens – Palmer, Mass  1/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0227

Color trans. Of welding wire belts – Palmer, Mass  1/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0228

Color trans of making wire screens – Palmer, Mass  1/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0229

Color trans. – of special twisted wire – Palmer, Mass  1/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0230

Color trans. Of loopro rod cleaning equipment at Palmer Plant – Palmer, Mass  1/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0231

Color trans. Of spring machine used in annual report – Palmer, Mass  1/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0232

Color trans. – of wire cleaning equipment – color – Palmer, Mass  1/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0233

Stone cutting wire operations – color trans/cepe – Palmer, Mass  1/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0234

Color trans.- of packaging of wire rope slings – Palmer, Co  1/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0235

Wire mill – signs used in scrap reduction drive – used in Blast   6/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0236

Weaving division – floorman watching discharge end of furnace for treating woven wire belts -James H. Friel-James H. Kerrigan – Palmer, Mass  10/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0237

New 25 ton rope closer being delivered to Palmer plant – John Nelson- Timothy Crimmins  12/1967

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0238

New ram truck loading rod at Palmer storage area – used in blast – Palmer, Mass  1/1968

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0239

Display of wire rope in Palmer saving bank – Palmer, Mass  1/1968

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0240

Materials handling – battery operated materials handling equipment at Palmer Plant – Palmer, Mass  5/1968

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0241

All types of springs – Worcester, Mass  5/19/1950

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0242

Exterior of Mass. Plant – Worcester, Mass  5/20/1950

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0243

Display of products – Worcester, Mass  1953

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0244

National geographic magazine ( copy negatives) Worcester, Mass  4/1955

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0245

Morris Knott Mongan Engineering – 11″ Bar Mill gears – Worcester, Mass  10/1976

Box AUD-0028Folder SUB-0246

Negatives; Subsidiaries; SUB 0247-0333; New Jersey – Roebling, Trenton; New York – Buffalo, New York Offices; Pennsylvania – Brook Iron, Birdsboro  1947-1969


Sales and warehouse – new office warehouse of John A. Roebling Sons Division – located at Adams Station N.J.  6/1961

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0247

Roebling Plant of CF&I – color negative of aerial view – Roebling, N.J.  9/25/1961

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0248

CF&I Roebling pre-stressed strand – Wire mill – Pueblo, Co  12/21/1963

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0249

Roebling N.J. – construction of new electric furnaces at Roebling Plant  12/26/1963

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0250

Roebling, N.J. – building electric furnace at Roebling, N.,J.  2/1964

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0251

Roebling, N.J. – wire mills – parboil strand  3/10/1964

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0252

Roebling, N.J. -Rroebling Plant’s electric furnace, first heat  8/10/1964

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0253

Roebling, N.J. – test run of new electric furnaces, at Roebling N.J. Roebling, N.J. – test run of new electric furnaces, at Roebling N.J.  4/1965

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0254

Roebling, N.J. – building new electric furnaces  5/1965

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0255

Roebling, N.J. – Showing new siding and name on water  7/27/1965

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0256

Roebling, N.J. – Slag handling machines at Roebling, New Jersey (Le Tourneau Co.  10/13/1965

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0257

Roebling, N.J. – steel production – electric furnace  10/18/1965

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0258

Roebling, N.J. – Roebling sales personnel  10/21/1965

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0259

Roebling, N.J. Electric Furnaces action  12/22/1965

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0260

Roebling, N.J. – Publicity – copy negatives of movies being taken at Roebling Plant  12/8/1966

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0261

Roebling, N.J. – Electric Furnace operations at Roebling, N.J.  1/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0262

Roebling, N.J. – color trans. Of 40 ton vertical wire rope closer  1/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0263

Roebling, N.J. – Color Trans of wire rope closer  1/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0264

Roebling, N.J. – color trans of wire rope reels  1/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0265

Roebling, N.J. – color trans of electric furnaces  1/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0266

Roebling, N.J. – color trans. Of copper coated wire spools  1/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0267

Roebling, N.J. – color trans. Of warehouse storage of wire products  1/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0268

Roebling, N.J. – color trans. Of wire rope closer ( and stander)  1/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0269

Roebling, New Jersey – Roebling wire rope and guy wires for pavilions at 1962-65 N.Y. World’s Fair  3/18/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0270

Roebling, New Jersey- class for foremen at Roebling Plant – wire mill – used in blast  6/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0271

Roebling, New Jersey – new president of Roebling area Industrial Management Club – George Sampson  6/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0272

Roebling New Jersey – wire mill – signs used in scrap reduction drive – used in Blast  6/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0273

Roebling, New Jersey – Frank Yeager – Joseph Yeager, Jr. – E.P. Boyer – hot rolling mills – live saving story, used in July 24, 1967  7/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0274

Roebling, New Jersey – E. long (melter foreman)- W. Molnar (pit foreman) L. archer (melter foreman) L. Boldizar ( general foreman) Steel production – record hear of 122 heats poured during the week being tapped – used in blast  7/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0275

Roebling, N.J. – Aerial – views of Roebling plant  11/1968

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0276

Electric Furnace – taking sample from electric furnace at Roebling Plant  6/1969

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0277

Roebling, N.J. – New sewer system being installed at Roebling  10/1969

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0278

Roebling, N.J. – rolling mills – installation of 8 inch rolling mills and Fenn Tandem Mill and chill block furnace at Roebling  11/10/1969

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0279

Roebling, N.J. – Historical – Negative of wire drawing machines  no date

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0280

Roebling, N.J. – no description  no date

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0281

Trenton, New Jersey plant – Aerial view  1955

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0282

Trenton, New Jersey plant – Aerial view  6/1961

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0283

Trenton, New Jersey. Wire mill – new rubber adhesion laboratory in the Roebling wire mills  no date

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0284

Trenton, N.J. – John A. Roebling sons Co. – interior of old plant  1/11/1963

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0285

Trenton, N.J. – Roebling plant – Royal blue wire rope for Pittsburg and Midway coal mining co  1/30/1963

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0286

Aerial views – Roebling plant  5/15/1963

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0287

Pueblo – Shipment of Roepac tension stringing rope from Trenton, N. J. plant  3/1965

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0288

Trenton, N.J. – wire rope – wire rope mill  6/15/1965

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0289

Trenton, N.J. – wire mill- wire rope mill at Trenton Plant – used for newspaper feature  6/18/1965

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0290

Trenton, N.J. – wire mill – early method of wire rope making at Trenton Plant  6/18/1965

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0291

Trenton, N.J. – new performing head for large diameter wire rope – Trenton, N.J.  8/8/1965

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0292

Trenton, N.J. – U.S.A. – France Transatlantic communication cable – C.S. Long Lines, Bell Systems cable laying ship. CF&I wire and reels made at Trenton, N.J.  11/22/1965

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0293

Trenton, New Jersey – electric furnaces – negative of Roebling electric furnaces  5/1966

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0294

Trenton, N.J. – aerial views of Trenton, N.J.  6/1966

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0295

Trenton, N.J. – tom Felton-E.P. Boyer- Gov. Hughes of New Jersey-F. Geo. Hartmann- Signature of proclamation-CF&I Name Change by Gov. Hughes of New Jersey  7/1966

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0296

Frederick Fielder – Publicity – first official visits to New Jersey and Palmer plants – New Jersey and Palmer  7/1966

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0297

Trenton, N.J. – Janet Jankowski – C. I. Griggs – attaching parking permit sticker  8/1966

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0298

Trenton, NJ. – Name change – proclamation from New Jersey on CF&I name change  8/1966

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0299

Trenton, N.J. – Publicity – CF&I Steel emblem on water tower at Trenton plant (name change)  10/1966

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0300

Trenton, N.J. – 40 ton wire rope closer at Roebling  1/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0301

New IBM machines at Trenton  1/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0302

Trenton N.J. – Color Trans. Of new IBM equipment- taken for annual report  1/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0303

Trenton, N. J. – Brockway glass complant – color negatives – use of steel screens  no date

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0304

Trenton, N.J. – color trans of stee-strip sizes  no date

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0305

Trenton, N.J. – color trans. Of steel strip operations  1/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0306

Trenton, N.J. – color trans. Of wire packaging equipment  1/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0307

Trenton, N.J. – color trans. Of steel strip- rolling machine  1/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0308

Trenton, N.J. – safety cap filling carboys with acid – used at Trenton plant cold rolling mills  4/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0309

Trenton, N.J. – Roepac Line Mfg. at Trenton, N.J. – for Brazilian electric project  no date

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0310

Trenton, N.J. – cold rolling mills – safety clearance gage detector rod – for fork lift trucks at Renton Plant – used for Blast  10/1967

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0311

Trenton, N.J. – Rope Mill – 5 inch wire rope manufacturing and test at Lehigh University  2/1968

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0312

Trenton, N.J. – wire rope – new wire rope closer at Trenton – 5 inch wire rope action and visitors  2/1968

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0313

Trenton, N.J. – wire rope – color negative of introduction party at Trenton Country club of new 5 inch rope  2/1968

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0314

Trenton, N.J. – wire rope – wire rope closer and spools  2/1968

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0315

Trenton, N.J. – wire rope – first shipment of wire rope from the Trenton plant – 5 inch rope – May 1968  5/1968

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0316

Trenton, New Jersey – model of Bucyrus-Erie drag line using CF&I new 5 inch rope  5/1968

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0317

Trenton, NJ. – Metallurgical service Eng. Quality control – cold rolling mills  9/30/1968

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0318

Trenton, New Jersey – Cold Rolling mill – sendzimir cold rolling mill at Interlake steel corp – similar equip planned for Trenton Plant  11/14/1968

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0319

Trenton, n.J. – product research and development- Research building – Trenton, N.J. Plant  1/1969

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0320

Trenton, N.J. plant – wire rope – new and modernized equipment for wire rope mills-high speed tubular stranders  1/3/1969

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0321

Trenton, N.J. Plant – rope mill – 49 wire strander  9/1969

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0322

Loading dock action -Buffalo, New York  1950

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0323

Blast furnace – casting with man and sample spoon – Charles Bussard- Buffalo, New York  1950

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0324

Blast furnace – at Buffalo (skyline)- Buffalo New York  5/20/1950

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0325

Rod Mill – detail views of rod mill and equipment – Buffalo, New York  2/16/1965

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0326

CF&I Office – 500 Fifth Avenue – New York  8/1947

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0327

Skyline from CF&I Offices – New York  5/17/1950

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0328

Blast furnace – Brooke Iron Plant exterior-Birdsboro, Penn  1948

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0329

Birdsboro, Pa. hump back locomotive in action – the last of its type in operation  2/6/1958

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0330

Blast furnace – lighting blast furnace at Birdsboro, Pa  10/23/1961

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0331

Old locomotive – Brooke Iron, Pa  7/15/1963

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0332

#4 Camel back locomotive still in use at the Strasburg Rail and road co. Lancaster, Pa – Brooke Plant, Pa  no date

Box AUD-0029Folder SUB-0333

Series 8.2.6 
Administration  ca. 1940-1985

Under construction

Administration Scope and Content Note

Under construction


Administration Arrangement

Under construction


Series 8.2.7 
Financial  ca. 1940-1985

Under construction

Financial Scope and Content Note

Under construction


Financial Arrangement

Under construction


Negatives; Financial; CON 0001-0044; Accounting; Auditing; Financial Services; Office; Purchasing; Storehouse  1950-1975


Payroll – check writing machines  1950

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0001

Controllers – General Payroll Staff – Pueblo, Co  4/23/1962

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0002

Controllers – Paymaster passing out checks at paymasters window – Ted Gleason, Lincoln Sutton  8/1967

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0003

Controllers – new time card copy – Pueblo, co  12/1965

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0004

Controllers – new time cards – Pueblo, Co  5/1967

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0005

Controllers -New armored mail car at M.O. – Pueblo, Co  3/1967

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0006

Controllers – Department training program  3/1966

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0007

Auditing – CF&I Auditors at Whitman Hotel  10/16/1950

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0008

Auditing – Group of auditing supervisors in conference room  5/25/1954

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0009

Auditing – New computer in tabulating department. Taken for annual report  3/6/1962

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0010

Auditing – employees of service section – Pueblo, Co  12/1965

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0011

Auditing – riding bicycle to work – Pueblo, Co  5/1966

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0012

Auditing – controllers – demonstration of new electronic – computer equipment . Taken at Holliday Inn  7/1966

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0013

Auditing/controllers – data processing test taken by CF&I employees  5/27/1969

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0014

Controller – credit – group of office employees of credit department – /Denver, Co  11/18/1963

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0015

Controller – tax department – Barbara Walsh and Lois Gonzales – taken for personnel – Pueblo, Co  2/1975

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0016

Controller’s tabulating department – new machines  1/8/1962

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0017

Controller’s – new I.B.M. – Equipment in main office – tabulating department  7/1967

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0018

Controller’s new computer system, and class instruction  4/6/1962

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0019

Controllers – color negatives – of new computer in tabulating department – taken for annual report  8/1962

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0020

Controller’s – copy of negatives of display board in Data Methods and processing  5/1966

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0021

Controller’s new computer photos – for tour booklet – Pueblo, Co  10/1967

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0022

Controller’s – new computer views – taken for shareholders meeting  4/1968

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0023

Controller’s – data processing computer photos – taken for Southern Colorado Bulletin of the Data Processing Association – ordered by Bill Anderson  11/3/1969

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0024

Controller’s – new Bellfast ordering system – teletypewriter – sending and receiving sets  3/5/1959

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0025

Controller’s – new ordering system Bellfast- taken for Mt. States Tel. and Tel co  3/20/1959

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0026

Controllers – new badge system in mill and training system  9/1968

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0027

Purchasing department – oil house new flag – purchasing storehouse  2/24/1979

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0028

Storehouse – interior – remolded- Pueblo Co  12/30/1960

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0029

Storehouse – damaged load – new equipment wreck  3/15/1977

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0030

Controllers – strategic ore storage in CF&I Pueblo, Plant  12/9/1975

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0031

Controller’s Department – Cost Department before remodeling  8/30/1974

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0032

Controllers – new Cost Storage room  10/28/1970

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0033

Progress on Hew Freeway and Main Office – Print Shop  2/22/1956

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0034

Progress of new freeway and main gate and main office complex – freeway complete  4/10/1956

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0035

Main Office Parking Lot – (No.10)  1950

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0036

Main office – exterior of main office  6/22/1955

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0037

Controller’s – Relay Center Interior – Pueblo, Co  8/15/1960

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0038

Controllers – Relay Center – Pueblo, Co  no date

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0039

Controllers – bad telephone wiring in mill – taken for J.H. Peterson – Pueblo, Co  4/1969

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0040

Controllers – Typewriter Repair Department  1/1967

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0041

Controller’s – Service section employees group  12/24/1964

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0042

Controller’s – service section group – Pueblo, Co  12/23/1963

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0043

Controllers – Service section group – Pueblo, Co  12/22/1961

Box AUD-0030Folder CON-0044

Series 8.2.8 
Portraits  ca. 1940-1985

Under construction

Portraits Scope and Content Note

Under construction


Portraits Arrangement

Under construction


Negatives; Portraits; PUB 0392-0557; A’s and B’s  1954-1987


Portraits; Joseph Abbate; Sales Department  5/1971,5/1980

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0392

Portraits; Clayton Abbott; C&W Railroad  10/1975

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0393

Portraits; A.E. Adams; Sales  6/1980

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0394

Portraits; E.H. Adams; Board of Directors; President First National Bank of Denver  2/1967

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0395

Portraits; Ralph Adkins; Vera Bouscher; Land and Water  4/1971

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0396

Portraits; Ralph Adkins; Water Department  2/9/1978

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0396A

Portraits; Ralph Adkins; Water Department  4/1981

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0396B

Portraits; William Agrella; Sales; Emeryville, California  2/1967

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0397

Portraits; Lloyd W. Albright; Sales; Assistant Manager of Industrial Wire and Cold Rolled  2/1960

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0398

Portraits; Lloyd W. Albright; Industrial Wire Products  1/1967

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0399

Portraits; Harold Alcorn; Sales; Seattle, Washington  2/1967

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0400

Portraits; Bill Alexander; Sales; Atlanta, Georgia  10/1967

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0401

Portraits; Bruce Allen; Sales; Railroad  4/6/1970

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0402

Portraits; Charles Allen; Board of Directors; New York  1955

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0403

Portraits; Dean L. Allen; Sales  5/1971

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0404

Portraits; L.B. Allen; Sales  no date

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0405

Portraits; Norman C. Allen; Credit Department; Denver  1/12/1962

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0406

Portraits; Norval F. Allen; Engineers  3/1969

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0407

Portraits; Gene Alley – Boiler Shop Apprentice; C.C. Tappero  1959

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0408

Portraits; H.F. Alvord; Industrial Engineering  1/1967

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0409

Portraits; Herman Alvord; Industrial Engineering Assistant Director  10/1966

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0410

Portraits; Eugene C. Amerman; Assistant Superintendent Roll Shop  4/10/1975

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0411

Portraits; Fred Amery; Retirement  1979

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0412

Portraits; Fred Amery; Engineer Facilities Planning  3/22/1967

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0412A

Portraits; Fred Amery  1/28/1975

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0412B

Portraits; Bill Anderson; MIS  no date

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0413

Portraits; Don Anderson; Wire Mill  12/17/1978

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0414

Portraits; John Anderson; Manager of Product Planning  6/1966

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0415

Portraits; John C. Anderson; Sales  6/1973

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0415A

Portraits; Paul W. Anderson; Superintendent Production Planning and Shipping  7/7/1975

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0416

Portraits; Verdon “Andy” Andrews; Supervisor Maintenance  7/28/1964

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0417

Portraits; Tom Annamelli; Blast Furnace; 40 Year Presentation  no date

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0418

Portraits; Tom Annarella; Assistant Superintendent Blast Furnace  11/24/1976

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0419

Portraits; A.F. Anselmo; Sales  5/1971

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0420

Portraits; Hank J. Anselmo; Sales  10/1971

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0421

Portraits; Hank Anselmo; Sales  5/1980

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0421A

Portraits; Mary Anselmo; Sales  10/1971

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0422

Portraits; Mary Anselmo; Sales  no date

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0422A

Portraits; Tom Antonson; Industrial Hygiene  4/13/1978

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0423

Portraits; R. Anzures; Paymaster  no date

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0424

Portraits; David R. Appel; Rolling and Finishing Superintendent  6/1/1966

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0425

Portraits; David A. Arnold; Sales; Cleveland, Ohio  7/2/1969

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0426

Portraits; H.H. “Bud” Arnold; Assistant Secretary of CF&I; Denver, Colorado  1/1967

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0427

Portraits; H.H. Arnold; Assistant Secretary of CF&I  11/15/1957

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0427A

Portraits; Wilbur “Bill” Arnold; Auditing; Mountain Climbing Hobby  3/1966

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0428

Portraits; W.F. Arnold; Auditing  1964

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0428A

Portraits; Leonard Ashcraft; Combustion  6/10/1960

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0429

Portraits; Bill Atkins; Sales  9/1967

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0430

Portraits; S.A. Steve Atkinson  3/1967

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0431

Portraits; T.J. Augustine; Allen and Maxwell Mine  8/1980

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0432

Portraits; Brian Avery; Sales  6/1980

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0433

Portraits; Mike Baca; Yard Department; Retirement  3/1/1975

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0434

Portraits; Fred Bach; Assistant to V.P. of Operations  1/30/1962

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0435

Portraits; Art Bachicha; Oxygen Plant Employee  7/5/1961

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0436

Portraits; Karl Baessler; Director Product Development and Research; Retirement  12/8/1966

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0437

Portraits; Willi A.R. Baginski; Senior Engineer Product Research and Development  8/25/1969

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0438

Portraits; W.G. Bagley; Superintendent of Power Department; Retirement  11/1954

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0439

Portraits; Harold Bailey; Contributing Editor to the Blast; Palmer, Massachusetts  2/15/1964

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0440

Portraits; Paul Bailey; Assistant Controller  9/1968

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0441

Portraits; Warren Baker; Basic Oxygen Plant Employee  12/19/1961

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0442

Portraits; Dale Barber; Rudy Smith; Weld Shop Graduate Apprentice  1/4/1961

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0443

Portraits; John Barker; Controller’s Department Supervisor  8/1968

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0444

Portraits; John Barker; Cost Department  9/9/1976

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0444A

Portraits; Alan Barnes; Bokoshe Mine Chief Engineer  no date

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0445

Portraits; Darrel Barnes; Supervisor of Safety  4/8/1960

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0446

Portraits; Quinten Barnes; Oxygen Plant Employee  7/5/1961

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0447

Portraits; William Barnes; Machine Shop Graduate Apprentice  9/12/1962

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0448

Portraits; Frank W. Barry; Sales; Emeryville, California; District Sales Manager Northern California Division  11/15/1961

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0449

Portraits; Samuel R. Barry; Product Sales Engineer  8/1968

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0450

Portraits; Patricia Bastian; Secretary; Salt Lake City, Utah  10/1968

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0451

Portraits; W.R. Bates; New Safety Zone Supervisor  7/1966

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0452

Portraits; L.E. “Spud” Battisti; Allen Mine Supervisor  1/1956

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0453

Portraits; L.E. “Spud” Battisti; Allen Mine Supervisor; Retirement  4/1965

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0453A

Portraits; Ann Baxter; Medical Department  8/6/1965

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0454

Portraits; Robert Becco; Mechanical Machine Shop Supervisor  6/19/1961

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0455

Portraits; Jim Becker; Sales  5/14/1973

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0456

Portraits; Bill Bedlien; Crane Millwright  7/30/1980

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0457

Portraits; Richard Beeman; Oxygen Plant Employee  7/5/1961

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0458

Portraits; A.C. Bekaert; Vice President of Finance; Board of Directors; New York City  1964

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0459

Portraits; Charles Bell; General Foreman Operations  4/11/1966

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0460

Portraits; Frank Bennett; Superintendent of Crested Butte, Morley, and Frederick Mines  no date

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0461

Portraits; Ed Bernard; Boiler Shop  no date

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0462

Portraits; Ed Bernard; Central Shops; Union Grievanceman  no date

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0462A

Portraits; Roy E. Berry; Chief Engineer Reinforcing Steel Engineering; CF&I Fabricators of Colorado; Denver, Colorado  8/18/1975

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0463

Portraits; Nicholas Benko Price Approval Manager  8/1971

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0464

Portraits; Theodore Benko; Controllers  6/10/1960

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0465

Portraits; J.S. Beyer; Sales  no date

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0466

Portraits; Rick Binder; Sales  5/13/1981

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0467

Portraits; Richard T. Binder; Customer Service Sales  5/1981

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0468

Portraits; John Binkley; Purchasing  6/6/1973

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0469

Portraits; John Binkley  no date

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0469A

Portraits; John Binkley  11/1967

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0470

Portraits; Fred Blackman; Sales  10/16/1976

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0471

Portraits; Robert Blair; Tubular Product Sales  4/30/1981

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0472

Portraits; Bob Blair; Tubular Sales  1/24/1979

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0473

Portraits; D.F. Blake; Advertising Manager  11/20/1979

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0474

Portraits; Don Blake and Thomas McGrann; Golden Spike Award for Advertising  5/30/1982

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0475

Portraits; Dick Blakeley; Supt. Of Safety  9/26/1977

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0476

Portraits; R.D. Blakeley  8/1983

Box AUD-0033Folder PUB-0477

Portraits; C.C. Blalock; Mines and Quarries  8/1973

Box AUD-0033</