The Steelworks Center of the West provides many services relating to our mission of providing education to the public through the preservation of historic archives, artifacts and buildings of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company (CF&I).

Records and Genealogy

The vast collections left behind by CF&I are an invaluable resource. Employment records, financial logs, artifacts, and even historic CF&I ephemera are all housed in the Steelworks Center of the West’s collection. Family history requests are a very common occurrence at the Steelworks Center of the West, as we possess employment records dating back to the 1910s. These archives are available to the public by appointment, and oftentimes those looking for the records of a family member can simply submit the form online. Please see our archives fees page for cost information.

Historical Photos

The Steelworks Center of the West houses a photograph collection spanning over a century, containing tens of thousands of images. Thousands of these images have been digitized and high quality digital reproductions of these images are available for a small fee. The Steelworks Center of the West also welcomes requests for images, even if they aren’t digitized yet- if you can’t find the image you are looking for online, submit a research request form and we will do our best to find the image that fits your needs.

Commemorative Bricks

The Steelworks Center of the West is offering an opportunity to immortalize the name of a loved one. Behind the museum, in the soon to be completed Steelworks Park, a brick wall with commemorative plaques featuring the names and service dates of individuals who worked at the steel mill currently has space for more names. Hurry though, as space is limited.