Story of Steel

 Sponsored by Pueblo Rotary 43 as a Centennial project, The Story of Steel examines the critical period in CF&I’s and the Southwest’s history by presenting the diverse people associated with the company, the transformation of the corporate culture and technology employed in the industrial processes between 1915-1936.

CF&I Through Time​

Sponsored by Beverly and Bill Brill, CF&I Through Time has more than 300 photos and 250 3-dimensional artifacts that trace CF&I’s history from the early days of the company to its final days in 1993​

The Source of Steel​

Sponsored by the Denver Gem and Mineral Foundation, The Source of Steel features photos and text about CF&I’s vast mining operations, which included 62 mines and quarry sites in six western states. Also highlighted are various mineral specimens on long term loan to the museum from the collection of Colorado State University- Pueblo.​

X-Ray Room​

The dispensary was utilized as a medical clinic from 1902 until the mid 1990s. Medical staff treated minor injuries and illness of both employees and their families. The exhibit depicts the room as it looked in 1945.​